Carnival Dream 7 Night Cruise Departing June 15th 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Dream was built in 2009. Carnival Dream has a top sailing speed of 23 kn. Carnival Dream holds a total of 3646 passengers. is operated by a crew of 1367. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Dream a 3.8 out of 5.

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Try visiting the barbecue section on the ship for lunch. The food is a welcomed change.
Eat dinner around 6pm so you can go to the show after and then go straight to the comedy club after the show. They really have the timing right on when shows start so you don't have to miss anything. Relax and let people do stuff for you.
Get out to the 10th deck early to get a seat by the pool at night to watch movies
Check out the adults-only Serenity Deck on board the Carnival Dream. It's near the top of the ship and is a quiet place to get away from much of the noise down below. They have a bar and lots of comfortable places to enjoy watching the ocean glide by. Try a Kiss on the Lips drink! Tasty!
Go with money to spent don't try to be cheap book your excursions ahead of time it's worth it bring soda and water with you if you don't want to spent on that.
Enjoy a sit down breakfast. Great way to meet wonderful people and get pointers from seasoned cruisers. Skip the Mongolian station - took an hour.
Make sure to book a Cove Balcony.
go do the brunch in the dining room awsome everything is fresh an made to order even the coffee is better u can sit down an relax an enjoy ur breakfast in comfront
Great service in dining room at breakfast. Fast service and no lines.Try the BBQ out on deck 5 outside. Floor 14 and 15 for adults is a must. The hammocks are to die for. They need more. The one slide was disappoining because you don't go all the way down. Have to walk down stairs the rest of the way. Otherwise the Dream was the best I have been on. Loved it!!!
Look at your map, ship is easy to navigate but there is so much to see and do, that you don't want to overlook anything. Be sure to try a brunch one morning in the dining room, fantastic menu!

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The cruise ship was great! The banquet dining is the best we've been on (including other carnival cruises and even better than NCL), but the buffet left much to be desired (NCL's buffet was 5X better).   The ship has a great layout with plenty of commons areas. If you get a balcony, avoid deck 6 if you want privacy, as the rest of the passengers common deck is deck 5 and they can see right into your balcony. It didn't bother us, but I just want to give you a heads up.   As for the ports, if I do it again I would do an excursion in Hondurus. The Island is beautiful, but hard to see from the port on foot (there is a free beach with no waves, if that's your thing). I'd also do an excursion in Mexico. I think Belize has plenty to do right off the port, and all within walking distance. I wish the port days weren't three in a row. By the third day, we were ready to be back on the ship.   Good luck and have a blast!

guymon3687, Today at 3:28 PM

Medical staff ok but they made a decision with no consultation or options given to take us off the ship via Coast Guard Cutter. Midnight, 75 mile ambulance ride then charged my credit card $2700.00 with NO itemization or details or approximation on charges anticipated. Another one of their revenue enhancement policies along with BLOCKING my global roaming phone when I had bars and could see the cell tower. Worst part is they denied they were doing it with their customer facing folks lying to me (they don't know) but when I challenged their management on it they refunded the full price for the service. Why would they do that? To protect the revenue from the 2000 others who did not challenge it. Like clockwork bars there at 1 minute to 6 I have roaming, 1 minute past 6 same bars no reception. Blocking a service I pay for to charge $2.00 a MINUTE on cabin phone. Don't use these people under ANY circumstance

Hone77, Yesterday at 9:12 PM

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