Carnival Pride 7 Night Cruise Departing September 1st 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Pride was built in 2002. Carnival Pride has a top sailing speed of 24 kn. Carnival Pride holds a total of 2124 passengers. is operated by a crew of 930. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Pride a 4.3 out of 5.

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Don't buy the bargain sale watches with metal bands from the gift shop as there are no instructions on how to adjust the band (which are set for people with very large wrists). I was told to bring the watch to a jewelry shop when I get home to have the band adjusted.
a stateroom with a balcony is a must and the cheeseburgers on lido deck were the best with the seasoned fries, the ice cream was a very great hit.
A stateroom with a balcony is always a plus I think,and try their Rueben on Libido deck,one of the best I have had thepleasure to eat
Get to the hot tubs on the first night while you can while everyone is checking out the ship ceause after that they are never free!
Bring a surge protector, there is only one outlet throughout the entire stateroom.
Bring a blanket.
Make sure to bring your wine bottles! That way you don't have to pay too much for alcohol on board.
Several photo packages available; serenity deck too small; hot tub too small
Ocean stateroom with balcony was great and the food and service at the Steakhouse restaurant was outstanding.
The food was very good and the variety was outstanding. The movies at the pool were great and a nice way to meet people. I especially enjoyed The Beach Boys concert and met some nice ladies there as a result.

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My husband and I had been on cruises a few times before, but this was our first time with our kids (4 years old).  We all had a blast!  They loved Camp Carnival (they asked to go to "school" every day) and were enthralled with the shows.  The pool is great for kids this age, as there is a wading pool around the main deep pool, so they could play on their own while I sat there and watched them.  Their only complaint was the bracelets that they had to wear the whole time.  I wish they had better options that we could have paid for that were more comfortable.  We will definitely do another cruise with them within the next few years.   As far as my husband and I go, we had a great time with the kids but we'll try a different boat next time.  The shows at night were fun because we enjoyed watching their reactions, but the singing was up to par with a karaoke bar (but the dancing was good).  We didn't get to go to any of the adult comedy shows because we didn't want top put the kids in the nighttime camp, but the one PG show that we went to was funny.  Alchemy Bar was fantastic, and it was fun to watch them make drinks there.  I paid extra to get filet mignon from the steakhouse in the dining room one night and it was phenomenal, whereas the filet that I got on the night that it was a menu choice was not good.  Our dining room waiter wasn't nearly as friendly as on past cruises, but he was fine.   We didn't plan any excursions since anything that the kids could do was overpriced for what we would get for the 4 of us.  The beach in Grand Turk was fine, but it was choppy and the kids didn't feel comfortable playing in it.  I was impressed with the beach itself - until we got to Half Moon Cay.  The beach and the water there was so amazing and gorgeous.  Unfortunately one of my kids was sick so we had to go back to the boat immediately, but from what I saw it was amazing, and my husband and other daughter came back all smiles.  There is a free water play area for kids (a fountain and a structure with some water slides and stuff), and my daughter loved it.  The island is owned by Carnival, so you don't get the hard sell that you get from people on other islands.  It was just very relaxing and peaceful, and the water was calm.  In Freeport we just went to the area right off the port and it was boring and expensive.  Every stall sold the same exact stuff, and it was a hard sell from everyone.  We wouldn't go back unless there was an excursion we wanted to do, or if that was a required stop in cruises to Half Moon Cay (because I am dying to go back there!).   All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves.  It was our first trip alone as a family, and my husband and I definitely realized that vacationing with kids is an entirely new experience.  The staff on the boat was very friendly, and our kids got a lot of attention.  I would recommend Carnival to anyone.

jen788, Yesterday at 5:05 PM

First time on Carnival Pride and we had a great time. We were in an extended balcony room 7175. The location was perfect for us with a 9 year old. Loved Grand Turk but wish that it had been a longer stop! Our favorite was Half Moon Cay. The beach was absolute perfection!!! All of the staff we encountered were super nice and helpful. Our cabin steward, Isaac, was fantastic! In the MDR, CoCo and her team did an amazing job! A few cons: 1. Boarding was a pain and lengthy because of the messed up gangway in Baltimore. 2. Staterooms need some modernization starting with the TV and decor. And why is there only 1 standard electrical outlet??? 3. Not impressed with Freeport at all.

mlstat97, last Monday at 5:26 PM

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