Carnival Pride 7 Night Cruise Departing September 1st 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Pride was built in 2002. Carnival Pride has a top sailing speed of 24 kn. Carnival Pride holds a total of 2124 passengers. is operated by a crew of 930. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Pride a 3.6 out of 5.

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Don't buy the bargain sale watches with metal bands from the gift shop as there are no instructions on how to adjust the band (which are set for people with very large wrists). I was told to bring the watch to a jewelry shop when I get home to have the band adjusted.
a stateroom with a balcony is a must and the cheeseburgers on lido deck were the best with the seasoned fries, the ice cream was a very great hit.
A stateroom with a balcony is always a plus I think,and try their Rueben on Libido deck,one of the best I have had thepleasure to eat
Get to the hot tubs on the first night while you can while everyone is checking out the ship ceause after that they are never free!
Bring a surge protector, there is only one outlet throughout the entire stateroom.
Bring a blanket.
Make sure to bring your wine bottles! That way you don't have to pay too much for alcohol on board.
Several photo packages available; serenity deck too small; hot tub too small
Ocean stateroom with balcony was great and the food and service at the Steakhouse restaurant was outstanding.
The food was very good and the variety was outstanding. The movies at the pool were great and a nice way to meet people. I especially enjoyed The Beach Boys concert and met some nice ladies there as a result.

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Took a friend with me after another bailed.  I paid for the cruise and she was supposed to cover the drink package.  Carnival told her she had to buy 2 drink packages, one for me and one for her.  She told them she was a recovering alcoholic and they told her it didn't matter.  She instead bought a few bottles for me to have in the room.  Problem with that is she now had alcohol right in front of her.  I didn't find out she had a drinking problem until the third day.  She ended up drinking most of what was in the room and then started buying drinks at the bars.  I guess it was a way for Carnival to make money and ruin someone's life at the same time.  She hadn't had a drink in 4.5 years before this trip and now is back in rehab.  So I spent $2600 before stepping on the boat and ended up babysitting her through the whole trip.  I know of a lot of other things that I could do that are way better than a cruise for $2600.  I really truly believe that if she was able to buy one drink package then the urge and pressure would not have been so great for her to drink.  She had been around me many times while I was drinking and never wanted one.  Thanks Carnival!!!

ydeernayr, last Saturday at 9:37 AM

The crew members were outstanding. Everyone from the stuarts, the people in the salon, the wait staff, and the bar tenders were so nice and helpful. We had a wonderful time. The only thing I would say was I wish it was more handicap accessible. The pools did not have lifts or ramps and some of the handicap door  buttons didn't work.

cmcrain, last Thursday at 4:49 PM

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