Don't wait to start your cruise

Anticipation is half of the fun, and we have a bunch of features to help get you excited and prepared for your cruise.

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My Cruise

From this screen you can get the specifics for your cruise including itinerary and deck maps. All the info you need about your cruise can be reached from here. Press the horn button to hear a ship horn. Tapping the countdown changes the countdown format.

Cruise Ship Information

This screen gives you a bunch of info about your ship. You can scroll through the different images we've provided and post them on your Facebook wall or send them as postcards through the mail. The bottom of the screen shows you facts and figures about your ship.

Ship Locator

This screen shows you where all the cruise ships and ports are currently located. You can toggle through the displayed cruise lines by pressing the button at the top. You can hide or show ports and change map type by pressing the fold in the bottom right.

Photo Gallery

This is like an Instagram for your cruise vacation pics. To submit your own picture press the Camera button. To see all the pics you've submitted press the Home button. Press the Refresh button so see newly submitted pics.

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