Carnival Sunshine Cruise Reviews

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  • My family & I were on it for our last cruise and although it's a smaller ship it was absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed every moment on it, with plenty to do & a wonderful staff. Even with my husband getting very ill our steward was super attentive and friendly. I hope to be back on it some day in our future sea journeys ☺️

    Rating: 5/5


  • This was first cruise and I was totally impressed with how large the ship was and how comfortable it was during the times at sea.  expecting it to cause motion sickness but I was completely surprised that there was no turbulence.  So much to do on-board and so much food available, deck area could use some more shaded areas around the pool areas.

    Rating: 5/5


  • Let me begin by saying that when we go on a cruise we don't have unrealistic expectations. We are firm believers that even a bad cruise is better than a great day at work. So diving right in, we had a blast on the Sunshine; however, the ship layout and the crew, or let me be more specific the cleaning crew left us a little more than concerned. First, I want to say we LOVED the food, the burgers and fries at Guy's and the Mexican taco bar was AWEsome and the choices for lunch that were free such as the Italian restaurant along with the Asian restaurant were phenomenal. The buffet in my opinion was top notch also. Next, the was fantastic only to be beaten by Disney but in my opinion that's how it should be since well, that's kinda their "thing". Now the "not so great" part. I will mention this quickly, we could hardly use our extended balcony (which yes, did cost more) because apparently water from some where wasn't draining correctly so it was backing up on our balcony and although it wasn't ankle deep it was deep enough that flip flops or sandals would be completely submerged, the worse part was it was so deep it began coming into our stateroom leaving the carpet very wet and after about the 4th day (it was an 8 day cruise) it began to smell kinda damp and mildewy (pretty sure that's not a word but you get the picture). We did report it and after days of trying to fix it to no avail there was just nothing else they could really do. In an attempt to cut down on the "smell" they brought in dryers during the afternoons for a couple of days. We were definitely thankful for their help; however, it was kind of a bummer not to be able to use your stateroom during the afternoon for what ended up to be 3 days. The lay out of the ship left a lot to be desired, the walkways through most of the atrium area is very narrow causing you to be packed in to move about during busy times of the day (but I could get over that, I mean I knew this wasn't a massive ship). What I wasn't able to over look is the fact that the casino is situation in the middle of a major thoroughfare meaning to get to most places you have to travel through the middle of the casino or go downstairs / upstairs down the hall then back down or upstairs to get to the other side. Not a huge issue for my husband and I BUT I really wasn't a fan of my small children traveling through the casino. Let me put it in perspective for you, on one end of the casino (also i'm referring to the walkway which travels through the casino in order to get from one point to another) is the arcade (right outside the door) at the opposite end immediately outside the casino door is the specialty coffee bar, which has amazing milkshakes, cakes naturally my kids (as most others) loves chocolate milkshakes, cake and of course an arcade. Lastly for use, the cleaning crew or as I like to call it "the winner of the NOT my job award", seemed to either be over worked or simply didn't care. The small hallway to the main elevator on our floor somehow managed to hold on to a piece of ham, YES friends you heard me right, HAM, for 2 days and almost 2 nights (it was still there at 11:00 p.m. the last night but gone the next morning). But wait it gets better (and by better i mean possibly worse), the ham was shortly replaced by a q-tip and floss stick which remained there for 3 days. Of course we thought it was slightly funny and it became a joke in our family (ya know hang a right at the ham and take the elevator to deck 5, or oh yeah there's the q-tip this is our floor). This is our family's way of enjoying our trip regardless! Now, let me take you to beautiful deck 3....the open air deck which was awesome, and where I loved to drink my coffee early in the morning before the ship began bustling with people. Here my friends is where a pair of women's panties (insert awkward laugh here) sailed all day :-) I'm not sure when they were finally moved but I do know they were there before 8:00 a.m. and after 10:30 p.m. that night ( luckily for me and my morning coffee they were gone the next morning). That's where I figuratively drew my line, with a pair of panties...can anyone think of a better place? Yeah, me either! Overall we had a good time as a family and that's what matters the most. I will note here that the Carnival Sensation did restore some of my faith in Carnival; however, for our little family we are going to have to stick with RCCL. But remember, no matter who you cruise with or where you cruise too, it's always better than , work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, mowing and buying groceries (had to throw that in there just because I hate it).

    Rating: 3/5


  • I went on my first cruise my senior year of high school and from the second I got off the first one, I wanted to go on another one. So now that I just finished with college and found a job that allowed me to take a much needed vacation after 4 years of college, I went on this cruise with a friend and we had THE BEST time!! The remodel of the Carnival Sunshine is absolutely beautiful. There are so many good things to say about it that I could sit here and type all day. The things I, personally, loved the most were: - The variety of Dive-In Movies and availability of blankets to snuggle up with during the film! How cozy and cute! - ALL of the food. Whether it was in Lido or the Dining Rooms it was delicious. - Your Time Dining. This option is so convenient because it allows you to go to dinner when you're ready and won't interfere with any activities you want to do. It was the perfect option for us. The first night was a little confusing because you have to go to the Ocean Plaza on the 5th floor to check in then to the Sunrise Dining Room on the 3rd floor to eat, but once you figured it out it was no hassle at all. - Guy's Burger Joint. It was awesome that these burgers were included in the price (and delicious!) - The Carnival HUB App. IT'S FREE TO USE ONBOARD!!! Most people didn't realize that. While I didn't want to use my cell phone much (other than for music) during vacation, this app was extremely useful and didn't make me lose the "I'm on vacation" vibe. It was so easy to view the schedule for each day and favorite the activities you were interested in. There's a favorites tab, so once you've gone through all the events, click over to that and BOOM, there's your schedule for the day! You don't have to worry about charges from your cell phone carrier either because the app works through the ship's Wi-Fi (for free) while your phone is on Airplane Mode. Love, love, love! - Half Moon Cay. Out of all the ports, this was my favorite. It was absolutely stunning. The water was so clear that when we swam out as far as we were allowed (probably 15 feet deep), we could still see the bottom. Insane. The day was so relaxing and since it's Carnival's island, they had food for you so you didn't have to get back on the ship. Loved everything about it. - Epic Rock Show- This is the top rated show in the Carnival fleet--and for good reason. It was spectacular!! They sing songs you'll know and they sing them well! The technology is amazing, too! All of the shows onboard were good, but this one blew me away. - Cruise Director Donkey- he's awesome, Australian and did an amazing job!   I hope that gives you enough to go on because I really could type all day. Definitely recommend this cruise to anyone looking to get away. I would hands down do this exact cruise again.

    Rating: 5/5


  • GEDE, Donkey, Eddie & Eve were all amazing The entertainment crew was the best Food was amazing Guest services needs a lot of work And if you get a drink at one of the bars make sure you watch them make it and have them put alcohol in your drink the premixed piña colada's and daiquiris are very weak

    Rating: 4/5,

  • Carnival really sacrificed the comfort and customer service for their bottom line. Service was terrible due to ship overcrowding and not enough space. Food suffered, their staff was grouchy, and the space to enjoy the sun on deck was non existent. Won't ever go on this ship again. 

    Rating: 2/5


  • I would be very mindful about booking through a travel agent when booking a cruise only because, in my case, Carnival will not speak to you about your cruise if you have booked through an agent--it is frustrating and time consuming having to call the travel agent and wait on hold while an uninterested 3rd party handles your business for you.  (It is so easy for them to say that they tried to get something done for you and the cruise line would not do it)   When booking our cruise, we were traveling with a group of 10, travel agent said yes, we were at the same dinner table and we requested early dining seating.  When we arrived onboard, none of us were at the same table and we were scheduled for late dining (which in turn caused us to miss all of the shows).  Carnival would not accommodate our request to be seated together, nor would they accommodate the request for an early seating arrangement.  The impression that I got was that Carnival resented that we had gone through a travel agent and would make no concessions for us.

    Rating: 4/5


  • This is a good value destination and ship for a quick 5 day trip. The ship is crowded And lots of Kids. Reasonably priced. You will not get an extravagant buffet.  However, you can also have pizza. Burgers and 3 specialty restaurant choices for a additional charge on the specialty.  The night sit down dinners were very good and service was great. The nightly outdoor movies were nice. The loungers were hard to find due to the large number of people. On board pools were packed. Entertainment was fair, I wish they had more on board programs. Overall, you will enjoy the cruise.

    Rating: 3/5


  • Just got back Friday from a cruise to the Bahamas! This was my second cruise with carnival. My first was in Feb on the Ecstasy. I got home told my husband how much I loved it so we book this one. We were very excited as this was his first cruise, then we started reading terrible reviews on her and got really worried. However we had the most wonderful experience on board! Getting on and off was relaxing, the food was great and the entertainment was awesome! We stayed in cabin 3135 and had easy access to everything, the ride was real smooth and our cabin stuart was the best! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The cruise director Donkey was a hoot! Also the bartenders we great! My husband and I purchased the Cheers package and the bartenders were always busy and really worked there butts off! We spent a lot of our time on the Serenity deck! Omg, it was awesome, loved the waterfall into the pool and it was very nice and relaxing. The ship overall looked great and we could not have asked for a better experience! We are currently looking into our next cruise lol. We will definitely cruise the Sunshine again, but first we'd like to explore other ships as well!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just got off a cruise to the Bahamas and had a great time. We are first time cruisers and are hooked. Thanks for the wonderful memories you help create for my family.

    Rating: 5/5


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