Carnival Sunshine Cruise Reviews

Rated 3.3 out of 5 (1136 Reviews)

  • We left on New Year's Eve. Had the best time. We only felt seasick once, which was the last night when the boat. There was something hitting the boat. we could see something hanging down and hitting the side of the boat and there was a light shining on the side of the boat. We told guest services and they kept trying to say it was the waves but I told her the waves don't just hang in the air and they don't shine. Other than that the cruise was amazing the crew was fun and friendly, I even won money in the casino. I wish that the pools were bigger other than that great trip. The food was good I recommend eating at the taco stand excellent. Guys restaurant wasn't so great the burgers need some seasoning. The Asian & Italian restaurant are A1! definitely make reservations at the beginning of the cruise to get a Seat.

    Rating: 4/5


  • The only good entertainment was the comedy in a too small venue. YTD sucked! Had requested 6 pm dining. They can do away with YTD. It's so obvious carnival is cutting back on wait staff, servers and cleaning crew. Disembarkation is a joke too! So unorganized and priority means nothing. When the gal behind me complained the boy laughed, told her too bad.

    Rating: 3/5


  • These recent price drops for the Sunshine are bogus. I called yesterday about the drop on Sunshine April 23 sailing. I originally paid 1069 pp and you show a drop to 1019 yesterday and now lower today for ocean suite. I called to try and get the dropped rate since I'm paid in full and I'm told there is no drop for this suite. Lowest super saver is 1044.

    Rating: 1/5


  • I had a great first cruise experience. Although my room could have been a little cleaner, I was told to bring wipes and pretty much do a wipe down myself, so I almost expected it. The food was great, but i was sort of disappointed in the main dining room... I was expecting different food than the lido buffet, but every night when we looked at the menu, it was the same food... even breakfast was mediocre in the MDR... there was a lot to do on the ship, and it accommodated many age groups. I will def cruise carnival again, I just will pick different destinations.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Had a great cruise! The ship was nice and our room steward was amazing. The only let down was the steak house. The people at guest services made up for it. We normally eat at the steak house twice but this cruise once was all it took. The regular dining room staff was wonderful!

    Rating: 4/5


  • I was highly disappointed in this cruise. The boat was not clean(there was vomit next to our bed when we moved the curtain in our room was a major No) and the over all experience was just saddening. I was excited to go and was quickly turned off on the whole trip.

    Rating: 2/5


  • I would rate this ship even lower but the ports and my room steward made it a 3 if I was just rating them it would be a 5. Guest services is horrible /rise, don't waste your time even associating with them. The ship is way way over crowed , on sea days good luck getting a chair on the lido deck mdr food was not spectacular (like I have had in the past) love the itinerary but not the ship . For a ship to have 2 sea days b2b they need a bigger ship to accommodate all the passengers will not cruise on this ship again. Not to mention one of the stabilizers on the ship was not working (was not informed until everyone on the ship was sick and/or complaining) so it was a rock n roll till the whole time at sea . I have been on a boat during a hurricane and winds and this boat rocked more with calm sea lol If this was my first cruise it prolly would have scared me not to cruise again, but I love cruising and made the best of it and enjoyed the ports and just being on a cruise. This ship did go to dry dock after our cruise so I'm sure everything was updated and taken care of

    Rating: 3/5


  • It was AMAZING. It was the very best cruise in the history of cruises. I don't know why it has suck a low rating. I think it should have a 5 stay rating.🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆

    Rating: 5/5


  • We had a great time on the Carnival Sunshine! This was my third Carnival cruise in four months. The crew was fantastic. This ship has so much to offer that many ships its size don't offer. It actually offers more different bars and restaurants than the Carnival Breeze. Our favorite place on the ship was the Alchemy Bar. Dayiana and Alexandru were awesome!! Superior service and great cocktails. The Serenity area on this boat is to die for. It has multiple levels and a pool. Lots of space. Given this cruise was December 26th through December 31st, it was quite crowded. The crew did an excellent job of managing the number of people on the ship. My only complaint would be that the dining room service was a bit slow. Not sure what was going on. The last night Jinkee was our server, and she was the best server we have ever had on a cruise. Although the slow dining room service was overall not what we would expect, cruising is what you make of it. We didn't let it get us down. We saw some people that were worked up about one thing or another, and that made for an unpleasant cruise for them. When you're cruising, just relax and enjoy. Things operate the way they do for a reason. Just go with the flow. Lastly, ports: Grand Turk is the nicest beach I've ever seen. The beach looked like a pool. Everything you need is at the port in Grand Turk. It's very easy and right there. There's also a huge pool by the beach. Carnival has done a great job investing in this port. All the beaches in Grand Turk are public, so no need to find a resort to go to. Get out early though, the beach at cruise centre gets quite crowded. Amber Cove, Dominican Republic was amazing. Don't go to a beach by the port. Carnival has done a great job of building this port also, but the beaches around it are not great. The port is only one year old. We did the all inclusive Lifestyle VIP Serenity Beach excursion. It was well worth it. Booked it through Carnival. So peaceful, and the service was incredible. Love Carnival! Booked another cruise for MLK weekend while on the boat!

    Rating: 5/5


  • I took the Sep 25, 2016 New England & Canada sailing on Carnival Sunshine. Food was awful. Server is unprofessional. The worst experience I have with Carnival. I saw a food server even disallowed a guest to get more food when he was closing the lunch buffet!

    Rating: 2/5


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