Carnival Sunshine Cruise Reviews

Rated 4.6 out of 5 (863 Reviews)

  • I'm going on the cruise on July 4, 2016? I've been on 4 other carnival cruises! Is this one nice? They are usually really good! Is anyone else going on that one on that date?

    Rating: 4/5


  • my family and i were on the christmas 2015 sailing. we had an amazing time! we heard lots of complaints about the layout of the ship, but we couldn't find a single thing to complain about. we stayed in the very first two rooms on tha rivera deck. they were upper/lower rooms with portholes. for the cheapest rooms on the ships we loved them! it was a bit rocky some nights but what do you expect it's a cruise! we had such a fabulous time we booked again for this christmas!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Fabulous trip can't say anything bad except slow service in the dining room! However not a problem for me cus its vacation! Can't wait to book our next in May

    Rating: 5/5


  • This was the best cruise ship I've ever been on! All the workers where so nice! The food was amazing ,and there were a lot of things to do! I never caught myself bored!

    Rating: 5/5


  • This is a great itinerary to Aruba, grand Turk and Curaçao! The staff is great!  Love the amenities on board like the coffee shop, water slides and ropes course.  Second time using dine your time and really enjoying it now that we got the hang of it!  A fun time for us and our teenagers!!  (And Chris F at is terrific to deal with and very helpful with port of call tips!!!)

    Rating: 4/5


  • We just got back today from our 9 day "Journeys" cruise and we couldn't have had a better vacation! I was worried after reading some negative reviews about the ship, but I absolutely loved it! The ship was beautiful, had so many things to do and places to eat. Our favorites were the sushi restaurant, Bonsai (some of the best sushi we've had anywhere) and the tacos at the Blue Iguana Cantina. You have to get one of the Blue's Patron margarita - they are the best! Make sure to stop at the Alchemy Bar and have Dario (loved him!) make you a cocktail. He made one for my husband that had fresh ginger, orange juice and some other was amazing! I'd tell you what it was, but when we asked, he just said, "a secret" lol he was fantastic! Our waiter at dinner, Igor, was fantastic too. We had the best room steward - he kept us laughing the whole cruise! I was shocked to hear people complaining while on board...I overheard someone complaining about the wine they ordered to the stateroom not coming in ice which "ruined their night" (really!?) and someone else who said that "this ship has the fewest amenities of any Carnival ship they had ever been on". They couldn't have possibly been serious...but you can't please everyone I guess. If I had to find something to complain about, I guess it would be that you had to walk through the casino to get to the Alchemy Bar or the Sunrise dining room...actually, nope...I can't complain about that because there was an easy fix. Just go down a few floors, walk aft and take the elevator up! Ok, my only real complaint is that they made me get off the ship this morning! The Serenity deck did fill up pretty quickly on sea days, but we just went to the very back of the ship next to the water slides (there were 3! Best Waterworks we've ever had!) and had TONS of spaces to choose from. We must have been lucky on this cruise because we only saw 2 or 3 kids back there the on all 4 sea days which means the deck was quieter than Serenity and we had all 3 water slides to ourselves :) I would cruise on the Sunshine again in a heartbeat. We absolutely loved her and her crew. Best vacation ever!!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just off the Sunshine this morning. Everything from room to entertainment to food to bars and service was one of the best ever in 21 cruises, 6 with Carnival. They went above and beyond to make this a memorable vacation. Ship was beautiful with many different locations to enjoy music, relax and find the food of your choice. There were so many food options for everyone's taste. Loved Guys burgers as well as the Blue Iguana Catina, Lido buffet and Sunrise Dining room. The pizza was the best I have had on a cruise ship. Loved the Cuban Ice Tea at the Havana Bar. Ports were great, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Barbados and St. Marteen. Also enjoyed the casino, lots of choices . Easy off the ship with self-assist. We loved it and look forward to cruising on the Sunshine in the future.

    Rating: 5/5


  • My family & I were on it for our last cruise and although it's a smaller ship it was absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed every moment on it, with plenty to do & a wonderful staff. Even with my husband getting very ill our steward was super attentive and friendly. I hope to be back on it some day in our future sea journeys ☺️

    Rating: 5/5


  • This was first cruise and I was totally impressed with how large the ship was and how comfortable it was during the times at sea.  expecting it to cause motion sickness but I was completely surprised that there was no turbulence.  So much to do on-board and so much food available, deck area could use some more shaded areas around the pool areas.

    Rating: 5/5


  • Let me begin by saying that when we go on a cruise we don't have unrealistic expectations. We are firm believers that even a bad cruise is better than a great day at work. So diving right in, we had a blast on the Sunshine; however, the ship layout and the crew, or let me be more specific the cleaning crew left us a little more than concerned. First, I want to say we LOVED the food, the burgers and fries at Guy's and the Mexican taco bar was AWEsome and the choices for lunch that were free such as the Italian restaurant along with the Asian restaurant were phenomenal. The buffet in my opinion was top notch also. Next, the was fantastic only to be beaten by Disney but in my opinion that's how it should be since well, that's kinda their "thing". Now the "not so great" part. I will mention this quickly, we could hardly use our extended balcony (which yes, did cost more) because apparently water from some where wasn't draining correctly so it was backing up on our balcony and although it wasn't ankle deep it was deep enough that flip flops or sandals would be completely submerged, the worse part was it was so deep it began coming into our stateroom leaving the carpet very wet and after about the 4th day (it was an 8 day cruise) it began to smell kinda damp and mildewy (pretty sure that's not a word but you get the picture). We did report it and after days of trying to fix it to no avail there was just nothing else they could really do. In an attempt to cut down on the "smell" they brought in dryers during the afternoons for a couple of days. We were definitely thankful for their help; however, it was kind of a bummer not to be able to use your stateroom during the afternoon for what ended up to be 3 days. The lay out of the ship left a lot to be desired, the walkways through most of the atrium area is very narrow causing you to be packed in to move about during busy times of the day (but I could get over that, I mean I knew this wasn't a massive ship). What I wasn't able to over look is the fact that the casino is situation in the middle of a major thoroughfare meaning to get to most places you have to travel through the middle of the casino or go downstairs / upstairs down the hall then back down or upstairs to get to the other side. Not a huge issue for my husband and I BUT I really wasn't a fan of my small children traveling through the casino. Let me put it in perspective for you, on one end of the casino (also i'm referring to the walkway which travels through the casino in order to get from one point to another) is the arcade (right outside the door) at the opposite end immediately outside the casino door is the specialty coffee bar, which has amazing milkshakes, cakes naturally my kids (as most others) loves chocolate milkshakes, cake and of course an arcade. Lastly for use, the cleaning crew or as I like to call it "the winner of the NOT my job award", seemed to either be over worked or simply didn't care. The small hallway to the main elevator on our floor somehow managed to hold on to a piece of ham, YES friends you heard me right, HAM, for 2 days and almost 2 nights (it was still there at 11:00 p.m. the last night but gone the next morning). But wait it gets better (and by better i mean possibly worse), the ham was shortly replaced by a q-tip and floss stick which remained there for 3 days. Of course we thought it was slightly funny and it became a joke in our family (ya know hang a right at the ham and take the elevator to deck 5, or oh yeah there's the q-tip this is our floor). This is our family's way of enjoying our trip regardless! Now, let me take you to beautiful deck 3....the open air deck which was awesome, and where I loved to drink my coffee early in the morning before the ship began bustling with people. Here my friends is where a pair of women's panties (insert awkward laugh here) sailed all day :-) I'm not sure when they were finally moved but I do know they were there before 8:00 a.m. and after 10:30 p.m. that night ( luckily for me and my morning coffee they were gone the next morning). That's where I figuratively drew my line, with a pair of panties...can anyone think of a better place? Yeah, me either! Overall we had a good time as a family and that's what matters the most. I will note here that the Carnival Sensation did restore some of my faith in Carnival; however, for our little family we are going to have to stick with RCCL. But remember, no matter who you cruise with or where you cruise too, it's always better than , work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, mowing and buying groceries (had to throw that in there just because I hate it).

    Rating: 3/5


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