Carnival Sunshine Cruise Reviews

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  • Absolutely one of the best ships that carnival has to offer! It was our 10th cruise with carnival. Our kids loved the slides, games, and zip lining! Dr Seuss was pretty cool too, food options were fantastic. I have a 11 year old and a 3 year old, both have cruised before and really loved this ship and the ports of call.


  • Very nice ship with excellent service! The food and entertainment was so professional! We had room without window at the 7th deck, but the only time we spent their was for sleeping!

    Rating: 5/5


  • We went on the sunshine in March of 2014, and had an awesome time.. We had a cloud nine spa balcony and absolutely loved it ... The service was top notch the entire cruise and we really enjoyed our time on this ship.. I have read several negative reviews on this ship.. But I think its also what you make it .. If someone is looking for things to complain about I'm sure they won't be disappointed .. We personally enjoy looking for all the wonderful adventures and experiences in life, and spending them together ... We love cruising so much and this cruise was no exception... I'm sure every cruise ship is somewhat different, which is exactly why we want to try out all of them that we can.... We had a great time and wouldn't change a thing!


  • We didn't have any problem the last time we sailed the Destiny, we had a aft wrap around, we new we had to go forward for everything!!! Just my 2 cents


  • If you've cruised carnival before this is not the ship for you. Terrible lay out and the 2.0 does not live up to the hype. This ship may be more fun for those who have preteens and like the added activities for them or for people who like to pay extra for food. There are 5 places you can BUY food at. Otherwise 4 choices for lunch and 2 choices for dinner. If you are new to cruising you wouldn't notice a difference and will love the great service and the few Vegas style shows they offer. Otherwise if your used to other ships (or bigger ships) skip this one and go on one of the other ships.


  • Carnival made sure we were taken care of but Never in this ship again. Laid out by a monkey playing with a football. Platinum member still love the brand. Not this ship.


  • I will preface this by saying Carnival made sure that we were taken care of in the end and that is why we will continue to keep our business with them. It began with a room steward that had serious deficiencies and an unclean room. Between his attitude and the lack of service from the staff, it seemed as if each day our cruise became worse and worse. The 8th floor has noise issues and the AC on the ship is not engineered well. Cruising 2.0 is not what I expected and I agree with others that the areas were not well thought out. When our issues were brought to the attention of senior staff they helped immensely. The best part of the trip were the ports and excursions that we booked through Carnival. Long story short, we enjoyed the cruise but won't choose this ship again. Make sure you get some burgers from Guy's if you travel on it.

    Rating: 4/5

    Eddie n Amanda,

  • Just got off the ship yesterday. Have no complaints at all it was very fun and relaxing and Jamie the cruise director is absolutely hilarious and cute. Our servers at the sunrise restaurant took very good care of us and are definitely missed so much! Me and my family had an amazing time & I definitely recommend going on this ship it's very fun and they always have activities going on for both older and younger ages!


  • We cruised over Spring Break and had a fantastic time. My only complaint was the deck chairs being held, but you come to expect that on a cruise. The cruise director, Dr.E was amazing! He infused the trip with energy & laughter! There was always something to do and the food was amazing. Iputu, our server, was hilarious and took great care of us. Aris, another server, was also fantastic! There were a few leaks in my floor but I was right below lido deck and thankfully they didn't leak in my room.

    Rating: 4/5


  • We took our 4th Carnival cruise last June. The sunshine was our favorite ship, so much so that we are booked again this summer on her! My only qualm is the chair holding on decks. People would place towels in them and never use them. Ever. But that seems to be on every ship. Please be courteous of others.


  • just got off sunshine this past Saturday. Love this ship, only 2 complaints were people saving chairs on sea day. They were putting towels/sandals etc on chairs at 5:30 AM!!!! the other is debarkation. It is so confusing, no organization.


  • Great ship. Great renovations with upgrades. My family loved the ship. The only negative is they didn't open doors to nightly show until only minutes before showtime. Lines got long and pushy but the time doors opened. Otherwise, great cruise,


  • Absolutely our favorite ship!! The Destiny was our first ship to sail on so to see the transformation was amazing. So beautiful, love the serenity area with the pool. No complaint at all!!

    Rating: 5/5


  • We took this as our second honeymoon and had a wonderful time simply due to the fact that it was our second honeymoon. We could have floated around in a tub and still enjoyed ourselves. We selected this because of the itinerary, not the cruise line or ship. Upside: Great itinerary included destinations that we both really wanted to go to (e.g., Barcelona, Cinque Terra, Pompeii, Sicily). Tour guides who really knew what they were talking about and where to go to get the best views and features not ordinarily accessible. Downside: Smoking was allowed on balconies which made them inhabitable for us. We paid to have a balcony and ended up having to go back inside too many times to count. Getting dragged to tourist traps (e.g., cameo factory on way back from Pompeii) as part of the excursions. I would have preferred more time in Pompeii. This was our first Med cruise so comparing it to another Med cruise is not possible BUT comparing ships and balconies is definitely possible. This ship's balconies were narrow and the chairs were rigid and uncomfortable. Compared with other ships with reclining chairs and footstools, well there is no comparison. Also, this did not have a sliding door but rather had a window and a door. It limited the view from inside. Surprise of the cruise: Dubrovnik. This was a delightful day of wandering around alleys and noshing on cheese and fresh bread. What a beautiful city! We look forward to another Med cruise but on a different line with a no smoking policy.

    Rating: 4/5


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  • Too many people, not enough public space to accommodate the extra 1000 people. The Liquid lounge is set up really bad with chairs in the middle of the floor with no leg room. Then they remove all the chairs and turn it into a night club at night. The comedy club is too small and hard to get seats. If you sit on the sides, you have to watch the show on a tv because you can't see the stage. They do have extra shows, but it's still the same way. The casino is horrible with cigarette smoke and there is not a non smoking side like on most ships. The pool deck is small and serenity is not quite at all because of the pool area is just below. . The food was good and the staff was nice. The buffet was nice and no lines most of the time because it's set up with islands. The Italian restaurant, GI GI, Guys burger joint, blue iguana and Bonzi Sushi were great. Rooms seemed a little smaller than the other ships we have done. Would not do this ship again.


  • Overall a great cruise! Nicely appointed ship, with many activities and great service. The dining room was excellent, with great food and excellent service every night! This cruise had some great ports of call with plenty of excursions to choose from everyday! The shows and entertainment staff were fabulous as well, especially Bernie! I suggest getting faster to the fun to avoid lines on and off the ship. It's we worth the extra $50! Also the art auctions on board that were hosted by Park West were fun and we made some great deals on new artwork! The Park West staff were very helpful and friendly to novice art collectors as well! Thank you to Lloyd, Maggie, Shannon, Mark, and Jennifer for treating us so well 😀 Our only complaint was not with the ship, but with the over abundance of unruly children with no parental supervision! Parents should be on alert and teach their children to behave appropriately in public, especially on a cruise!


  • Overall we loved the cruise. We read some reviews prior to selecting this ship and all of the ones we read were right on target to what we found. The food and entertainment was great. The ship had a lot of motion. If you get sick easily, I recommend Dramamine the night before departure. The adult only section was wonderful. The chairs with cushions were very comfortable. The only issue is with 3000 people on board not that many people get one. You had to get there early or they were all gone. I wish they had placed time limits on them because some people stayed from daylight to dark in them. We were able to enjoy them some so it wasn't a complete loss. The ship seems to cater more to the younger crowd which is fine. We like kids and knew that going into it. However, we did stay on the upper levels for adults only most of the time. The staff was excellent. I found that they pushed the alcohol. We are not drinkers so we just overlooked that part. It was a vacation of a life time!!!! Loved every minute of it! Vacation is what you make it.


  • Overall the ship is great! I really appreciated the 3 floors of adult only serenity. However the cruise ship was apparently having a staffing problem for this particular sailing because they were very understaffed. They were slow in the service area. They also did not have their normal activities because they were missing 4 of their activities directors. The food was good but as I said 5 of the 8 nights we waited more than 1 hour for our dinner. So you will definetly need patients. The final debarking process was an absolute nightmare. They were very unorganized and noone seemed to know what to do. It took us 4 hours to get off the ship. That was really unacceptable. Overall we made the trip fun but the staff wasn't that great.


  • No shows, only comics. Room was supposed to have couch. His sharpes container never showed, nor my distilled water. Good thing I took some with me. disembarking was terrible, supposed to start at 8 am. Didn't start calling till after 10 :30. Food was good. Room was clean. Ports had nothing but shopping, water sports. Our other cuise with Carnival was a lot better than this one. They had shows at nite, maybe a lot of them were employees, but they were entertaining. if u dressed up ,u had someplace to go besides dinner m.


  • I was on Sunshine 2-15 thru 2-20u. I had a great time. The room steward was great (Volter), he was always greeting us by name and smiling all the time. The food was good in the Sunrise dining room. Our waiters were great. I would mention their names, but can't spell them!! Lol. Didn't care to much for the food from the Blue Iguana Cantina as the meat wasn't hot and there were no mild sauces to be found. Totally loved Guys Burgers!!. The only complaint I have is the people saving chairs on the lido deck. With all the passengers on this cruise, this should not be. People were using the lounge chairs to put their towels, purses, etc. But overall, I would cruise on Sunshine again.


  • What a fantastic time we had!! Room 9215 bunk beds for kids always clean. Ate dinner in sunrise dining room each night. Excellent service. Always accommodating. Saw three comedy shows onboard. Only one main show since we saw these same shows two years ago on the Glory. Layout to dining room very confusing. Ports were great. Weather was excellent Going to book another cruise as soon as we get home.


  • I can't give it less than one star or I would. Toilets on deck 8 didn't work several times during the trip. We found dried blood on our bed sheet after their turn down. Small boat with not a lot to do. This is a terrible vessel and it has turned us off of carnival for a while.

    Rating: 1/5


  • Our first cruise and crew and ship were great! Our dinner servers were great with the kids, we were traveling with six of them ages 2-14 and all found plenty to do on the ship!


  • This was our 6th Carnival cruise, on 6 different ships and was our least favorite. If "Cruising 2.0" was meant to be an improvement, it is a failure, in our estimation. We're not snobs by any means, but merely comparing the Sunshine to other Carnival ships. For one thing, the 2003 drydock remodel succeeded only in cramming more passengers into the same space. The main theatre is smaller, with its main level on deck 4. Whatever engineer who dreamed that up should be there for debarking on the final day. It's a snarled, jammed up MESS negotiating stairs down to Deck 3 to exit. Again, with the recent renovation, you would expect the latest technology in the cabins. But the TVs do not match other Carnival ships. Others feature an interactive channel to check your folio (cabin) balance, but not the Sunshine. Dining was a bit disappointing, again compared to other Carnival ships. The menu in the dining room was often the same as the Lido deck buffets. The buffets were set up oddly, with no discernible starting point. There were no carrying trays, only large platters for food. You had to manage plates and drinks separately. There are fewer public seating areas. All traffic on Deck 5 goes through the casino, not around it. Not really a big deal, but we're not smokers and would rather go around. For 1st - time cruisers, I'm sure they loved it. We had a good time, but will probably never choose the Sunshine again, simply because Carnival has many other, BETTER ships to choose from.


  • We cruised the week of March 7th. Overall, the Sunshine was a good boat. The cabins were nice and seemed roomy compared to some ships we have sailed. ChaCha, our cabin attendant was very good! I would have liked to have had more seating in the public areas, much like the Dream. It was hard to find a deck chair on sea days. It seemed as though there were a lot of saved seats.


  • Recently cruised on the sunshine and I was disappointed. Servers and crew member were not very well mannered. I recall on several occasions getting poor attitudes and looks from the bar tenders in the lobby. I was cut off twice using the stairs from carnival crew members themselves and missed half the information in the muster station drill because a lot of the crew was laughing. In addition, the service in the "Your Time" dining was just horrible. Some servers were very polite and hard working but others weren't as much. Waited 10 mins to get our breakfast order taken then another 20 mins for the food to get there. The crew in general just looked tired and detached from their jobs. I don't think I'll cruise on the sunshine again. Cruise Princess! Not a single disappointment.


  • My family and i had the best time on sunshine worth every penny we spent!!!! This was my first time on a cruise for myself and my two kids and mothers 10th cruise but first time on this ship and she was very pleased with this cruise, staff, food, and destinations!! The food drinks service layout of ship staff were all amazing!!😀We will be back for another trip in the future !!!


  • This was my first cruise on the Carnival Sunshine and I was expecting the best time but was sadly disappointed. Carnival Sunshine needs massive improvements. But first I must tell you the Room Stewart's worked the hardest and deserve a lot more, they are the BEST!! TIP TIP TIP!!! The service in the Sunrise and Sunset Restaurants, and the bars was the slowest and the worst I have ever experienced! Believe me I am an easy going person, don't stay at five stars, but I do expect acknowledgement and kindness even if it is to tell me it will be a while, sorry for the wait, but nothing was said at all, they ignore you as if you are not there. Food was fair, nothing great except the bacon. The alcohol prices are outrageous, I did partake of the Cheers plan, RIP OFF!! The sad thing about this is you could not use it on there own island, Half Moon Caye! The prices were higher there. Overall very disappointed with Carnival Sunshine, won't be back, at least on that ship. I won't go into our flight experience, which I had Carnival book also, just know I will never do that again either!!!! All in all I could not wait to get home and that makes me very sad and broke!

    Rating: 2/5


  • Myself and three daughter,s thought about taking some together time so decided on a cruise, turned out to be a good decision and a great vacation...Jaime,(cruise director) was great and very well organized...The staff was courteous and very helpful, this includes every one we came in contact with, rooms were kept very clean! ... Food was excellent and our waiter's very efficient and friendly, we felt like we had known them forever by the time our cruise came to an end (sadly)... Must mention the dining room entertainment each night, Darwin has a fantastic voice, very talented and made the evening very enjoyable! ..... Thank you to each and everyone who worked and entertained on this cruise!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Carnival Sunshine was so cool I loved the food they had some awesome water slide the cabin was nice the had some good pools on the ship but the hot tubes were small

    Rating: 5/5


  • Had an absolutely amazing time! Ate in the dinning room every night with a different menu for every night as well! Breakfast was delicious every morning! Room stewards were awesome doing everything to the best of their standards, as well as the rest of the staff! So much todo on the ship you'll never be bored. Me and my family are already planning our next trip on the sunshine for an even longer cruise! We ate at guys burgers EVERYDAY! It's absolutely amazing and delicious! I recommend this cruise to food lovers and fun goers!

    Rating: 5/5


  • We enjoyed the cruise even though it was very windy most of the week. It was too windy to spend much time on our balcony or even enjoy sitting by the pool. It was so windy we couldn't dock in Aruba which was the reason we booked this cruise. Enjoyed the beach at Grand Turk very much. I usually find the staff on a Carnival cruise to be happier than other lines, but not so this ship. Maybe it was the wind or the missed day off in Aruba, but I didn't see joy on many faces. Take care of your staff, Carnival, and please be the first cruise line to add nickname to the boarding card. I know you need to put my real name on the card for homeland security, but what is stopping you from adding a nickname line so that your staff doesn't call us by a name we never use. It is a bit offensive. Loved our travel agent, but was disappointed there was no welcome gift. The agency we used in the past always had a bottle of wine or champagne sent to our room. Good cruise though.


  • Very modern ..., I was there last year and I had a great time with my hubby and sister ... Lido deck is my favorite place to be, we met some people and had a great time ... The only issue I had was that I collect the fridge porcelain tile like magnets and they didn't have it... I wish someone can get it for me and put it in my cruise in the valor and I willing to pay for it... Please if someone can put that magnet in my room I will appreciated very much , I have all of them except that one Carnival, Sunshine.. TY my cruise will be on April 12, 2015 room 6204... Or try to sale in all the ships all of your different ships magnets as well ....


  • Great cruise! No complaints at all! This is my 5th cruise, 4th being Carnival, and this ship was a lot of fun!! Didn't get to dock in Aruba due to high winds, but got to go in Bonaire and Grand Turk and everything was beautiful in those places!!! Wee Jimmy, the cruise director, was amazing and hilarious. Would definitely suggest this cruise!


  • This was my 13th Carnival Cruise. I love the new 2.0 that Carnival is doing. The ship is a bit smaller and they seemed to try and cram everything but I am not going to complain cause all of the amenities and the fantastic service we had on the ship. Guys burger were AWESOME. The Alchemy Bar with Milos and Maja were fantastic. I highly recommend the ship. Its a nice and great getaway. Wouldve been better if the weather had allowed us to dock in Aruba. Only issue but not Carnivals fault. Safety first. Live Thirsty


  • Good overall. Room had a leak from the ceiling and had to complain twice before it was fixed properly. Canon size was good and the wait staff was fantastic.


  • Was not as impressed with the sunshine as I have been with other carnival ships. It seems they remodeled for the sole purpose to crowd the ship. Common areas seemed very over crowded and hard to walk through. The stage area was much smaller than it is on other ships. No one enforced the lounge chair towel policy, it was nearly impossible to find a place by the pool, in the kids area, or in the serenity area to sit.


  • It was are first Cruise and we loved with all the showtimes at dinner and Camp carnival for the kids would just so much fun for everyone. We recommend that you should go on it

    Rating: 5/5


  • Our cabin was over the Liquid Lounge and the whole room vibrated!!! Had to ask to change our room. There was no seating in the room only the beds which were uncomfortable to sit on and watch the tv. Our dining room experience was odd. We were put in a long narrow alley. Our dining companions told us to ask for a different table. We did and were seated with a wonderful, fun couple. The other people also got seated at a different table. The rest of the trip the long room remained empty!! The staff was wonderful, especially the wait staff. The ship was extremely clean. I was very pleased with the cleanliness. As a gold member, I expected to be upgraded as promised, but alas, it did not happen. Perhaps, if I travel with Carnival again, they will go through with the promise to upgrade me. The shore excursions were great. They were very easy to find the tour guides on the pier and they were very informative about the area.


  • This was our 3rd cruise on Carnival having been on the Liberty twice would never recommend this ship to anyone who is used to relaxed open plan sitting areas. This was our 18th cruise thought we'd try this newly renovated ship. First upon entering our oceanview cabin the window was so dirty it was hard to see out. We looked for the refrigerator cabin steward told us that there were no fridges anymore. The bathroom had a shower curtain (really?) was too short not wide enough. The cabin was nice enough Edmund was very attentive with our request of ice everyday. The comedy club had different comedians throughout the week. There were PG shows with adult shows following which were carefully monitored so no kids could get in which we appreciated. Very enjoyable funny. If you have kids this is the ship for them with the Sports Square on top deck. So many activities to do the Splash Zone for the smaller kids. Watching them wait for the giant bucket to tip over was a riot. The Sky Course was challenging with all the ropes boards to walk on wearing the required safety harness I felt I did pretty good for a 68 yr. old. The waterslides were so much fun 2 were super fast! The pool was smaller always had hard rock music playing. Where was the live band that plays Caribbean music to get you in the Caribbean vacation mood? I always purchase a soda package was surprised that the insulated cup was not included in price like other ships. So this leaves a soda drinker having to stand in line at a bar behind all others who order specialty drinks that take longer to make or flag down a waiter. I find it hard to believe that a recently renovated ship did not have self serve soda machines throughout the ship. The mugs had a chip which activated the machine. When is Carnival going to catch up with the rest of the cruise industry? The entertainment production shows were outstanding with their high tech lighting in background their wonderfully talented singers dancers. Theater was smaller than most. Very surprised disappointed there was never any line dancing or dance lessons. I know Carnival is known as the party ship but there are people who like to sit read or just people watch there were no seats along public areas or quiet lounges one could sit relax. We found the food to be ok but was totally surprised to see no antibacterial soap dispensers at entrances to the buffet or dining room. Other ships have a crew member standing by to remind people to use them. The buffet seating was so crowded together you had to rush to stake out a table before getting your food. Breakfast every morning was the same except for way potatoes were fixed. Scrambled eggs were runny, bacon sausage undercooked. Dinner menu was limited. If you didn't like the main menu you had to pay extra if you wanted a steak. I just got the impression that Carnival was penny pinching most of the time in a number of ways. As for Guy Fieri's hamburger fries- forget it. The most greasy I've ever tried and only once! My husband's arm got caught in closing elevator doors which are supposed to stop when a hand or body is there. They were about 3 ft. apart when he grabbed one side to reopen the door when the door refused to stop caught his left arm in the doors scraping a large patch of skin off. We went to the infirmary to report it showed the receptionist his bleeding arm. She gave us 3 large bandaids 3 packages of antibiotic ointment. They never asked our name or cabin number. Because of their indifference we went to the pursers desk insisted they make a report of this. A woman with bars on her shoulder came was very concerned took our name cabin #. My husband is diabetic also on coumadin bled for about 3 days. I think you need to update your medical procedures in the event of injury aboard. Not once did they offer to have a doctor look at his injury. Overall, I would not recommend this ship to friends.

    Rating: 2/5


  • oceanview room was spacious and king bed was great. big shower and plenty of closet drawers. food was very good, (lobster nite, prime rib, steaks, steak egg breakfast etc in dining room). dance and singing shows were good, piano bar sing along was great and comics were okay. had to get in line early to get a seat at some shows. buffet food and special lunch food (italian/stir fry) were good and taco/burgers also. would have liked more ship activity for days at sea. more 50+ passengers than expected on carnival. few children and they had activities/area separate so noise was not bad. 8 day cruise may have made a difference here... casino games all seem to have gimmics and are not standard vegas style except crap table. drink package cost $920 per couple and is not worth it. all drinks are very costly. $5 beer is cheapest and a shame when you can get a beer off boat for $1. they need a modified drink package that you can enjoy. excursions are very expensive and minimal assistance for island info except to take a excursion. cruise price is cheap but they get you big time for drinks and excursions. overall, not bad.

    Rating: 4/5


  • My wife and I enjoyed the Sunshine cruise very much. The cabin, an interior, was very quiet, and have plenty of storage for our clothes. There was more of a variety of food than we've seen on other smaller ships, although we did miss having a fish and chips station. We ate at both the Italian and Asian kitchens and thoroughly enjoyed them both. The destination ports were fine and we've made a mental note to go back to San Juan, which was beautiful. The only major complaint we had was that TV was very inconsistent, with major networks showing up some days and not coming through on other days. We are talking about a ship that was totally redone in 2013, and they can't get a signal from a satellite? It appeared that channels were only shown on nights with minor entertainment, for example the Oscars were shown, but the next night that channel was gone. Hmmmmmm.......but will return for another cruise on this ship.


  • smaller than most of the Carnival fleet. Overall the cruise was excellent. My favorite waiter was Maria at the Casino bar. Her smile is infectious. Our dining room waiter Saint was excellent.


  • I've been on 3 cruises and this was by far the best ship. Cabins were bigger with plenty of storage and shelving. Entertainment was very good. The Epic Rock show was the best!! Comedy was very good! Staff and cruise director, Wee Jimmy was the best. The only negative I have is a couple of hallways weren't air conditioned. Also, the serenity deck was very nice and relaxing, but people got up extremely early and reserved seats (even though signs said "no reserved seating") so it was impossible to find a spot. Other than that, I give this 4.5 stars!


  • cabins were smaller then other ships (we had a suite) -our bathroom had a toilet that angled towards the tub making it uncomfortable to use - your knees hit the tub - tv programing was bad - guys hamburgers were bad - pool was too small for all the people, very hard to get a chair to sunbathe - you need more then one popcorn machine for the movies - your timing for the shows was bad , if you went to the main show you couldn't get to the comedy club in time to get a seat - the cabin stewards were great and so was room service - one of the servers at the chocolate spot was very rude to guest, if she didn't like people she shouldn't be there - our dining room staff were great and kept us laughing even when the ship kept rocking - we needed more time in Aruba maybe a overnight stay


  • Carnival might consider varying their menu by ship. For people that cruise frequently, it is not difficult to guess what will be offered. Same with the songs sung by the wait staff. We found the service in the "your time" dining to be very slow. Water was extremely slow being refilled. Actually, we were quite disappointed. To us, our room was stuffy. We mentioned this to our cabin steward and he had someone check, but it did not help. Embarkation was wonderful. A great perk for our loyalty level. Plus the convenience of getting into our cabin. Dining on the Lido deck seemed so chaotic. Two sides converged at one end trying to get bacon. The bacon really needs to be cooked. So many pieces seemed to have barely seen heat. Then people were standing, picking through the pieces trying to find well cooked pieces.


  • Went on sunshine in January had a great time every thing we did on and off the ship was fantastick . Going again in June can't wait.hoping there will be fireworks as we will be at sea on the 4th of July

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just got off the Sunshine yesterday. What a great ship and crew. This was the best cruise ever. We met some great people. Annamarie was the best bar wait person in the Sunset lower late dinning. Jasmine,JonJon and I Putu were our wait staff. What a great job. Made some great new friends and lasting memories. I highly recommend this ship. No noticeable smells .


  • Great ship without any complaints. Excellent food and service and the entertainment was awesome. Would certainly re-cruise on the Sunshine without hesitation.


  • Ive only seen this cruise foe the inside. It was sun and shine. Magical fear full beautiful. Great crew ship on the inside I seen it on the outside and I didn't expect it to be so white and so beautiful so clean they must've worked really hard to get this sunshine done. The then I can't really see is the food in the service I wonder from all the work they do how good the services. Sorry.


  • 2/15-2/20 This was our first cruise and couldn't have been better! The ship was nice and clean the food was good and the staff was awesome! It was a little busy by the pool on sea days but port days there was no one by the pool! Love the sunshine and Jamie Dee was awesome made the cruise so much fun!! Thanks to the sunshine staff!!!


  • I love this Ship it was one of my favorites along with the Breeze. The entertainment crew was amazing Jaime Dee, Jay, and Steve made the cruise fun and awesome. Water works was really really fun especially the racing slides. Food was really good at dinner time the waiters were awesome and funny I had Dragon and Bonnie I think. The rooms were clean and all along with the Arcade had a lot of good games. Only one bad thing was that the Lido deck was packed but the pool was a fresh water pool

    Rating: 5/5


  • 2/15-2/20 cruise was awesome! The food was the best out of all the ships I've been on. The service was great. It was a little crowded but not that bad. We can't wait to get back on the Sunshine.


  • We had a great time on the Sunshine 2/15-2/20. This was our first cruise, No complaints at all. We learned alot for future cruises. Jaime Dee our cruise director was great!


  • AWESOME!!!!! I had a GREAT time!!!!!!! I'd definitely recommend going on this ship! The crew is so nice, the pool, slides, hot tubs, Food, new friends!


  • I thaught the boat was nice but probably wouldn't take it again unless it was the only one going to the places I wanted to go. The casino stunk badly and the beds are hard as a rock...

    Rating: 3/5

    Bc ,

  • My best friend and I went on the Sunshine Jan 31st for my cousins wedding. Her wedding and reception was on the boat and it was amazing! We had a great time and loved all the things to do on the boat. Wish the dance club was open every night, that's my only complaint. water slides, sky course, pools, shuffleboard, fooseball, walking track, Harry Potter and Disney trivia sunset dining room were some of my favorite things. Also the Havana Bar is a very beautiful place that is easy to miss so check that out. They also have espresso coffee drinks there so you don't have to go to another floor in the morning.


  • I loved the sunshine and im going again!!!!!!🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣


  • I say the ship was amazing the only thing I did not enjoy was that if you take the midship elevators to deck 5 you always have to go through the casino.


  • best cruise I ever been on period. ports were awesome and no complaints with the sunshine what's so ever if you don't like this 8 day cruise your not a cruiser


  • Great like this ship was amazing like frfr I'm so happy it's awesome swag swag swag! Turn up! It's great'! Like omgggggg this cruise was amazing like yahhhhh! I hit the Nae Nae and I did the whip in the club and got a lot of girls!!! Go Sunshine! No my nickname is Sugar Daddy! I had a great time


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  • The absolute best cruise we have ever been on. Everything met or exceeded our expectations. The only thing I can think of to complain about was that the hot tubs on Lido were packed full of very young kids all week. One of our ports (Costa Maya) was a complete wasted day but as far as the ship goes, it was fantastic.

    Rating: 5/5


  • Never heard a bunch of loud rap music. heard music for all ages. not hard to find a quiet spot on the boat. Went to the epic rock show and saw all ages having fun. Kids and seniors. 3000 people and something for everyone. My daughter had a blast a camp carnival. Something for all ages of kids. Rope course was great as well as water slides, putt putt and rest if the sports activities. Anytime dining was smoothe and easy. Had a 25 minute on the second elegant night. All other time we went right to our table. Food was good but the Italian resturaunt and the Steakhouse were out of this world. Staff was very friendly. Not the first rude staff member. Everyone very friendly. our steward Indra was the best and the tip we left showed it. Anything we needed we git anywhere on the ship. Little French Key in Roatan is a must. you get treated and fed like a King. Chacchoben Mayan ruins in Costa Maya are well worth the trip. Already planning our next cruise on the Sunshine. just have to find a deal like I got on this cruise.

    Rating: 5/5


  • best cruise ever. for the ones who complained about the layout of the ship were crazy. if you take the time and explore there are different ways to get around. never smelled anything funny. our room steward was awesome and all the employees were friendly.


  • This ship is great i havent been on it but i can tell . People saying the bad reviews you guys over react about everything take a chill pill & also " the sea was rough " is it carnivals fault ? No so sit down 😂


  • Me and my husband got back a week ago. We had a wonderful time, crew was very friendly, ship was clean, Jamie the cruise director is awesome, the shows incredible. It was crowded by the pool area, difficult to find a space to sit, the only reason it didn't get 5 star but I definitely recommended 😄


  • I agree with cp because when my family when on it with my grandpa who is 82! I don't remember any loudness or rap music at all in fact my whole family (57) of us loves the cruise and the director so it sounds like some old cranky people are to entitled!😃


  • Got off of the Sunshine yesterday. The rooms are smaller and it is a little crowded at first until everyone finds their niche. Jaimie and JJ are awesome! Motor City show was great. Run for Cover band was the highlight of the trip! If your room does not have a refrigerator, ask for one. It was delivered as we left port.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Just got off sunshine. Loved it, 5th cruise. Great variety of music, don't remember any rap, we are in or 50s. Great food, specialty restaurants excellent. Staff wonderful especially our room attendant Eddie. Met some great new friends. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that I went for a facial, it was 217.00 including compulsory gratuity. It was excellent in itself but at the end her aggressive approach to selling the products made me extremely uncomfortable and consequently I cancelled my following appointment. Other than that, can't wait to back on the sunshine. I'm guessing that the loud RAP music comment came from someone who doesn't know the difference between Reggae and RAP. Think they need to get out more!


  • Noisy,noisy,noisy. Not for anyone over 60. Cruise director cares nothing but her generation. If you like RAP music This is for you. Second day of 8 day cruise I tried to get a flight back on our first port of call.


  • Just got off the Sunshine and had a fabulous week. We will be on the Sunshine again someday! Mohammad, our room steward was great! The food was delicious. Guys burgers was the best. I can't wait for my next carnival cruise.

    Kenny & Tami,

  • Loved this ship!!! Sailed March 2014 out of New Orleans. Excellent food& fun ship. Loved our little bartender Putu. My son, along with others cruising with us, loved guys burgers.


  • We really liked the sunshine. We like 1. Breeze 2. Splendor and 3. Sunshine. Really liked the serenity. Best in the fleet. Our spa cabin was 11027. Has a refrid. Great location. Only a few steps to the elevator and outdoors to serenity. Easy to get to food on lido. Didn't mind the layout. The shows were really good. The best we have seen for a long time. We have been on 13 cruises. Jamie the cd had a lot of energy. Never had a problem getting a seat on serenity. The crew was really good about removing peoples things if they were gone more than 40 minutes. Food was pretty normal to what we have gotten on other ships. We liked that there was seating on lido at back of ship so you could eat and have a great view. We did anytime dining the first night and it worked really smooth. Second night was a formal night and really busy and it took us over an hour to be seated so by third night we were assigned to 6 pm seating. Much better.


  • we loved the sunshine it was our first cruise but we loved it!! we had fun on the slides and adult only area. the food was good mY husband was obsessed with guys burgers I think he had that for lunch every day the ports were great Atlantis resort wasn't as great as its all hyped up to be. we had a great snorkeling and sting ray excursion in grand turk. our room was nice we were in 8181 and best room to have I think, balcony was nice and it was right in the middle and I thought it wad very easy to navigate around the ship I don't know why people rate it so low by far one of the best vacations we have had and you don't even feel the ship move for those worried about that 😊 I would go on it again in a heartbeat but are going on the breeze for next one I nlh because sunshine doesn't have our dates we want


  • was on the cruise jan 10 -17 it was ok for the first time but wasent what i expected the food was good but it was the same every day at the buffet and it was not open 24/7 like the video tour said it closed at 6 then the pizza and delli opened at 11 wich the pizza was horrible so its better to get room service the stay was ok and friendly jamie th cruise director was hot and fun lol not alot to do on the boat to crowed but corn hole was the best fun thing the shows were good the snorkling was the best escurions in saint thomas called pirates tour its pricey at 95 a person but well worth free achol and snacks the crew was awsome it was a little smoky it was hell getting off the boat in ports elevator and stairs were packed and yes we had a guest have a medical emergency but it would of been better if they did something better like fly him or her out or something then turn all the way around after that seemed like they were more in a hurry to get back to port to get the next guest on board rather then pleasing the guest on bored and they only refunded port cost nothing else so i recommend not going on this boat again


  • Some of the food is the worst I've ever had on a cruise ship the staff is not very friendly not mean but definitely not like we used to with carnival I've never had a bad experience with carnival like this hopefully it is last bad experience


  • For me and my husbands first cruise we had a ton of fun.. Yes it was a little crowded but that did not stop us from enjoying our selves.. Jamie was awesome and she was always so lively and was alot of fun..the food was really good and room service was always quick and brought the right stuff 😃 i would definitely go on carnival again but i want to try another ship..the last night only a few hours until we got back to port my husband had a medical emergency when he sliced his hand open on a bottle of wine that broke while he was opening it 😢 he just had his surgery 2 days ago and we are hoping for a quick recovery.. Be careful while on the ship future sailors because medical costs on the ship are VERY pricey..cant wait to cruise again

    Rating: 4/5


  • As I sit here, I can actually hear the bad reviews coming in from our sailing. I feel like the Sunshine was set up for what I would call the “perfect storm.” First and foremost, there was a medical emergency with one of our fellow guests, and the Captain chose to turn around and head back to Nassau for treatment for the passenger. There were passengers aboard that I overheard grumbling and complaining about the decision, as it caused a delay in reaching ports and the cancellation of another. If it were my family member, I would want the same compassion and quick thinking of the captain and crew. As they stated, the safety of each and every guest is of their utmost priority. Second, it seems like Sunshine is not being received as highly as Carnival’s staff/passengers thought she would be. Several reviews report smells, low quality food, value and bad service to name a few. And, lastly, the seas were choppy. Not enough to cancel things, but enough that you definitely felt the ship moving. The swells and the waves were, well ... noticeable. I feel like “some” of the reviews coming from the Sunshine are partially true, but that some were just too harsh. The bottom line, for us, is this: we have been on many Carnival and other line Cruises. If we take them all collectively and look at the staff/service, there were more mediocre tempered staff members on board the Sunshine than any other ship. That doesn’t mean they weren’t doing their job, it simply means we are used to super friendly, quick to wait on you, making you feel at home kind of crew members. The excursion desk was the worst for us, followed closely by select bar staff. They waited on you, but it was in “their time,” and it seemed bothersome and was hurried and mechanical. Food quality was never an issue for us. Everywhere we ate, the food was fantastic. We did the dining room, Cucina del Capitano, room service, Guy’s burgers, the buffet and BlueIguana Cantina. All the food was amazing. There was always variety, and I could live the rest of my days eating Guy’s burgers! I really felt like the ship hit a home run with variety. The ship was always neat. The housekeeping staff was always busy keeping rooms, corridors and public areas tidy. We never encountered the mystery smells that other guests made mention of, and actually watched the staff make quick work of messes. The “value” of the cruise did leave me scratching my head a little. I feel a little lackluster over the whole 2.0 business. We excitedly chose the Sunshine because of a video we had seen on our Spring Break Carnival cruise, and couldn’t wait to sign up and set sail. However, I am not sure the ship as a whole is living up to the hype. If you mix the lack of a true toddler friendly area in the pool area, the service, and the actual “grand total” cost (transportation, trip, souvenirs, tips, etc) when you leave ... It leaves us ... well, scratching our head a little. We like Carnival, we are Carnival junkies, but (for us) if you look at the bigger picture, I would have chosen a different Carnival ship to head to the same (or close to the same) ports for far less money and probably have the same (if not better) experience. BUT, please don’t take it as we were displeased. Let’s be honest., we didn’t have to work for a week, the weather was great, we didn’t have to cook or clean and we got see many beautiful things and places. For us, just those few missing pieces made it good... and it could have been great. My one true complaint is the pool area. We have a toddler. There were many toddlers and children her size and age range onboard the ship. There was no true kid pool for them to play in. Pre-teens, teenagers, twenty somethings and adults took over the WaterWorks “kid area” religiously. It wasn’t policed, and many times children were being run over by folks/kids/teens that had no business playing on the equipment or kid slides. Safety was a big issue for us up there. The ship was wobbly enough without dodging people and kids running around knocking them over. Even still, all the “prefect storm” combination wasn’t enough to darken our “Sunshine.” If you do find yourself aboard the ship, you must check out the shows, the shops, the serenity deck (the hammocks are awesome), the cherry on top, take in a movie on Lido, Guy’s and the hand-washing stations!! Yes, I said hand-washing stations. They were like little massages for your hands.


  • Ship lay out is not good very limited space for shows food was only ok not real good you have to pay extra for that plenty of room to eat serenity nice too far from food and drinks unless you are paying at the bar game show was only played one time just didnt enjoy the lay out i hope they dont do that to other ships definatly different from glory and liberty which i really enjoyed


  • Just got off the Jan 10-17th cruise and overall it was a great time. My only complaint would be that the smoke smell from the 5th floor casino started bleeding up to the 6th floor where our cabin was. I feel like they should enclose the indoor smoking area or something, it was overwhelming at times. I also want to note that it is not Carnivals fault that we missed a port...I'm pretty sure people will bitch about it on here. (Medical emergency required us to return to a port after we had already left)


  • Just got off the ship today. Eastern Caribbean. Jan. 10-17. Fantastic ship. Great layout. No area was ever over crowded. Food was great, shows were top notch, comedians were funny. Fourth cruise with Carnival. We have been on the Inspiration, Dream and Breeze as well. The Sunshine is as good or better with all the 2.0 features. Cruise director Jamie was the best, so energetic. I would highly recommend this ship to anyone who is looking for a great time.


  • Just got off the ship today 1/17/2015 worst cruise I have ever been on ship is super crowded 24/7 constant banging and bumps all through the night had a hard time sleeping I wouldn't advise taking this ship take the dream instead


  • my family had a great time all the food was great don't miss the specialty restaurants on the ship well worth the cost the serenity deck was great all the crew were helpful did not like the cloud 9 spa on this ship we have been to others would not spend the extra for that again on this ship but would on the others went scuba diving in every port excellent dives and great service would recommend the dives to all divers


  • Wasn't real impressed, we thought the ship was very crowded, poor food selection and some of the staff was very rude. We won't be going on a Carnival Cruise again!

    Rating: 2/5


  • We sailed on the Sunshine over New Years. For the most part it was not a bad experience but I do have to agree with some of the complaints voiced here. I've been on lots of cruises so it is probably not fair to pit one ship against another but...the dining room service was so slow. Most of the time we would wait and wait and wait some more between courses. We rarely got a water refill either. Also, I'm not a smoker and I have no problem with those who do but the fact that in order to walk through the casino you had to walk through a cloud of smoke was not pleasant at all. On a more positive note... our waiters and cabin steward always addressed us by name. Jamie the Cruise Director was a blast. The shows were fun. The ports were fun. The pool area was great. Guys Burger Joint was tasty. We tried the Sushi place...YUM! The Shake Spot was good too. I like iced Chai lattes and although it was not a menu item the did make one for me. So...all in all it was a great time but I'm not sure I would sail on the Sunshine again.


  • Just got off the Sunshine ......Had a wonderful 7days. No complaints. The Staff and Crew were great. Guy's burgers are amazing! The slides were fun. Show's were great. Jamie was a lot of fun. I don't understand all of the negativity. I guess it is what you make of your vacation!


  • The reason I gave only 2 stars is because I notified carnival about putting mats down near the grill. I slipped and fell because people go to the grill soaking wet from the pool. there is no mats at all. I could hardly walk for the rest of the cruise. I do not drink alcohol so that was not a factor. I received an apology but I feel I should have been offered a free cruise since I was not able to enjoy it. The service in the dining room was horrible. They don't work as a team at all. my other cruises had none of these issues.

    Rating: 2/5


  • Got off the Sunshine earlier this morning and I loved the ship! Got used to the layout pretty quickly. Jaime, the cruise director was a blast! Lime Light lounge was on the smaller side but every time we went we were able to get a seat; maybe not a great seat but a seat :) food was ok. I've never thought any of the food, on any Carnival ship, has ever been spectacular, though. The waterworks slides were so fast and fun. It was an awesome vacation. Don't have any complaints and would/will sail her again :)

    Rating: 5/5


  • Loved the ship, food needs to be a bit better. Otherwise had a blast! Loved Honduras, and Cozumel. Staff very friendly. Would book dinner for a certain time, better service that way. Good prices for gift shop. So sad to leave. Sitting on ship now to deembark and I don't want too!!!

    Rating: 4/5


  • For a few years now my family has tried to get me to go on a cruise.Well the date came as we were on the Sunshine over xmas.Our stateroom was excellent lots of room and the beds were so comfortable you didnt want to get out of bed.The upkeep of the room was first class alwsys neet and clean.Over the 8 days I smelled nothing unusual.Overall all the staff was friendly and helpful.Guys burgers and the mexican grill were stellar.When it came to dining that is were the issues were.First off when you entered the main dining room and went to your left there was a waiter station that smelled like a greasy kitchen in a restaurant.Meal after meal it stunk like a dirty kitchen.I felt bad for the people that had to indure that smell.The food was just fair.Nothing great.From the steak to the lobster to the filet it was like a cheap buffet food.It took almost 2 hrs to eat even if the dining room was half full.The wait staff had real issues and did not work as a team.The dining room experience just plain sucked.On yhe second night the server dumped a glass of wine all over my wifes formal dress.It was hard to get water refills.Also it was very warm in the dining room.The shows were ok and the bar service was good.The ship was stable even in rough seas.I also was impressed with the organization of getting on the ship.Everything was well organized.But the dining room experience sucked.I expected so much more and it was a big let down.


  • Loved the ship. Only problem is the Liquid Lounge & Limelight Lounge were to small. We couldn't find a seat to the welcome aboard show. Miss the tables to put your drinks on. They make it into a lounge after the nightly shows so the chairs are individual & moveable. The Limelight Lounge (comedy show) was always packed & you could only see the stage from the front. If you sit on side you watch on TV screen. Don't like that part. The food was great & staff were excellent.

    Rating: 4/5


  • My 8 day christmas cruise on the carnival sunshine was the far best cruise I've ever been on. The food was great ,there was no smells, and everything was well planned. The one thing that I didn't like that isn't too big of a deal is that if you stay in an aft balcony on floor 8 You will hear music all night long. Thank you carnival for the sunshine!


  • We loved the ship!!!! Serenity pool was beautiful. Havana bar at the back of the ship was a great place for breakfast and lunch. Itinerary was by far the best. Just left the ship. On way home and already planning Xmas cruise on carnival for next year.


  • Loved it it was my very first cruise and it was an amazing experience!! Great yummy food!! Everyone was just super nice, and the ship is beautiful! I can't wait to go on my next one!! Love carnival so much!!

    Rating: 5/5


  • I love this app works grate. I love the pitchers where the ships are now and the floor plans. I like seeing where the ship is going and where it's been.


  • What a fantastic ship. this boat has tons to offer for everybody. the food was amazing. make sure to hit the burger joint and the burrito bar. the food and the waitstaff in the dining room was really great. The drinks at both of the Lido deck bars were awesome. If you can get there early try to take in one of the shows at the liquid lounge they are truly amazing. I'm not sure what's up with all of these post saying that the boat was crowded and wait times were lengthy. we had a large party that we went with and the boat never seemed too crowded. The Cruising Dead 2014

    Rating: 5/5


  • We had an awesome 5 days aboard the Sunshine. Our room steward "D" from Indonesia was awesome. Also Goodman in my children's room along with all the cleaning staff. From day one we were always called by our names. The dining room staff was equally efficient and nice. Want to shout out IWayan, Walter, and Ani in the dining room. Food was great, staff was awesome, and Nassau and Grand Turk was great! This was my children's first cruise and they really enjoyed themselves.


  • Family of 4 and easily pleased.... however - we were in 2318 deck 2 and the sewage smell was VERY strong on our entire 8 day southern Caribbean 12/6 trip. Our drain in the bathroom backed up several days and leaked water out into the room during the night. We notified guest services, room steward and other management and never resolved the issue. We got our own towels from the linen pantry to clean up the water multiple times a day. No refrigerators in rooms even though they are shown and described in room/deck descriptions. Cruised many times and the food in the Lido Marketplace and MDR on this boat is lacking in taste, presentation and heat. It was mediocre at best. We paid and signed up for 6pm dining a year in advance and on embarkation day were told we had anytime dining. You had to go up a deck, stand in line, get a pager and wait again until they called you....times of an hour to two wait. We have small children and specifically picked 6pm to keep a family at peace and happy so not to interrupt others cruise experiences. No apologies or changes could be made. Lido pool area for sea day activities was uncomfortablely crowded and so loud. This cruise was not a favorite and seems like the refurbishment was quick and unthought out for the number of people verses staff available. Lots of movement and rough sailing this time as well. Ropes couse and water slides We're fantastic. Shows and comedy were lacking taste and seemed to be going only for shock factor and crude vulgarity.


  • Amazing 8 nights aboard the Sunshine. We enjoyed our balcony stateroom, the delicious food, and the friendly staff. I have personally walked the entire ship and never encountered sewage smell as others have posted about in the past.


  • Great ship, great everything about it!!! The crew is great and YOU need to be flexible and quit griping about the dining is what it is and yes, it is not like most ships, so get over yourself and enjoy yourself instead of picking holes in everything. After all, didn't you go on a cruise to relax???


  • Just got off sunshine, crew, and ports we visited were great!!! Food was awful!!! This was 2 time we was on sunshine wished they would change the nightly shows ever so often. Serenity deck was amazing we spent most of day there!!!


  • Great ship! Had lots of fun! Wish it had more space to accommodate the passengers better or decrease the number of passengers to match the layout of the ship. Love JiJi Asian bistro! Is a must...lots of delicious food for only $15. Overall wonderful trip!


  • I love this ship to awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to go again next year one of the best I've ever been one


  • Went on the Thanksgiving cruise and had an enjoyable time! The staff was wonderful and the beds were super comfy! The Serenity decks were very enjoyable. The dining room food was ok, but the best meal we had was at the steakhouse (although I am not a fan of the additional charges). The kids loved the water park and the sky course. I didn't experience any weird smells and you can adjust the temperature in your cabin by inserting your sail card, but there are no instructions to tell you to do this- we just figured that out on our own. Definitely do not miss JiLis for lunch! The major issue I had was with the designated smoking areas being in high traffic areas. If you went to Camp Carnival with the kids, you had to pass by smokers; checking in at my time dining, you had to pass by smokers; if you went from the dining room to the shops/photo gallery, you had to pass through smokers; and if you were on the jogging track, you passed through and then ran above smokers. No offense to the smokers - do your thing, I just think the ship is weirdly laid out. The theaters were all very small so get to shows early if you want a seat. All in all, we had fun, but I don't see us back on this boat when the Breeze has more amenities and is much more intentionally designed.


  • Ship was awful it smell of sewage everywhere and when we complained they said they didn't smell anything. It was my 5 th cruise and me and my family are not going on carnival again.

    Rating: 1/5


  • We sailed on the Thanksgiving cruise 2014. Overall I would say that the experience was similar to past Carnival cruises, though sadly I expected a lot more. There were no odors that I was able to notice. There were quite a few very hot areas including most Aft public areas. The layout is a bit jacked up as others have mentioned. Originally I thought it was the Galley that split decks 3 and 4 up like on the Splendor but quickly realized that it was due to really poor design choices. The Comedy Club takes up the space on 4 and a second dining room takes up the space on 3. I found the staff pretty friendly, but the few folks that were not stood out pretty noticeably. If I could cruise on Sunshine out of my nearest port I would consider it but I won't do air travel again for any Carnival cruise. Some of the funship 2.0 features are cool, but not enough to sell me a second time. I'm looking forward to seeing what upgrades/additions are added to the Miracle this Spring, as that is our current "hometown" vessel. My advice, if you are considering Sunshine, try it, but don't build it up to be more than it is... A refurb that gets a "B" for effort and a "C-" for execution.


  • We loved the Sunshine! It's a beautiful ship, decorated with blue rather than the usual orange. The crew was very nice and really spent their time trying to please the guests. We had an awesome room steward, Damien. Very nice and did his best to keep out room in top shape. I love that he knew our names even when we were not in front of our cabin. The dining room service for YTD was slow. Gene did an awesome job, but we only were seated in his station.


  • I have to admit, not my favorite cruise. weather was bad and we didn't get into Belize, but that was not Sunshine's fault, so I will leave that part out. I am Platinum level on Carnival's vifp club. I have been on lots of their ships and have enjoyed all of the others better. Food on this one was the worst by far. We took our room steward's tips off as she was horrible. Dust was an inch thick on our shelves for example. None of my Platinum gifts ever made it to the room. I had to go to guest services to ask for them. I will admit that the biggest thing is that I had promised years ago not to go back on Carnival again unless they changed it up. I had hopes for the 2.0 upgrades on this ship. But other than the ropes course, it was all still routine. The food in the mdr was the same menus I have seen with them for 15 years. I ordered the turkey farfalle 15 years ago on my very first carnival cruise on the fantasy, and I had it again last week. I have been on Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and I will go back to any of these before I cruise carnival again. I think if you have nothing else to compare this ship to, you will have a blast, but after being on the others, one can't help but notice all the things that should be better. Just my honest opinion.


  • I'm so happy to be off that darn blasted ship! This was the worse cruise experience ever. However, I must say that Guys Burger Joint was amazing. The ship had a weird layout and the staff was not the friendliest. The sea was rough and we didn't get to visit all the ports. Our room was directly above the liquid lounge where they had parties and freaking night that were rather empty.

    Rating: 1/5


  • Just got off our family Thanksgiving cruise. The Sunshine had a lot of nice new features like Guys Burgers and the Pubs. No bad smells and the only place we had an issue with air was in the MDR Upstairs aft. It was always hot. I agree the ship layout is not my favorite. I enjoyed the Freedom a lot more then this ship. The comedy club 10:15 pm was always full and it was 1/2 hour wait in line if you wanted to attend which is hard if you have the late dining. This ship was more geared to families with kids then adults. The only good entertainment was the Rock Production on the last night. Like I said, I was with my family which made the trip but probably won't sail the Sunshine again. PS..don't think I'll sail in November any,ore was good 3 out of the 7 days and water slides were only open 1 day. Not Carnivals fault.


  • This was my 5th cruise with carnival and I will never take this ship again. Our family took this ship because of it being newly renovated but while some the renovations are nice, chopping layout, to much smoke in casino are,the pool area was insufficient, while I think the serenity deck for adults is great because I use it 3 levels is a little much. Food was the worst I have experienced on any of the ships even the Fahrenheit 555 which I have visited on each vessel I have sailed on this is the fine dining steakhouse that you pay additional for I had prime rib was so tough with lots of fat was like chewing rubber. Only staff that was good was our steward, bar service in casino took at least 30 minutes I could go on but point being will not take sunshine again


  • first the good the ship was fantastic, no bad smells and a few hot spots but mostly around doors that stayed open. Our room 2277 was super nice and keep clean. The Jamie See is the best CD ever and her staff. the pizza and Guy's burgers was fantastic. The entertainment was also fantastic, we loved the red frog rum bar, it had games for the kids and always had entertainment. Now for the not so great, service in the sunset dining room was very slow and food was not hot ever and the lido buffet was good but very long lines. our family still had a blast and the staff on the ship are great. over all we had a great family vacation and will sail the Sunshine agiain.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Our first cruise was on the sunshine and we loved everything about it! The room was nice, but what made it great was the staff! They were so friendly and accommodating.

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just returned from 7 day (Nov.15-22) had a great time Jamie is a GREAT cruise director and shows were very good. Food was fantastic some help problems on Lido deck seemed most working on this deck didn't want to be there so they did little. Had room 8332 which is aft extended balcony nice room but under Havana Bar and Latin Beat started at midnight until 2 am so BOOM BOOM BOOM until it was over. Would sail again on Sunshine but different room. Main dining was very slow until we met Caesar then all was good. Room steward was great also room was always perfect. Specially restaurants are wonderful so be sure to check out. This was my fourth cruise and can't wait for my next!

    Rating: 4/5


  • Best cruise entertainment of all our cruises including several great shows, comedians and a hypnotist. The hypnotist show was very fun. However the public areas of the ship are very crowded including the lido buffet. Seemed more crowded than other carnival ships. Because of this we chose to eat all meals in the dining room which was a much more relaxing experience. We really enjoyed the cruise.


  • Had a blast!! Crew was awesome and very attentive to everyone. Great shows and shopping. Little bit of rough water one day and boat got a little rocky but that is nothing that could be helped. But only lasted a few hours. If u have kids and looking for a cruise to help with the kids, this ship is a must. Camp Carnival is awesome and the full water park with gang plank walk is on time. Can't wait to go again. Thanks Carnival for a great vacation!!!!!!!!


  • Best cruise so far. Going back next year. Loved the decor on this ship! Crew was great. Andy was a great steward and Natiyyah was the best head waitress.


  • This was just an amazing cruise I have no complaints! I loved it. It's better than Vegas! Thank you for everything carnival sunshine you made me very happy and satisfied!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Had a blast best vacation ever. Food was great and the staff amazing!!! Cant wait to go back. There so much on the cruise to do O never had time to sleep. There was always a new activity. Best cruise director Jamie. Couldnt ask for anything more best week of my life.


  • Nice ship. -------------------------------------1------------------------•--——----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Rating: 5/5


  • Had a blast on the sunshine !! Was our first cruise. Embarking and disembarking easy with FTTF, rooms were perfect had balcony room 8120 which slept 4 with a pull down bed and rest of the party were in room 8102 which slept 3 but with a longer hallway/ corridor past the wardrobes, both rooms were very quiet, loved watching the scenery from the balcony day or night . Lido deck was great fun in afternoons with the dj and sports deck was brilliant , rope course was great, loved all the staff very friendly , guys burgers were gorgeous and pizza great, mainly ate from the market place , once in the main dining room (had anytime dining) and once from ji ji's was lovely too great experience all dishes were sharing dishes doesn't look like much but you are stuffed afterwards. Great great ship, good fun lots to do for ALL ages !! Ps the Miami vices are gorgeous


  • We got off the Sunshine November 15th and had a great time! Our cabin, 5345, was awesome. It was an Aft-balcony and the view was beautiful. We did have a refrigerator. I wasn't disappointed in any of the ports, we were on vacation and not in snow! I also have no complaints about the layout. As far as I'm concerned, there's a learning curve on every ship. Use the map and it's easily navigated. The food was amazing at the steakhouse, Jiji's and the Italian restaurant. Go with 4 or people, the amount of food is insane for the price! Beware, when you order at Jiji's or the Italian restaurant, the chef sends out complimentary dishes and you could be stuffed before the entrée comes. Deliciousness! We also loved Guy's Burgers (most delectable french fries ), the breakfast buffet, breakfast burritos, Mongolian Wok and the variety of the lunch and dinner buffets. Oh, and the pizza! Wow! Overall I have two, minor "complaints ". I prefer to see my daily itemized purchases in the room, on the TV. Though it was not the end of the world to roll down to the Kiosk. Second, no adjustable air conditioning in the rooms, or heat. I'm sensitive to cold, so this truly affected me. Having said that, maintenence came right down and disconnected the AC. Completely acceptable.


  • The Sunshine was our least favorite ship! The layout of the ship is a disaster the engineers who redesiigned the ship should be fired! No real Promenade to walk through - you have to walk through the smoke filled casino. No place to sit unless you are in a bar. The dining rooms were disappointing with mostly booth tables. The dining room shows that the crew put on had no place to walk and the upstairs diners weren't even included. It seemed like the cruise director tried to create chaos by hosting a party in the atrium at the same time show goers were trying to get out of the showroom leaving no place to go. After dinner if there was a comedy show you couldn't get out! Many elderly and handicapped were endlessly waiting for an elevator. No view of the ocean unless you were outside which is unlike any other Carnival ship. The specialty restaurants were always empty and the space could be used to open the ship up. It made me feel claustrophobic! The water slides were closed more than they were open. The food was very good better than most ships. The crew was great. We had a great time in spite of the ship's design, but we will definitely not be sailing on the Sunshine again!

    Rating: 2/5


  • Just got off the ship yesterday. Don't listen to all these bad reviews! This ship was beautiful and so much fun! Jamie the CD was the best!! Me, my Husband and kids all had the best cruise ever. This was our 3rd cruise and best so far! Our cabin was 9217, great location right by the Lido and very quiet. Happy sailings!!


  • Getting off now, don't know what the bad reviews are about. Food was good, no smells, crew was great!!! Easy on and off at Ports. Always had tables available for mealtime. Pizza was better than past ships. We had a great time and we will sail her again.


  • Ship was okay. The dining room service was slow and hate how you had to walk through the smoking area to get camp carnival or had to go round about ways. And people smoking on their balconies and the smell was coming in our room so we could enjoy our balcony. Or the casino to get to the ocean view lounge.


  • Great ship great cruise great entertainment !!! Thanks a lot carnival we liked a lot the activities aboard , the music the food and the people!!! A lot of rain but we had a lot of fun anyway!!!


  • Nice boat! Good size! Everyone was super nice! Wish we could have stayed another week! The layout was a little confusing and could use another pool, but very nice!

    Rating: 5/5


  • I have some issues with this vessel! The layout is weird and sometimes confusing. There was a strange odor that was in different areas. The AC in our cabin did stop working 3 nights in and was not back on until day 5! There were painting parts of the vessel (nowhere near our cabin) and we could smell it in our cabin! The service in the dinning room was very very slow and the food came out piss warm! The smoking area is way to small!! I have cruised before and I will continue to do so just not on the Sunshine!!


  • I just want to let the people that haven't cruised before that the smell of sewage that everyone is talking about is not sewage. it's the low grade diesel fuel. every now and then a down draft of wind blows the smell of sulfer smell coming from the exhaust stack from above down on to the deck it's very similar to sewage smell or that rotten egg order it's not human sewage poeple.


  • No sewage smell, it wasn't hot but on the first day when all the doors were open. After that it was cool every where we went. Guys Burgers was so good! The casino smells really bad of smoke but that's mainly because it's the only place you can smoke. I don't gamble or smoke so I stayed away from there mostly. The sushi place was really good too. The sunshine and all of the staff were so pleasant and accommodating!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just got back from my cruise would have to say it was awesome no smells wasn't too cold or too hot. Would say they didn't do a lot of dancing in the dinning room at night but still was awesome. Can't wait til my next cruise 2016


  • Just got back from my cruise would have to say it was awesome no smells wasn't too cold or too hot. Would say they didn't do a lot of dancing in the dinning room at night but still was awesome. Can't wait til my next cruise 2016


  • She's old, tired and smelly. Rundown and the crew is tired. Carnival should never hire Eastern Europeans, they are arrogant and rude. The rest of the crew works very hard. Also, they need to enforce the nonsmoking rules the ship tweaked of cigarette smoke.


  • Overall I'll rate the ship 3 out 5! Balcony room 9194 was small but great proximity to Lido and elevators! Smelled sewage a few times.. Food was good! Room steward Kydak was excellent! Jamie Dee was good cruise director! Layout was weird! Need more drink stations.. Overall had great time w/my family!!

    Rating: 3/5


  • This was my 14th cruise with Carnival. My daughter and her husband and four children went with me. My daughter has cruised with me 4 times and her husband twice,this was the first cruise for the kids. I chose the Sunshine for the water slides and play areas. The ropes and water area were fantastic and kept the kids busy. All 3 of our cabins were kept very clean and our steward was the best ever. That is where my good remarks end. When they remodeled the ship from the destiny to the sunshine they added a lot of cabins for guest but failed to add rooms for the staff. I always have the late seating dinner and have always loved it. On this ship the service was terrible. Our drinks were never refilled and after 2 hours we still did not have our desert menus. We got up and left on the third night and never went back. On deck....the only way to get a drink without waiting a hour was to go to the bar and get one or tip the waiters with cash every time. I tipped.The three adults in my group smoke and found the smoking areas to be way to small. We were crammed in a very small area and I had to get up every day by 5 just to get chairs! We could not watch the movies because there is no smoking. Deck 10 has a small smoking area and that is all there was on the open decks. There are no bars up there so we had to go the the lido to get a drink. The food was the worst I have ever had on any ship and the decks were filthy. There were beer cans rolling around, plates of food sitting on the floor, empty drink glasses sitting everywhere!! Spilled drinks did not get cleaned up. The crew members I talked to can not wait to get off the sunshine when their contract is complete. They are over worked and very unhappy and it shows. I will cruise with carnival again but not on the sunshine unless major changes are made to add much needed staff.


  • The Sunshine was the best cruise i have ever been on. The food (as usual) is the best of any cruise line. This ship has SO many for the kids and adults. Ropes course, basketball, slides, waterpark, and for adults the triple deck quiet serenity. They also have kids camps and other activities. Our room was very clean, and a nice stewards. We will definetly cruise on this beautiful ship again. Carnival is by far the best cruise line over all, you will have a GREAT TIME!!! Will always cruise on carnival for the rest of my life. BY THE WAY........Norwegian was our worst experience of our life's, toilet did not work and food was terrible, we called it the weightwatchers cruise, ugh😒😭😷never again norwegian


  • Just got back from the 5 night sailing. This was my 12th cruise on Carnival and 40th cruise overall. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Did not experience any foul odors while on the ship as previous reviews had stated. We were in an ocean view cabin 1603. The room was large and had plenty of storage space, as well as the shower being larger then many ships I've been on previously.we originally had chosen any time dining but immediately switched to traditional. I would not choose any time dining on the ship due to the fact that you have to go to the Ocean Plaza area on the fifth deck, To get your reservation, While standing in a long line, and then go down to the third floor to the sunrise restaurant for dinner. I would not recommend doing any time dining on the sunshine.I have no idea why the pools are so way too small for ship of this size. Not just on Carnival but on many of the large ships that are out there now.I will say that the serenity area on the ship is wonderful there is actually three levels. The food on the ship was okay not spectacular but just okay. As far as entertainment on the ship the Motown show was very good as well as the epic rock show, although the epic rock show was quite loud. did not see any of the comedy shows as they were always crowded. I forgot to mention that embarkation was one of the best I've had in Port Canaveral in a long time especially with Carnival. we arrived in Port Canaveral at 11:30 and were on the ship before noon. as I mentioned the food was okay, we did not eat in the specialty restaurants this time. We did have lunch the first day in the Italian restaurant which is free for lunch but a $15 surcharge for dinner. The area where they have the Mongolian grill and Italian restaurant is set apart from Lido buffet area. The Lido buffet is crammed into such a small space that it was always crowded, there was always a line to get a drink. I would recommend going into the Havana bar where the Mongolian Grill and Italian restaurant are located, as there never was a line. Guys burgers were great as usual. Bottom line I would say on the sunshine again.


  • Best cruise ive ever had and this is my 2nd carnival cruise ive ben on carnival dream and sunshine im looking ford to the carnival breeze Best 2 cruises ever


  • Overall a good and fun cruise. First with Carnival. The pool was very small, and they were doing construction over the basketball courts so it was very loud and black pieces were getting in people's eyes. Not to mention the terrible service.(Mostly had problems with the Rum bar on the Lido deck) Food was great, just took forever to get food on the main dining area. However they have a nice place set up for teens and kids and a private section for adults. So all in all it was a good cruise just some parts were sketchy. I would go again, just not dieing to get on the Sunshine.

    Rating: 3/5


  • Just returned from a 5 day cruise on the Sunshine. Overall, ship is great. Good food, pretty decor and lots of great entertainment. Loved the spa and the Serenity area. This was our 14th Carnival cruise but our first on the Sunshine. Just a few issues - Our cabin was on the 12th deck and it was hard to get an elevator. Anytime Dining was a complete joke - waited at least an hour for a table each night. On formal night, we waited 1 hour and 45 minutes. We didn't have any issues with smell or A/C. Would not be my first choice to sail again but definitely would!


  • This was our first cruise and we were a little worried after reading some of the reviews but we didn't have any problems. Our room was serviced several times a day, the food was good, the entertainment was great, and there were plenty of activities to do. The my time dining was a bit of a wait but nothing more than what you would expect when going out to dinner. We will definitely be going on another cruise!!!


  • Got off the Sunshine yesterday after a 5 day cruise. Stateroom attendant Collin was great, nice and friendly. Wait staff in MDR were good but waiter doing everything slowed things down...Carnival should have the assistants for pouting drinks, passing out bread and bussing tables. Drink machines in the Lido Marketplace made getting drinks a frustratingly long experience. Bussing of tables took too long to accomplish. Marketplace opened in the morning before all food was out (one morning, no bacon put out until 15 minutes after opening). Just a slow process in the Marketplace. Guy's Burgers are the best fast food on the ship, the fries are excellent also.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Sailed on the Sunshine for 20th Anniversary in the Spa Grand Suite. The room was perfect if you're going to use the Spa facilities a lot but not ideal location for a good ride. A lot of creeks and noises but other than that....incredible! Spectacular cruise! We're getting back on October 25th and have a grand suite in the center of the ship. This ship is gorgeous and has luxuries some of the other ships don't have. Upgraded decor is a pleasant change. Dining not as organized getting in as it should be but the service and food was very good. I'm in love with the Serinity area! 3 stories of adult only relaxation! I'm so excited to sail again on The Carnival Sunshine!


  • I got off the Sunshine 5 days ago and had a great time. The ship is crowded, not enough space for all the people. The food not the best we have had. The anytime dining is a pain, you have to wait in line to get a table, if you wait until the line is gone then the dining room is full and they give you a beeper. On the other hand we did NOT smell sewage. We had air in our room. The shows are great especially Epic Rock, it is a must see. The piano bar is a load of fun. The entertainment staff is so much fun. So I am going to say it has it's good and bad but the good outweighs the bad, it is what you make it, if you go to have a great time, you will! X


  • I got off the Sunshine 5 days ago and had a great time. The ship is crowded, not enough space for all the people. The food not the best we have had. The anytime dining is a pain, you have to wait in line to get a table, if you wait until the line is gone then the dining room is full and they give you a beeper. On the other hand we did NOT smell sewage. We had air in our room. The shows are great especially Epic Rock, it is a must see. The piano bar is a load of fun. The entertainment staff is so much fun. So I am going to say it has it's good and bad but the good outweighs the bad, it is what you make it, if you go to have a great time, you will! X


  • Just got back from 5 day today. Ship is HUGE!! A/C Was an issue in some areas but overall tolerable. Your time dining is a bitch! Wait time of more than an hour and with kids, that's a nightmare. Crew very nice and helpful. I may go on sunshine again with wife but definitely not with kids. Entirely too many people in beach pool and can't swim with kids anywhere else. Overall the trip was fun and excursions were reasonable. This was our 2nd cruise and we look forward to going again.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Just returned from the 5 day and all was very good . The ship and staff were great . I was concerned about some of the reviews prior to sailing, but did not experience anything negative . Just go and enjoy !!!! ... If the A/C is not cool enough, request a fan ... We did and it keep our cabin cool and comfy !!!


  • This was my first cruise and I loved it. our porter was wonderful and our main dinner waiter was very attentive. loved the shots we could enjoy each night at dinner. definitely recommend a cruise to every one


  • Just got back from an 8 night Southern Carib. cruise on the Sunshine. Overall, we had a GREAT time! Because I appreciate all of the info people leave on here, I will try to add my opinions also. This was my 4th cruise in the last 2 years (all with Carnival). Pros: lots of trivia which my hubby and I both really enjoy, Jaime is a great cruise director. She is so energetic and approachable. She gave the most entertaining muster drill spiel that I've heard. I actually paid attention and learned a couple of things ;-). The rest of the entertainment staff was also great, specifically Alex and Shannon. We really enjoyed the musical talents of Chuck and Kimberly in the Red Frog Pub every night. Serenity area was huge! The captain did a great job of keeping us aware of our sailing progress, even letting us know about a medical emergency that happened overnight. Our cabin steward was excellent. We had a small problem with a clogged drain and it was fixed immediately after we notified him. Getting on and off the ship in the ports went smoothly. The shows on the Sunshine are AMAZING! My hubby who usually suffers thru the shows for me also enjoyed them. Cons: of all of our cruises I would say this ship had our least favorite food. Don't get me wrong, we still ate plenty, but didn't feel like we were given the variety that we have seen in the past. Also, the Sunshine does struggle a little bit with space. Some of the public areas are a little small for the number of passengers. Specifically, there isn't enough room for you to wait in line at the dining room if you choose "your time dining". You have to check in at a table 2 decks up and wait for your table before going down to the dining room. This resulted in long lines most of the evening every night. I understand why they did it. They really are doing the best they can given the design of the ship. You can't blame the staff. They certainly didn't design the layout of the ship. The lido buffet area was smaller than we have experienced in other ships, but we always managed to find a seat. Had there been more than 2 of us, this may have been more of a challenge. Debarkation was not as smooth as it could have been, but this was not the fault of the staff. They called for Deck 1 and 2 self assist passengers ONLY. We were surrounded by people from decks 7, 12, etc. People just can't follow instructions. Why do they assume that they know better than the people that do this for a living? Seriously! You may have been on 5, 10, 15 cruises, but these people literally do this EVERY week. They know what they are doing! Overall- we had a blast! We would sail this itinerary and the Sunshine again.


  • I just returned from an 8 day cruise and had a wonderful time! Things were a little confused the first night, but it all straightened out the next day! Can't say enough about the staff, they were great! The ship is a bit confusing to navigate, but I did manage to find my way around. I highly recommend the Behind the Fun excursion that's so interesting, I just wish it took place earlier in the cruise. There was a medical emergency the first nigh, and kudos to our captain for explaining the situation to all of us. Another must do is the cooking demonstration at Farenheit 555, they serve samples! Can't wait to cruise again!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just returned from 8 day cruise. This was our first cruise and by the end of the trip, we we retired of the food especially in the dining room for dinner. Breakfast and lunch were good but was very disappointed with dinner. The crew was nice. The shows were ok. Highly recommend the Piano Bar. TC was awesome. Was disappointed with the pools and hot tubs. Very limited in space unless you like standing. I wouldn't cruise the Sunshine again and not sure if I would sail carnival.


  • Just got off the Subshine and we had the best time!!! We had no problems and no complaints!! No sewage smells and we did not feel like the boat was overcrowded! Excellent service and our kids LOVED Waterworks!!!! We don't want to go home!!


  • I'd strongly recommend the Sunshine. Beautiful ship. The food, service and entertainment were outstanding. We had a large group on all floors. Absolutely no sewer smells anywhere on ship. Can't wait to sail on her again.


  • Just got off Sunshine 10/04/2014. No complaints, loved it. Slight sewage smell off and on but nothing bothersome. Staff great, comedy shows great and other shows great.


  • Just returned home from a GREAT CRUISE, no complaints from us.The staff was great from the guys and gals who brought our luggage to our stateroom to the stateroom attendant, the kitchen staff down to the guys and and gals that cleaned the tables. Our dinning room staff was Excellent always called us by name,knew what we drank after the first night. The shows were wonderful, the cast are very talented. Can't wait to book our next cruise.


  • just got off the ship. we had a wonderful time! a few things to mention...there are warmer spots on the ship....I never smelled sewage....overall we had a blast!! the serenity pool area is crowded but definitely still able to relax or laugh and chat with folks! its vacation!!! make the most of it!!!


  • Just off the Sunshine on Sept 27th. We had Ocean Suite 7164. Great location. AC worked great. Food was excellent. Service top notch. We had no complaints. The selection of places to eat were great!! We never had a issue getting a lounge chair and the waiters came buy often with drinks. We did YTD and never had a wait for a table for 2. We got to meet the captian and his crew. Very friendly and took time for pictures. Jamie Dee was very friendly. We also did luggage express well worth the $20 per person to not have to check in at the airport. We had a amazing cruise and loved this ship.


  • Nice ship. Too few deck chairs, could never find one! That was a big disappointment, even early in the morning. The shows were great, even though the show room was so much smaller than most ships. The band that Carnival put together was amazing! We listened and watched them every night. Food was good, service was slow, but we had a great group that Carnival had put together. So we had fun visiting every night, we usually were the last ones out of the early service. The lows did not disappoint, always a great cruise on Carnival.


  • We got back on Saturday the 27th and had a wonderful time. Great service, great food, lots to see and do. Never had any issues with bad smells or being too warm. Would certainly sail Sunshine again. Our only complaint is that the 7 days went way too fast.


  • people just like to complain there are lots of things to do on board we were always bizzy either seeing pictures that we took or at the spa or trying every restaurant they had the deli was so delicious jijis out of this world lobes terms night A plus spa deck fantastic desert wow just an applause for all there hard work.


  • just got back from carnival sunshine me and my husband stayed @the spa deck 11004 we loved the time @the spa and plenty of time to do all we wanted comedy club A plus and jijis was spectacular and food at anytime dining was great also desert was mmmmm good but pool to small always packed so we skipped that and only took pics no smells liked they stated on the reviews only thing short port times but no complaints from me people on deck work so dam hard please tip them carnival always shows me a great time.


  • Interesting that the deck plans listed on this site so do not match. We are booked in room 12007. Which is an interior spa. Here it shows 12003 and 12007 as balcony rooms. Also serenity deck is three tiers now. Someone needs to update these floor plans. These are still from the Destiny.

    Rating: 1/5


  • Interesting that the deck plans listed on this site so do not match. We are booked in room 12007. Which is an interior spa. Here it shows 12003 and 12007 as balcony rooms. Also serenity deck is three tiers now. Someone needs to update these floor plans. These are still from the Destiny.

    Rating: 1/5


  • The worst cruise I have ever been on. What ship can't cook grits. We stayed on the 10th deck and the sewage was bad the food was horrible. The best part about the cruise was the burgers it was awesome. the whole ship was hot. No variety of foods. Balcony and the deck stayed wet. No covering over our balcony on the spa deck. Ship lack fun. I wouldn't recommend thus cruise


  • Awesome ship and entertainment ! One big no no was it was mainly hot around the ship! Thank goodness I brought a fan on board or I wouldn't have slept ! Our group had 3 waiters, which combined didn't even do the job of one. Had to repeatedly ask for drinks and service. Aside from those two inconveniences the staff and ship were super fun to be with . The slides are definitely a plus and make it unique. The serenity pool is wonderful with "no kids splashing" so you really get to relax, just wish it were bigger as it's always crowded. And the jacuzzi didn't even get to get in because only like 5 people fit in and didn't make it first lol the decor and sceneries for our pictures were wonderful and have great memories to cherish.


  • Me and my family just got off the sunshine yesterday and had an excellent time. People complained about so much on this sight, I was worried going in to our vacation. The sunshine was wonderful! We had good service, no bad smells and temperatures were fine. We had a group of 13 and the dinner staff was always on point with our service. I now know some people just complain to complain. A vacation is what you make it and I would definitely sail the sunshine again. The only thing I will agree on is that the layout is weird and to get to the shows 45 minutes early to get chair.


  • I just got off the Sunshine today after a 7 day cruise. I had a great time, the staff and service were excellent. A few minor quirks, but overall a very relaxing and enjoyable vacation. No issues with odors or heat as other reviews had me worried about. The food was good and dining staff excellent. I would not hesitate to sail this ship and cruise line again.


  • Just returned from a 7 day cruise! What a wonderful time we had. The staff was awesome and the ship was spectacular. Have been on many cruises and would definitely do another on the this ship in the future!


  • Awesome cruise and a nice ship. Everyone onboard was friendly and courteous. No problems with layout or smells. Played for three days at the casino with 100! Danced my bum off in the ocean plaza. Comedy show had me in stitches. Food and drinks excellent!


  • My wife and I got off the ship yesterday and we had a awesome time as we were celebrating our 34 years of marriage. We meet some awesome people on board and our stateroom crew did a awesome job keeping our room neat as a pin. Our dining room staff was the best ever. Would highly recommend this cruise and ship.

    Rating: 5/5


  • To the people concerned like I was when I boarded this ship due to all the negative reviews, It is so far an awesome boat. I admit this is only my forth cruise with carnival, and I don't expect to be treated like a freakin queen. Embarkation is a b#*ch, but it's worth it. If you got a cruise coming up don't stress over these negative is what you make of it.


  • Great cruise!!! There is no sewage smell. My wife and I went everywhere on the ship and our friends and us had rooms on 3 different floors. Food was wonderful. The only gripe is, like most people, the layout of the ship. Get used to elevators because will be using them a lot. If you use camp carnival get their full schedule other you will running around a lot at dinner time to drop your kids off. Well worth the money!!!

    Rating: 5/5


  • We were on the August 31 cruise on the Sunshine. We had a great time and there were plenty of activities to do. We are Platinum and seasoned cruisers but think Carnival needs to improve on a few items on this ship. 1. The Lido Deck buffet area was always very warm or hot. I am sure it is due to the doors opening and closing all the time but we never encountered this on other ships. 2. The evening Dining Room service was awful. On the third night after waiting 1.5 hours to just get our appetizers, we walked out. We are very patient but it seemed it was going to take 3 hours to complete our meal. Yes, we did the Anytime Dining! 3. It is true, there are no refrigerators in the rooms. This really didn't bother us, but heard many complaints about it. The dining room service was really our only complaint. We had a great cruise! Would we cruise on the Sunshine again? Absolutely!!

    Rating: 4/5


  • This was my 4th cruise with carnival. I love cruising. The ship however, is not exactly what carnival makes it out to be. My first problem with the ship was that they removed the mini refrigerators out of the room. So if you bring any personal drinks on board, be aware there are no refrigerators. Our Stuart for our rooms never took our empty dirty Glasses out of the room from upstairs. We had to physically put them outside of our door. We also did not get a yowl animal every night. We were skipped a few nights. The lunch buffet was more then disappointing. On previous cruises they would change the daily menu, however on this, lunch was practically the same thing every day. No "american" day or "Chinese" day. It was te same every day. Service in the evening was poor. I came with a group of 4 and there would be times where we would sit for up to 10-15 minutes during dinner for refills. I understand it's hard, I'm a server myself, but all of the other tables around us had much better service. We were just kind of ignored the whole week. Overall it's a good ship, there are just a lot of details that I think need ironed out. I'll cruise carnival again, but I won't go on the sunshine again.

    Rating: 3/5


  • This was our 3rd cruise (2nd with Carnival). We had a WONDERFUL time, however, the Sunshine has numerous issues. We will NEVER cruise the Sunshine again. As many have said, the A/C clearly is a problem. After 2 nights, 2 complaints from us and who knows how many others, "suddenly" it was better - almost normal. It is clear to me that though they added cabins for 600+/- more guests, the sq ft for activities and entertainment DIDN'T match up to those people. The boat was crowded and confusing. If this had been our first cruise ever, we might never cruise again. Had it been our first Carnival cruise, we would probably never cruise Carnival again. However, neither being the case, we learned a lot about what to look for in a ship. If you haven't already confirmed your cruise on the Sunshine, I strongly recommended choosing a different Carnival ship. These problems will not likely get better. (Several other concerns I won't bother listing.)


  • Just got back yesterday and this was the best cruise yet. Liked the ship and wonder where some of the bad reviews came from. Had a balcony cabin(6255) and were happy. There was some noise from maybe the arcade or casino area below but it wasn't bad. The serenity area is great. The water slides and sky course are must dos even if you aren't a kid! Sailing on sept 5th meant very few kids on the boat which made this sailing more enjoyable for us! No complaints here! Edit: I will say that some areas did seem a bit warm at times but our cabin temp was fine.


  • ... Sunshine: the Walmart of cruise ships. don't get me wrong: I shop at Walmart. It's a great value, convenient and you know exactly what you are getting. However, if I want better quality meat or fresh produce, I go to a better store. Walmart is Walmart. They don't pretend to be anything else. The Carnival Sunshine is promoted as a recently renovated and improved ship. For all the hype, I found that it did not meet many expectations. We were upgraded to a Cloud 9 balcony room. I'm not sure what exactly makes a Cloud 9 cabin any better. We were located in room 11026, 11th deck. The room was standard Carnival but the stains on the carpet, drapes and headboard were less than standard. All in all, a bit shabby. The various bars, entertainment areas and pools were smaller, but we never felt too crowded. At sea days were a bit of a challenge poolside but we didn't need to bake in the sun so we easily found uncrowded deck areas to lounge ( try starboard side on deck 3 or 4, under the lifeboats). The food was pretty utility cruise ship with a couple of exceptions. The speciality restaurant, Fahrenheit 55, was relatively expensive but worth every penny for the superb quality and service. We also tried the Italian restaurant and while the service was very good, the food was just OK, with sauce that tasted like watery Ragu. We very much enjoyed the Blue Iguana tacos and burritos. Guy's Burgers was a disappointment with pre cooked burgers and wilted fries. Give me Five Guys any day. Some highlights included enjoying specialty drinks at the Alchemy Bar, where the bartenders customized drinks and really interacted with everyone. We went to 4 different comedy shows at the Punchliner Comedy Club and had a great time laughing at the adults only humor. We did make sure to arrive a half hour before the doors opened in order to get a seat as the club fills up quickly. Our first port was Grand Turk. Huh? There's a reason why you've never heard of it: there's nothing there except Carnival's brand new cruise terminal with shops and more shops. We took the hop-on, hop-off van around the island. Honestly, it's pretty dismal with weather worn buildings and a bedraggled look. We hopped-off at Governor's Beach, a very quiet beach with a ship wreck. The lounge chairs were free, there were bathrooms and concessions and the snorkeling was pretty good. All in all, I wouldn't go back to Grand Turk. Next port was Old San Juan. We grabbed a ferry for 50cents pp/one way to Catano. Then we took a van, $3 pp/one way to the Bacardi Factory for a free tour (which includes 2 rum specialty drinks). The tour was interesting but not well organized and very time consuming. When we got off the ferry in Old San Juan, we hoofed it up the hill (WAY UP) to Castillo San Cristobal ($5pp), a fascinating fort built by the Spanish in 1753 which overlooks beautiful Old San Juan. We would have spent more time there and really enjoyed this port. We also enjoyed St. Thomas, our next port. We decided to take a tour to Coral World and Coki Beach. Coral World is an ocean park dedicated to education and preservation of marine life. It was uncrowded, clean, and had beautiful and informative exhibits. Coral World provides lockers and showers for beach goers at Coki Beach, a few steps away. Coki Beach was quite crowded as there were 3 cruise ships in town on that day. They charged $15 for 2 lounge chairs and an umbrella. The snorkeling was the best I've experienced in a very long time. The coral formations were beautiful, the variety of fish were colorful and plentiful. I'd go back in a heart beat just for the snorkeling. Our final port was St. Maarten. We took a van to Orient Beach, on the French side of the island. The ride was about 25 minutes and quite scenic. The beach has two sections, one being a discrete and tasteful, clothing optional area. Lounge chair rentals were $15 for 2 with an umbrella. The beaches were very quiet and peaceful. We snorkeled briefly and saw a small variety of fish. Heading back to the cruise ship terminal, we did some shopping at one of the many new shops and stopped for a drink at one of the outdoor bars. A perfect day! All in all, we had a nice vacation. I would not, however, travel on the Carnival Sunshine again. Carnival Cruiselines have many other ships that outclass this vessel. Choose Macy's or even Kohl's over Walmart when you can.


  • Just got off the sunshine and we had a great time !! The staff was awesome and we are already looking forward to our next cruise. Carnival is the Best !! ⚓️⚓️


  • My biggest complaint was how hot the ship was. I was constantly sweating in the casino and food areas. Second biggest complaint was the bathroom. Upgraded to a Suite on Deck 7. Because of the tub, it was impossible for me to sit straight, had to sit on the side of the toilet. Then with the tub, my head hit the top of the ceiling in the shower. Service was mixed. Steward was great, dinner service was horrible. The steakhouse was amazing. The different themed restaurants and bars were really cool, the best of my 13 cruises. I'd sale on this ship again, but I won't seek it out as a must. I much preferred the Carnival Dream.


  • The crew and food was wonderful. Easy to find your way around if you have sailed before. However, the lounges, the general lobby, and the outdoor lido deck was small. Parts of the ship had little to no AC. Our cabin remained cool. I am not sure if Carnival made the right decision to take away space from one area just to add a few more cabins. Now you have to sail with more people with less space. NEVER sacrifice quality for quantity.


  • Loved it... I'm hooked... Line and sinker... Giving 5 stars because my first cruise... So I have nothing to compare to, except awesome... And awesome gets 5 stars... Duh...


  • Like many others I was concerned about the reviews I read about the Sunshine. We we in the very back of The ship, balcony suite. We never smelled any bad smell at all. Yes, the market place on the Lido deck was much too warm. We were not able to eat on deck because of how hot it was but we got our food and ate elsewhere. Food in main dining room was wonderful. We always choose Anytime dining, however we and many other families were very upset to find out we had to go to the fifth floor to 'register' for our meals, we were given 'beepers' and would often wait an hour before our pager went off to go to the 3 rd floor for our meals. We requested our dining be changed from anytime dining, out request was not granted. The rooms Were very nice, probably the nicest I have been in on a Carnival Cruise. Room service was good but they took a very long time to get our food, I assume because of the heat on the lido deck. Lots of room service being placed. Never got to see a comedy show. There would be a line almost an hour before the a shows. Punch liner needs to be moved to larger room. All in all the cruise was nice and relaxing I would sail again on this ship if I had kids with me. The Sunshine is a great ship for families with children. It was just my husband and myself, I think we will sail a different ship on our next trip.


  • Just back from a 5 day cruise to Nassau and Grand Turk. Reading some of these other reviews, just makes me realize how some people just like to complain, to hear the sound of their own voice. Sunshine is a MAGNIFICENT ship. The Steakhouse is an absolute must. Probably the 2nd best meal I've ever had. Had the Filet Mignon....Melts in your mouth. The Alchemy Bar onboard Sunshine is a good time. Best cocktails ever. The shows were terrific. Most especially The Motown Review. Wonderful entertainers. The cruise director, Jaime Dee, was our 2nd favorite to date. She's lovely and charming and did everything to make everyone feel welcome and relaxed. In Grand Turk, we took the Ultimate Snorkeling Adventure Excursion. Such a blast. Beautiful water...Beautiful fish. Even got to pet a nurse shark. This was one of my favorite cruises and will sail on Sunshine again. Thanks Carnival for another FABULOUS cruise. #CarnivalSunshine


  • Just got back from the Sunshine. Had a great time, enjoyed the ship very much. I would say that it was a little warm in the marketplace so we just took our food off the buffet and ate in the Havana Bar. Only smelled sewage a few places on the ship not very overwhelming. Overall it was a fun trip will sail carnival again.


  • This ship was hot in a lot of spots.had some bad smells not the best of our 10 Cruises. But we'll try carnival again next year maybe back to the Dream or Breeze


  • Would never go on this Ship again. Layout was confusing and hard to get around. Dinning room service for breakfast first day was slow food was cold. Dinner in Dining room was great. Sherly our server was wonderful. Yes we could smell sewage thru out lower decks. Kids everywhere Parents or Carnival didn't control them. Kids at Serinity Deck, Casino all the Bars. Couldn't enjoy any Bars as far as listening to mucic. Kids in Bar fighting, playing and screaming. Guy Burgers was the best a must try. Not much sleep because Kids running thru hallways running and screaming knocking on doors till 3 to 4 am. Again this was the worst Cruise Ship waste of alot of money.


  • The boat is laid out strangely, the dining service was disappointing, faster to the fun got us nothing as we boarded the ship at the same time as groups 1-3 and our luggage didn't arrive until 6pm, the massage was horrible, no AC for the majority of the cruise, and overall this was my least favorite ship. The stateroom Stewart, Made, was fantastic and all of the staff busted their humps to make an ugly experience better. Bar staff (Putu) was fantastic!

    Jerry and Audra,

  • To be honest, I think if this had been our first cruise on board the Sunshine I might be reviewing it more negatively. Don't get me wrong, we had a fantastic time but it just wasn't as awesome as last year when Sunshine was first launched. Too many niggly problems and although the crew were great I didn't feel they went that extra mile to make it an amazing experience for everyone. Thought it was a bit chaotic at times and not enough information relayed.


  • Sailed the Sunshine 8/9-8/16!! It was the vacation of a lifetime!!! From stepping on to stepping off!! Service. Was wonderful, and it exceeded our expectations. My problem was other guest and their rudeness, and no elevator manners!!!!!


  • Just finished a 7 day cruise on Sunshine. Ship is clean, only caught a few whiffs of sewage smell, ignorable. Food was ok, service was bad at times. Teen club was a great experience. Stewardess kept room nice and clean. Ji Ji is the best restaurant, hands down. Very fun excursions. Not as nice as Disney cruise lines, but still definitely worth the money.


  • absolutely one of the worst ships I've been on. don't think they know how to use the A/C, smells of sewage, small pool, don't like lido deck at all!


  • on Sunshine now. clean and I think easy to get around. I think the ac systems doesnt work well. very warm. MDR has slow service and breakfast hasnt been to warm. most staff r nice. our room steward has been great. I smell sewage when first on before casino but not after. they arent organized with getting of ship at ports. only day was Belize but little upset we had no time to shop. they didnt let us off boat early and changed our excursion time.


  • Just got off the sunshine and had a wonderful time BUT the ship leaves much to be desired if you are past carnival cruisers. Yes, we did smell the sewage smell. The food in the main dining room was very good but on the lido deck - not so much. Steakhouse awesome, JI JI amazing! Italian restaurant very good. Entertainment not like on other carnival ships but the shows are entertaining and the epic rock show is very good but that's it. Comedy show and piano bar are ok - hit or miss. Really not much else to do if u don't gamble . Ask for table 634 in the sunrise with Joseph and Dennis. Awesome waiters. Staff friendly but not the usual friendly carnival staff. It was ok


  • Good experience, layout is awkward as compared to other ships. Photo area experience not good. Food was ok but could be better. The showrooms needed to be bigger tough getting a seat for most shows


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  • Can't say enough good things about our sailing last week on the fabulous Carnival Sunshine. Absolutely loved the re-design and the judicious use of space on-board. Especially the Havana Bar area on deck 9. It's a shared area with Ji Ji's Asian restaurant and the Cucina del Capitano Italian restaurant, and it never seemed crowded. Loved the new 3-storied Serenity area and Guy Fieri's burgets. But most of all the Alchemy Nar and their brilliant team pf Mixologists. Great cruise!


  • It was a fantastic cruise. Looking forward to cruise again with you Hi five for all the staffs on board ccl sunshine Just got back yesterday My favorite part is the comedy show


  • Had the best time! The staff was exceptionally fantastic and were pleased to help us with anything we needed. Embarkation and debarkation went very smoothly. We went to the Alchemy Bar every night, hands down the best bartenders in the world, make sure to have Ioana make your drinks! The trip was so much fun, already looking into doing another.

    Rating: 5/5


  • We love the Sunshine.... The water park and ropes course kept the kids busy. The staff was wonderful and the Cruise Director was the best ever! We have nothing bad to say about the Shine!!!!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Best vacation ever!!!! I was on deck two and never smelled any sewage like other people are complaining about. Cruises are known for good food and theirs was amazing. Very pretty ports. Crew was nice. Entertainment was ok. Lots of things to do in sports square. Waterworks was great and the sky course was very fun as well. I will definitely be cruising with carnival again!


  • We had a blast! Our room Stewart was awesome! We loved Heiner! Dinner was great, my daughter LOVED the unlimited ice-cream machine! Ports of call were amazing. Loved the fort in PR and the Ultimate Snorkel Tour in Grand Turk was exceptional. The rock n roll show at the end if the week was great! Overall we had a fantastic time. We were ready to go again!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just got off the ship and I have never been so disappointed with carnival. This is was our 5th cruise and have been like this one. We stayed ion the 8th floor in the back of the ship and we where never advised that the Havana Bar was right under us. The worst part of it was from 9:30 until about 1:00am every night and the last night if the cruise it went on until 2:00 am, the live band and drum where banging and you could hear them like if they where in the room with you. The best part is when the dj was playing all the dancing and stomping came thru the ceiling. So much for a newly renovated boat. Our next cruise we might have to think about another cruise line. The food was disappointing as well. The staff however was very friendly.


  • My children and I were on the Sunshine last week, and it was great! The crew was very friendly with my children who are 9,15, and 20. There was plenty to keep them entertained from water slides to simply lying by the pool. The dining room staff was excellent also. Su made the dining room experience very entertaining. I had read the reviews and was kind of concerned but we did not smell any of the sewage smell, there ship did rock some, but not enough to cause any motion sickness from my family! The Serenity deck looked very nice, but did not get to enjoy it as it was for 21 and up. It was a great trip on a great ship and we can't wait to do it again!


  • My children and I were on the Sunshine last week, and it was great! The crew was very friendly with my children who are 9,15, and 20. There was plenty to keep them entertained from water slides to simply lying by the pool. The dining room staff was excellent also. Su made the dining room experience very entertaining. I had read the reviews and was kind of concerned but we did not smell any of the sewage smell, there ship did rock some, but not enough to cause any motion sickness from my family! The Serenity deck looked very nice, but did not get to enjoy it as it was for 21 and up. It was a great trip on a great ship and we can't wait to do it again!


  • Just got off the ship. Very disappointed. Got a Cloud 9 Spa room to relax. Kids were running through, doors left unlocked. I was in there and 4 other people came in talking about how they had not paid for the services! I thought, WOW, was I crazy for paying extra! There was an awful sewage smell so it was difficult to even want to stay in there for long periods. My husband didn't go back with me after the first time. The food was awful. Had reservations to eat at 555, when we got on board we went to double check. We were told they would send us a reminder note. We never got one and when we asked why not we were told they had run out of the "Special Paper" they use. Are you kidding me? We figured we didn't want to spend $70 on dinner if they couldn't even figure out how to order the "special paper". They didn't even bother to use the phone system on board. This was our 4th Carnival cruise (Valor, Dream x 2) expected so much more. We won't go back on the Sunshine again. Water slide was fun for the kids.


  • Great time and vacation. Cucina is the best. 555 is good also. MDR is a nightmare. Long line right outside the smoke infested casino, long wait to be "buzzed", long time to get food, some waiters are great (I Wayan)... Others are not! Serenity was peaceful and kept the kids out. Magen's Bay is beautiful. Fortress tour in PR is waste of time, Go to Bacardi instead. Grand Turk was relaxing on beach. Magic show sucked. Bashir in the jewelry store is the best. Louie our cabin steward (rm 12001) was awesome. The boat itself lacked the "WOW" that I felt on the Breeze. I loved my vacation. The staff was wonderful and I would highly recommend it, but I probably won't cruise on the Sunshine again. Something was missing.

    Rating: 3/5


  • Sailed on the Sunshine July 5-12. Had a balcony room on the lido deck and our boys had an inside room across he hall from us. We had a fantastic time, the staff was great and the ship was clean and had no odors that had been mentioned in other posts. Food was good quality and Your Time Dining was perfect as there was no rush to be anywhere. Getting on the ship was easy at Pt Canaveral and we got on early and to our surprise our rooms were ready so we enjoyed the ship for almost 4 hours before sail-away. Getting off was just as easy. We wanted to stay but real life was calling. Anytime we wanted a lounge chair they were available so we did not feel overcrowded. Just one piece of get to the comedy shows early or you will not get a seat. I knew my teenagers could eat but they were in seventh heaven with Guys Burgers, pizza and ice cream cones, and that was just before dinner. Overall....great ship and crew. Thank you Yuli ( our room steward) for putting up with my messy teenagers. See you on the Breeze next year.


  • Had a great time the past week on my Carnival Sunshine cruise. The ports were beautiful and the staff was great. If you get to know your cabin stewards, they make sure that your trip is a memorable on. The bar staff at the Alchemy Bar was a lot of fun. Dinner selection was great. Got to try a lot of different foods that I wouldn't have tried before. Amazing vacation. I wish I was already back.

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just got off today! Really fun cruise. Good staff, but I did notice there were a lot of security posted up everywhere just watching you on this boat never seen as much on the past cruises. And dinner took to long some nights and I got tired of waiting an hour and a half.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Just got off today! Really fun cruise. Good staff, but I did notice there were a lot of security posted up everywhere just watching you on this boat never seen as much on the past cruises. And dinner took to long some nights and I got tired of waiting an hour and a half.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Just got off today! Really fun cruise. Good staff, but I did notice there were a lot of security posted up everywhere just watching you on this boat never seen as much on the past cruises. And dinner took to long some nights and I got tired of waiting an hour and a half.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Great ship with a great staff. Basically brand new because of the renovations. Love the new Sunshine Suite along with the new Scenic Ocean View room. Looks great.

    Rating: 5/5


  • I got off the Sunshine on the 12th. It was the best vacation I've been on. Nothing negative to say besides there was a sewer smell some days when you walk through the "Fun Hub." Also, the boat rocks a lot and I got sea sick the last two days... Which depends on how the waves/water feels that night! Overall, a lot of daily activities and great shows! Looking forward to another vacation on the boat!


  • This ship is old. Not much good with daily agenda. Shows are no good. Food selection is almost the same daily, not as good as I expected. Another word, I would not go on the ship again or recommend to anyone.


  • Our very first cruise ever was on the Sunshine in Feb 2013. I wish I never had to disembark!!! I loved this ship! Once we got the hang of which floors went the full ship and what elevator went where, we loved walking the ship. So much to do that we didn't have time to see or do everything!! Every crew member we encountered was awesome!! Many we became close to. I had never been to an Art Gallery before this cruise.... you need to take advantage of their special showings.... I learned so much! They are real actual Art Galleries.... not just a bunch pictures on the ship! Main Dining room food was excellent!! Steakhouse was excellent!! Guy's Burgers-excellent. Made to order omlettes each morning in the Havana Bar was excellent. Didn't do the buffet... can you believe that? Fruit and coffee each morning on the balcony brought to us by room service was an amazing way to start the day. Serenity Deck was so relaxing and enjoyable. The slides looked awesome... but didn't get a chance to use them : (. This was an amazing first cruise on the Sunshine.... I'm hooked!! Thanks #carnivalcruise for the best vacation ever! Can't wait for more vacations with u!


  • Went on the Sunshine in June. The Sunshine is a nice ship however the layout was a little odd. We had to go through the casino and then down 2 flights of steps to get to the dining room. Not that this is a terrible thing, it was just different for the other Carnival ships we have been on. The only other complaint I would have was the timing of the family comedy shows. It was hard to make it to the shows by the time we got done with dinner. The food and service was great as always. The 4 cheese pizza on the Lido deck has to be the best cheese pizza I have had. Absolutely delicious! I would go on the Sunshine again.

    Rating: 4/5


  • The Sunshine is a really beautiful ship and I enjoyed it very much. I got scared of the negative comments that I heard but it's nothing like that. My only complaint is that the liquid lounge and limelight lounge are really small and you need to get there early to get a good seat for the shows. The food was really good and the layout of the ship was awesome. The staff was very kind,helpful,and attentive. I like Carnival overall as a cruise line and will sail the Sunshine again in the near future.


  • ok, I first want to say this was my first cruise, so I cant compare it to much. but I am 56, and have been on many vacations in the past... without any hesitation, this was the easiest, most enjoyable vacation I have had in many years! ! the food was good, the excursions were fun, the crew were helpful, the comedy shows were funny, we loved it all!! if you have a complaint about the sunshine ship.. reevaluate, your expectations, no trip will be perfect in every possible situation, but this was as close as they come.. we went in june 2014, we enjoyed it so much, we are leaving on another july 13, 2014, I can only hope it will be as good. it cant possibly be any better. relax, enjoy and have fun!!!


  • I loved the Sunshine. I had read all the negative comments and was very scared. I did a change of thought and boarded with a positive mind and it was Great. Please do not believe all the negative info. This ship was GREAT !!!!!!!

    Rating: 5/5

    Mz Tennessee,

  • just got off July 5th, wonderful ship, wonderful staff and great itin. only negative was camp carnival had a staff that was rude to the other staff and to my hubby, so we didn't leave our one year old or ten year old!!!!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just got off the carnival sunshine, anyone else have children with ear infections? Pharmacist said she can't believe the number of prescriptions for ear infections today.

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just returned from the Carnival Sunshine! Overall great vacation! The ship was nice and clean, staff was very friendly and hard working. Lots of variety of food. The steakhouse is definitely worth visiting and paying the extra $35 per person, food was outstanding! The Asian and Italian specialty restaurants were also very good and worth the visit. There is something for everyone on this ship. We loved the serenity pool deck the best. Limited seating and it fills up very quickly on sea days. We did see a lot of reserved seating at serenity for hours at a time, which is beyond rude. Late night comics were entertaining, best to get in line about 20-30 minutes before the performance if you want a good seat. The stage performances were top notch. As someone who frequents broadway style shows, I highly recommend the Motown and rock shows. Excellent effects for this caliber of performance! Waters were too rough in Belize and our excursion was canceled, as well as nearly all other water based excursions. Belize is rough in general. I would not suggest venturing out of the port area unless you are on a Carnival sponsored excursion. It is very obvious, to someone who has been on numerous other cruises, that this ship has been added to. The deck layout is quite choppy. This was not a problem for us, as we do not mind exploring and a little extra walking to get where you want to be. I can see where others would have more negative opinions of the layout, as it is a little unusual. Do not be fooled by the strangely negative reviews. We never smelled anything foul in seven days. The biggest complaint we had would be with other cruisers. How hard is it to return to the ship on time!? I realize excursions can run over time occasionally, but we left port over an hour late on more than one occasion for random late passengers. Completely unacceptable. These people are probably some of the ones writing negative comments as well. If people would be more courteous in general, there would be much less to complain about. The Carnival staff did a fantastic job, nothing but good things to say about them. We would definitely sail on Sunshine again in the future!


  • Don't listen to the negative comments most are just unhappy people who can't enjoy, we just got off this morning and it was a wonderful trip, looking forward to the next one already TP


  • Just got off the ship today and it was wonderful. Don't listen to any of the negative reviews. They are not true . Ship is beautiful and very clean. The staff was great.

    Rating: 4/5


  • just got back from a 7 day cruise on the Sunshine. After reading so many negative reviews ahead of our cruise I was a bit concerned, it turned out to be the complete opposite of what I have read. We couldn't have been happier or more satisfied. The crew was very friendly and efficient, the food was delicious and in great variety with so many different options every day. The ship was clean and never once smelled any sewage odors any where. I think the people who complained about the crew or the food are natural complainers. Jamie the crews director was bubbly, fun and engaging all the time, so was the rest of the team on the Sunshine from housekeeping to waiters to bartenders and the rest of the entertainment staff. I can't wait to sail again on this ship and if you are going soon I am jealous. Thank you Carnival!!


  • Just returned from a 7 day cruise on the Carnival Sunshine. I took the time to thoroughly read all reviews prior to my trip and was a little concerned based on the negative reviews. THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS COULD NOT BE MORE INCORRECT AND OUTRAGEOUS! My family and I had such an incredible time on the Sunshine. The staff was remarkable and Jaime the cruise director was AMAZING. Jaime made our trip that much better. She is full of contagious energy and positivity! The food was great and there was always something available. Dining staff was fun and incredibly hospitable. Our room steward remembered all of our names and was so sweet! No sewage smells whatsoever. Overall, I would say I highly suggest that you join Jaime and the crew on the Carnival Sunshine! We hope to be back soon! Loved it.


  • I just recently went on the Sunshine June 14th. I had many doubts after reading other reviews about the ship. However, I figured that most of them were from people that have been on many many cruises and had a lot to compare to. This was my first cruise ever and I was VERY satisfied. There were no foul odors like others have been talking about. The staff was absolutely amazing and I have no complaints except for get to the pool early! There was always something to do for those of all ages and I cannot wait to cruise again on carnival sunshine!!

    Rating: 5/5


  • It was my first cruise. Went on it June 7th. I had a blast. Teen club was the best part. The pool was cool, water slides were fun. Guy's burger joint was awesome! I had a absolute blast! And made new friends. I wish I could go back :)


  • The wife and I did the relocation cruise of the Sunshine from NO to Port Canaveral. It was a wonderful 11 day cruise. It was my 10th cruise, all with Carnival and all on different ships. Although some have complained (on here) about the food, I have no complaints. People, please go to the MDR for dinner. You are truly missing out to go to the buffet. The Promenade and Mezzanine decks are "different" but in a good way. The water slides are much faster than any other ship!! Our wait staff, all of them, were amazing (as usual). Go, have fun and don't look for a problem or you can probably find it in a mirror.😃


  • What a beautiful ship! No bad odors anywhere and everywhere we went on the ship was very clean. All food was delicious and the crew were all wonderful and seemed to really love their job. Jaime, the cruise director, was amazing and always announced daily events with enthusiasm. Excursions went smoothly and were very organized. Had so much fun that we booked our next cruise before getting off of this one!


  • Not the best ship I've been on. Lido deck layout was lacking. Pool was very small. And there seemed to be a lot of wasted space. The MDR was mediocre at best. Nice staff there they just seemed stretched too thin. I miss the dance club options. Only one on the ship and it does not open until after the last show. The shows were amazing! Never had a problem with seating. Could not get to the comedy show. Bonsai sushi was wonderful. Room was fantastic. Balcony room on deck 8 forward port side. Very spacious. Room steward was a very lovely woman named Isma. Water slides were fun. We had a great time. I just did not like the ship layout. Also if you are a smoker and do not have a balcony it sucks. You can smoke above the lido right in front of the doorway. There is a bench on either side of the door that sits 3 people. You can go down to deck 3 port side and just stare at the water or you can go to casino. But there is nowhere to sit have a cocktail smoke and people watch. Or see any movies or entertainment.


  • We just got back from our cruise yesterday and We loved the sunshine!! Everything was great on it! We never stood in line for food for too long! I don't know what everyone has been talking about with the bad smell on the ship.. We never smelled anything bad!! All the staff on the ship were very nice!! The only down side was the ship rocked a lot but I'm assuming that May have had something to do with the fact that June is hurricane season so the seas were a bit rougher but who knows.. We took medicine on for that so it wasn't that horrible!! We would definitely sail on the sunshine again!!


  • Not the best Carnival ship I've ever been on. Too many reductions in sizes of common areas like the liquid lounge theatre and the Ocean plaza to accommodate a three deck serenity area and the waterworks . Layout of ship was different for sure in my opinion. Smokers will be unhappy as well. No place to sit down and have a table for coffee with ash trays on them. ( I'm not a smoker but many people remarked on this issue on our cruise. ) lido is very small and crowded . On a positive note the red frog pub is a great place. . I also found food lines excessively long on Ludo deck. Our room was nice , ocean view seemed large. Service was not the usual Carnival service I've grown accustomed too.

    Rating: 3/5


  • Ok I think I'm ready to give my personal opinion. I went on the May 30th sailing 8 night southern Caribbean. I have been on 6 carnival cruises and 1 Royal Caribbean. I enjoyed the cruise. Was it the best I have ever been on? No, but it was fun and I enjoyed every minute. Let's start with the ship itself. If you have ever been on a carnival ship before, you'll probably find this one much different. How you ask? It has every new feature that carnival has to offer. From the 4 new bars, to the new layout on the promenade and serenity area. Some were nice and others were "different". The one thing I will say was the most different was the new "liquid lounge". It replaced the main theatre. I personally didn't like it due to a few factors; 1st, they changed it from a 3 deck theatre, to a 2 deck theatre. There's a big difference in size. 2nd, it turned into a club after the shows were over. I guess I'm use to the big, traditional show theatre. The stage was smaller and didn't not look big enough to hold the shows that carnival produces. We stayed in a ocean suite on the 7 deck. It was very nice. 2 big closets, big flat screen tv, a dressing area with vanity and a whirlpool tub in the bathroom. Only "complaint" was the toilet was too close to the tub and did not sit well on it. Overall though the room was awesome. Now I have read some other reviews and want to give you my opinion. I only smelt sewage once the whole trip and it was while passing a room. The slides and high ropes course were open in every port. They were not open that much at sea due to high winds. I'm ok with that cus of safety. The sky course was really fun. Ok now onto the food. I will admit, I have had better on other ships but still was not too bad. I'm not too picky so I was good with it overall. The serenity deck was really nice and had a 3 deck tall waterfall. It was usually crowded but there were chairs available. Overall I would recommend this cruise and ship to anyone. "Different" does not always mean "bad"

    Anthony G,

  • Oh forgot.....DON'T DRINK THE COFFEE AT THE BRUNCH SERVICE. The servers stick the spout of the coffee pot down into the fluid of your used cup and move onto the next cup & do the same thing. REPEATING THIS FROM TABLE TO TABLE. GOOD WAY TO SPREAD GERMS & ILLNESSES. (I mentioned the Brunch because this is where we saw this happen repeatedly but you know these servers at brunch are somebody's servers at dinner somewhere.)


  • Serenity was always packed when we ventured up there. Looked nice. If you got out early enough, I guess you might get a chair. Elevators there took forever so we used stairs which were very tiring and far away from drinks & other accomadations.


  • Sailed on Sunshine May 30th. even though renovated recently, the ship still looked old. we had balcony where there was rusted metal on floor, paint chipped off pipes along the balcony ceiling & mold along the wall separating the balconies. When we saw Sunshine anchored beside Carnival Glory in Grand Turks all the rust on the outside really became more apparent. We had poor service in the Early dining Sunset Dining room & was told it was because of shortage of servers. Our server said he was waiting on 12 tables & that's why it took so long to get water refill or food. etc. The water park was just FOR SHOW because it was never open when we went outside to check it out. Heard it was open twice in 9 days. We have sailed with Carnival many times & were to have VIP sign & sail cards. My husband had his but they failed to give me my correct card & Guest Services said they could not change it. This ship had much more movement than I ever felt on other ships so make sure you bring motion sickness meds with you.


  • The boat rocks a lot and the waterslides where only open for two days. But the blue ones faster than the green one I went on the May 30th cruise 8 days overall it wasn't that bad


  • The boat rocks a lot and the waterslides where only open for two days. But the blue ones faster than the green one I went on the May 30th cruise 8 days overall it wasn't that bad


  • We just finished the cruise today sailing to Mexico,Belize, and Honduras. It was definitely a gorgeous cruise. The ship was fantastic. I had researched the ship prior to cruising and read some of the negative things. For instance there was no fouls smell and the food was terrific! The only issue I would say was all the kids, but that's expected during the summer. Serenity is awesome, make sure you get out there at a decent time to get a seat. Comedy shows where awesome, the only issue with that was you had to be in line 30-45 min before To get in since it's limited seating. There are 4 restaurants separate from the other food options that you have to pay for. Guys burger joint is complimentary and phenomenal, there is a blue iguana cantina that makes fresh empanadas and burritos. Jiji's restaurant serves lunch and breakfast complimentary which is where your Omletes and Mongolian BBQ are. Be sure to see all the shows in the liquid lounge. Epic Rock was the best!

    Rating: 5/5


  • We are cruising on July 5th can someone tell us about serenity? Was it packed? We have an ocean view room... Are those nice? What about the bars? We are really looking forward to the trip. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Rating: 5/5


  • We are cruising on July 5th can someone tell us about serenity? Was it packed? We have an ocean view room... Are those nice? What about the bars? We are really looking forward to the trip. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Rating: 5/5


  • Sailed on her May 10th out of Port Canaveral. I have to say that my family and I absolutely loved this ship. No complaints at all. Will sail on her again, hopefully soon.


  • Sailed on her May 10th out of Port Canaveral. I have to say that my family and I absolutely loved this ship. No complaints at all. Will sail on her again, hopefully soon.


  • Anyone have photos of cabin 6107? We're sailing on the Sunshine on 8/23, If you do please message me and I'll give you my email you can send them to. Thanks in advance!

    Rating: 4/5


  • Wonderful ship! Wonderful time! No smells. Great crew. Awesome shows! Even better food! If you are booked on this ship any time soon, definitely spend the extra money at the steak house. Amazing!!!! Also, avoid Balmoral Island for an excursion. It was horrible. Had a balcony room on the lido deck, which was right there inside the door leading out to the deck. Very convenient. I will definitely cruise on this ship again.

    Rating: 5/5


  • Love the Sunshine. Sailed on her May 17, 2014 out of Port Canaveral. Stayed in Cabin 11007 inside spa-level cabin. Liked the spa amenities that came with the cabin: sauna, steam rooms & heated lounge chairs in the Sap area. Elemis products in the bathroom. I'm glad I did not let the negative reviews that I had read keep me from going on this ship. We had a great time & will book the Sunshine again.


  • LOVED the Sunshine on the May 25 sailing! Had a spa balcony - beautiful cabin. Service was excellent, food was good to excellent, shows were very good, and ship was nice. We were always able to find loungers on Lido and in Serenity, though pretty crowded on sea day. Always got great seats for the shows, even comedy, by being there 30 minutes early. Our kids had only sailed Disney before, and even they said they loved the Sunshine. We would definitely sail on her again!


  • This ship was ok, not anything special! It was better when it was the Destiny. screwed up ship! screwed up ship! screwed up ship! screwed up ship! screwed up ship! screwed up ship!


  • This was my 5th carnival cruise but this is the first time I can say I wasn't satisfied. For starters the venues were way smaller, the dinner time buffets were WAY smaller then any of the other carnival ships I had been on. To top it off they didn't open the dance club 4 out of 8 of the nights we were onboard. A let down of that is something you enjoyed on past cruise. I will never sail on the sunshine again.


  • We've been on 8 cruises with Carnival and have loved every single one. We'll be on the Sunshine July 26th and we can't wait. We always stay at the top of the ship. Hope we don't smell any of the sewage we've been hearing about.

    Rating: 5/5,

  • We've been on 8 cruises with Carnival and have loved every single one. We'll be on the Sunshine July 26th and we can't wait. We always stay at the top of the ship. Hope we don't smell any of the sewage we've been hearing about.

    Rating: 5/5,

  • We've been on 8 cruises with Carnival and have loved every single one. We'll be on the Sunshine July 26th and we can't wait. We always stay at the top of the ship. Hope we don't smell any of the sewage we've been hearing about.

    Rating: 5/5,

  • We've been on 8 cruises with Carnival and have loved every single one. We'll be on the Sunshine July 26th and we can't wait. We always stay at the top of the ship. Hope we don't smell any of the sewage we've been hearing about.

    Rating: 5/5,

  • This cruise was horrible! I heard the room service staff talk about how spoiled Americans are. I guess they never realized the line picked up when I called. My disabled parents were forced to walk down 3 flights of stairs for muster instead of being able to go to the dining room like we were told they would be able to do. most of the staff was rude and honestly didnt seem to care compared to the others we've been on. There was something that happened daily, unfortunately. I also read the reviews, but didnt pay much attention to them because sometimes people just like to complain and find fault. I wish I would've listened. I'm having a hard time getting anyone in our group to go again next year. I know this wasn't the norm for carnival, but it definitely ruined anyone in our group going again. Never again on the sunshine.


  • We were on the May 2 Sunshine cruise to southern Caribbean. We had a wonderful time with a beautiful spa balcony. Got very lucky two days before we cruised and got an upgrade call for an amazing price. My only complaint about the ship was the elevators going to the spa decks were extremely slow and passed us many many times. The food was great and there was plenty varieties. The omelettes were amazing. So was JiJi's. Free at lunch! My only suggestion is stay away from scrambled eggs as they are powdered and not very appetizing. The dining room was very efficient and quite pretty and definitely good service. It would have been nice to have had a bigger pool for the main pool but it did seem to work for most everyone. Yes there were a few lines to get into comedy club and even for a few shows in the Liquid Lounge but the quality of the shows were a huge improvement over previous Carnival shows that we have seen. The bar service was always excellent even though it was a little pricey. My favorite place to eat was going through the Lido marketplace to get our food and then going in the back at the Havana Bar area to eat. It was definitely cooler back there and for breakfast they even had waitstaff who would bring you fresh orange juice and coffee to your table. Guys Burgers are a plus and service is fast. Movies at night under the stars with popcorn too. The spa services were quite nice and I highly recommend the seaweed wrap and massage. Cruise Director Jamie Dees is the absolute best cd on all of Carnival. She kept the party atmosphere going in everything she did and was so nice in person. Port Canaveral was an absolute breeze. From the time we dropped off our luggage to sitting down waiting for our zone to be called was a total of 15 minutes! Getting off the ship was a little bit longer but still very organized and efficient. All in all this was by far the best cruise we have ever been on and we would definitely sale the Sunshine again. Oh...and no weird smells or leaks!


  • This is my first Carnival cruise in many years. I have been cruising on RC recently. Got a great deal on this ship so I tried it. In my opinion, this cruise was as good as any RC cruise I have been on. The steakhouse was great as was most of the food anywhere on the ship. I think the sewage smell was just a way to blame passing gas since no dogs are allowed. I never smelled it otherwise. The ship's design was good except when you had to go up or down a floor or two to get around rooms that were occupied by events. Otherwise it was an excellent trip!


  • Was on the may 2 cruise to the southern Caribbean, embarkation was very fast, 20 min from front door to ship. Not sure about some of the food comments, I've owned my own Italian restaurant for 17 years and have worked as a chef for 30 years and I think the food was very good. A good variety and the set up was very efficient, no long lines waiting to get food. The food in the Italian restaurant was very good aswel as jiji Asian grill. Dining room service was very good and menu was ok. This was our twelfth cruise with carnival and I did notice that previous menus in the dining room had more selection. Blue iguana wraps where excellent but Guy's Burgers where not as good as I thought they would be. Lots of activities to do and serenity level was nice to sit in and just relax. Weather was the best I've experienced so far in the Caribbean, no hurricanes this time. Never noticed the foul odour that everybody talks about and the staff on board were professional and courteous. I would rate the cruise, the staff, the ship design and experience in the top three out of the 12 cruises that we have taken on carnival.


  • Was on the may 2 cruise to the southern Caribbean, embarkation was very fast, 20 min from front door to ship. Not sure about some of the food comments, I've owned my own Italian restaurant for 17 years and have worked as a chef for 30 years and I think the food was very good. A good variety and the set up was very efficient, no long lines waiting to get food. The food in the Italian restaurant was very good aswel as jiji Asian grill. Dining room service was very good and menu was ok. This was our twelfth cruise with carnival and I did notice that previous menus in the dining room had more selection. Blue iguana wraps where excellent but Guy's Burgers where not as good as I thought they would be. Lots of activities to do and serenity level was nice to sit in and just relax. Weather was the best I've experienced so far in the Caribbean, no hurricanes this time. Never noticed the foul odour that everybody talks about and the staff on board were professional and courteous. I would rate the cruise, the staff, the ship design and experience in the top three out of the 12 cruises that we have taken on carnival.


  • Was on the may 2 cruise to the southern Caribbean, embarkation was very fast, 20 min from front door to ship. Not sure about some of the food comments, I've owned my own Italian restaurant for 17 years and have worked as a chef for 30 years and I think the food was very good. A good variety and the set up was very efficient, no long lines waiting to get food. The food in the Italian restaurant was very good aswel as jiji Asian grill. Dining room service was very good and menu was ok. This was our twelfth cruise with carnival and I did notice that previous menus in the dining room had more selection. Blue iguana wraps where excellent but Guy's Burgers where not as good as I thought they would be. Lots of activities to do and serenity level was nice to sit in and just relax. Weather was the best I've experienced so far in the Caribbean, no hurricanes this time. Never noticed the foul odour that everybody talks about and the staff on board were professional and courteous. I would rate the cruise, the staff, the ship design and experience in the top three out of the 12 cruises that we have taken on carnival.


  • Best ship I've went on, crew were so nice! They offered things and even brought us chocolate strawberries and we didn't even request them, they always did there best on cleaning, and made sure every one did the muster drill


  • Best ship I've went on, crew were so nice! They offered things and even brought us chocolate strawberries and we didn't even request them, they always did there best on cleaning, and made sure every one did the muster drill


  • By far the worst experience cruising I have ever had. The food on the Lido deck never changed and I'm sure my dog wouldn't eat. Couldn't even get near the pool, the largest pool had a capacity of 26 which was full of kids.


  • Just got back from the May 2nd sailing. I was worried about negative reviews prior to going on our trip. We stayed on deck 1 in three different rooms and occasional caught a faint smell however it was very rare and something you would notice in passing only. The ship is nice as was the staff. Food was great, only complaint would be more for a larger pool for kids. The slides were not open the first couple of days at sea due to high winds however they were open the last half of the trip.


  • Been so excited for this cruise so much I have seen so many bad reviews for the crew and smells it's making me less excited I just don't know if it will be better since they changed it to sunshine


  • Sailed the Sunshine out Port Canaveral , just moved over from N.O. Great times great ports and the Comedy was the funniest I've ever heard!! Ant wait til my next cruise !!' Thanks Carnival


  • We went on the inauguration cruise out of New Orleans and We loved it, had a blast? Beautiful ship i would recommend it. The food was great too. The comedy club was awesome!

    Rating: 5/5


  • We were on the inaugural cruise out of New Orleans. Absolutely a horrible experience from beginning to end! The food was aweful - except for Guys Burgers. They were severely understaffed - couldn't fine a bartender more than half the time. The hallway to our room smelled like sewage the entire trip. The thermostat in our room was broken so it was heated at nearly 90 degrees the entire cruise. We had to sleep on the deck one night because we couldn't take it anymore. Water leaked from the ceiling in the steakhouse right onto our plates. It took us 10 minutes to find a staff person to even notify them and they asked if we wanted to change seats. No - we would like to sit under this waterfall! They did not offer to replace the food that had gotten ruined. We walked out of one of the restaurants after 30 minutes because no one ever came to our table to take our order. One morning it took 45 minutes to get one omelet and an order of pancakes. We had to get up and fill our own water glasses because there was never a server around to do it. One of our cruise mates asked for some ice in her tea that she had already been drinking from. The waiter took her glass of tea, poured it into the pitcher that he was using to serve other guests, swirled it around and poured it back into her glass. Then went on to pour tea into glassss for other guests! This is only a short list of the problems we had. We tried calling guest services several times after we got home to complain but always were on hold so long that we hung up. We finally wrote a letter. The reply from Carnival was that they could not help us because it had been more then 30 days since our cruise. We have been on other Carnival shops and had a great time so we will try them again but never this ship. There is clearly some problem with the management of this ship.


  • Loved our Sunshine cruise! Great ship. Great activities. Tons of fun. Common areas get crowded on port days so we spent those times on our balcony.


  • I just got back yesterday and has an awesome time. The food was great, the service was impressive, entertainment was better than most, and the cleanliness was on par. We experienced no weird smells or anything else to complain about. It was a bit crowded, but as to be expected.


  • Great ship! The crew was amazing, exciting, and well rounded entertaining and accommodating. Will definitely consider going on this ship again as long as the cruise director and many of the other staff is still aboard.


  • Best cruise yet! This ship has a lot to offer. Only thing I would change would be to make the pool a little bigger but my kids preferred the waterworks anyways. Great staff and food. Never any bad smells. Not too crowded. The elevators and stairs were spacious and plenty of them as opposed to other ships I've been on. The serenity deck is HUGE and a little overdone in my opinion (better use of space could've been a second or larger pool. The staff was excellent! There were 7 of us who went from ages 8 months to 60 years old and everyone loved it!


  • I just went on the 8 day cruise. I was a little worried about all the reports of a sewage smell. I never experienced any bad smells while on board so I have no compliant there The ship is beautiful and well kept. I had a wonderful time over all. However the setup of the ship is bad and a bit confusing. The rear dining room was hard to get to you had to go up a floor back and back down a floor. I'm young and like to party and hang out late and on all the other ships all the good hangouts are on the same floor. On this ship they are all on different floors and my biggest complaint is that the night club is in the liquid lounge which is surrounded by cabins so they have to close it early(1am-2am) then your left hanging wondering what to do next. Me and my friends ended up At the casino bar most nights. I will never book this ship again and I don't advise anyone who likes to stay out To book a cruise on the Sunshine either


  • I also did the 2day reposition cruise. Brilliant design to the buffet on Lido! Several "islands" of service with one or two attendants inside. Buffet service and seating was smooth as silk. Seating areas also modified to include some booths raised and against the wall. Food was superb everywhere. Crew was friendly everywhere, greeting me by name. Plenty of room on Serenity on 3 levels and the waterfall into the pool was impressive. Hallway design was "island" and "beaches" between the rooms. The rooms were painted to look like wooden louvered doors on the outside and pleasing pastel and blonde wood on the inside. Loved this ship!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Went on the 8 day Cruise, the cruise was excellent! This was my 4th Cruise I've been on and the ship was by far the best ship yet! There is so much to do on the ship you should never be bored! The food was excellent especially the burrito bar and Guys burgers! Main pool could be a little bigger or having a second pool would have been better, Waterworks was really neat and no sewage smell like others reported and I stayed on 2nd floor! Never thought it was to crowded! Awesome cruise!

    Rating: 4/5


  • Just got back from an 8 day cruise on the Sunshine and we had a blast! It was our first cruise, so not much to compare it to, but we enjoyed it very much. The comedy shows were fun (even though we did have to get there 40 minutes early to get a seat), food was great, and the staff was phenomenal! Oh and the Epic Rock show was my absolute favorite! Our only complaints would have to be the small main deck pool, the overall layout of the ship, and it being a bit overcrowded at times. Although we learned our way around by the end of the week, having to go up (or down) a floor and then back up or down, to get to where you needed to go was a little confusing and frustrating at times. Overall a great first impression and we will definitely be cruising again!

    Jaime Smith,

  • I was a little nervous after reading some of the reviews about a bad smell in the lower floors. Our cabin was on deck 2 and i did not notice any bad smells. My family and i had a wonderful time! Our dinner servers were awesome (Sarwan, Brix, and Glann)!! Good food, good staff, great time! We will continue to use Carnival.


  • Went on the 2day cruise Nice ship. Shows were great. Food was really good. Nice staff. Dinning was good different food than other ships. Serenity deck with the pool was very nice.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Just got back from a cruise on the Sunshine. Had a great time. The entertainment and shows were awesome. The dining experience was not as great as on other ships. But overall it is worth the money.


  • Just got back from the repositioning of Sunshine. The upgrades to the ship are great. Had a wonderful Waite staff and room staff. Jamie our cruise director was top notch. The ship was very clean and everyone working there was friendly and helpful. Thinking about planning another cruise soon on Sunshine,

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just got back from the repositioning of Sunshine. The upgrades to the ship are great. Had a wonderful Waite staff and room staff. Jamie our cruise director was top notch. The ship was very clean and everyone working there was friendly and helpful. Thinking about planning another cruise soon on Sunshine,

    Rating: 5/5


  • Had a great time! Would definitely cruise the Sunshine again. Beware of booking a deck 6 forward room, it's right on top of the Liquid Lounge which cranks the dance music till 2 am. Had the worst 2 nights of sleep I've ever had on a cruise ship. Ate at both JiJi & Cucina del Capitano and the food was spectacular, worth the extra money. We didn't smell any of the sewage odor everyone else has posted about, though it was a concern of mine. Enjoyed the piano bar as always. Staff is always pleasant & helpful. First time we've cruised from Port Canaveral & I thought it was extremely organized & efficient. Carnival does however need to devise a better debarking process. Crowded hallways & elevator areas. Not the first ship I've experienced this chaos on. All in all had a fun & relaxing 2 days!


  • About to disembark, the food was great! Sewage smells are on random spots throughout the ship, There are signs of wear and tear, still a fun ship though.


  • Really 3.5 Great itinerary, happy for the repositioning- Port Canaveral is very efficient. Believe the hype- the odor exists, as far up on the 12th floor Gym is amazing, however lacks the ocean view of the magic Entry and exit at Ports from Gangway is inefficient- poor design on 1 stairwell Staff as always was pleasant and helpful; food was good, very difficult to resist Guy's Burgers. Clean and maintained. Slides were only open a few times however. Siestas in Aruba so beware restaurants close at 2 so eat lunch prior. Also stay away from top floor Cuban Restaurant on corner- awful!

    Rating: 3/5


  • The staff on the ship was so great, always had me laughing!! The ship itself was so much fun and there was always something to do for everyone in the family. The food was great as well as all the shows.


  • Love this ship, even better than the Destiny, we sailed on our first cruise. Guy's burger is the bomb, I wish every ship had one ! The water Works is sweet my kids loved it, same with the ropes course couldn't get enough. The food is pretty good to, we went to the Italian place and it was great, the Japanese place not so much, wasn't for me.


  • We went on this ship December 2013 after is arrived in New Orleans. They must have had a new crew because they did not know what to do many mix ups at dinner and staff did not get out of our way in the hallways. We had medical emergency the first evening and could not reach the dr on the ship till morning. The renovation from destiny to sunshine was very nice. I hope by now the crew got their act together. Probably won't go back on that ship.


  • Currently on the Sunshine, all I have to say is that Carnival has lost me as a customer. I read all about the negative reviews and assumed Carnival would have fixed all the problems by now. I was wrong, the ship has terrible sewer smells throughout the ship. It is a shame that you pay good money to be on this ship and you have to put up with the sewer smells. It is disgusting. I will never use Carnival again!!!


  • We sailed the sunshine on Dec we loved the new upgrades Carnival made. I would recommend this ship. The shows could have been better, however we really enjoyed the comedy shows. Happy sailing!


  • I liked it every thing was just really cramped. The rooms were really nice and the crew was really nice. The water slides were fun but weren't open the whole time.


  • Cruise was 3/30/2014 . We had a great time. The food was good , no long waits or lines at any time. The rooms are smaller than say the conquest balcony room . A/c worked good most of the time , couple times room got warm. We were on lido deck forward, no foul smells but from say 5 and down every now and again would get a little odor . I dont care for them taking out all of the mini fridges from the rooms, that was something that was a bonus on other cruises. I main gripe was Carnival needs to have smoke free balcony decks,besides just cloud 9 . We couldnt enjoy our balcony cor the chain smokers around us, or make it a e-cig only boat. The main pool area on sunshine was very tight and small. Carnival alao needs to lower the prices on photos by atleast half so more people can take home photo's and they dont have to throw so many away ,which is really stupid seeing that would make the same money or more with less waste.


  • Fantastic 1/26/2014 Cruise!!! We had a blast & would have gotten right back on if there was space! We were so busy we forgot to order a DVD. PLEASE, if you were on that same cruise & got the video, Please let me know here. Thanks!!! Sharon


  • My family just came back home Sunday from a cruise on this ship an they said it was wonderful!!! I asked them if there was an awful smell an they said no... So many mixed reviews about the smell on this ship.., but they had an awesome time so that's all that matters!!!!!!


  • Our room smelled like sewage the entire 7 days, the food was ok, the pool area is TINY, the "adult only" area was not adults only!! I will NEVER sail on this ship again!


  • Just returned home today from the Sunshine...there is a definite "foul" smell from Deck 4/5 down. Aside from those decks, occasionally you will catch it. Outside of the smell most have complained about - I cannot personally complain about anything else. Was our 3rd cruise with Carnival and definitely will be booking our 4th.

    Rating: 4/5


  • I just got off the Sunshine. Was the BEST cruise out of 15. I dont know where the bad reviews came from. The crew were fantastic...attentive, funny, friendly!! The food was the best I have had on any ship. The layout of the ship is one of my favorites. The shows are a MUST see....Aaron, Simone and the rest of the entertainment team are superb!!!!!!!! I have ZERO complaints. Our cabins were adjoining on Deck 11. PERFECT!!!!!

    Rating: 5/5

    Heather And Jim,

  • We have cruised quite a few time this is second time with carnival and we will never use them again the staff are very rude have no interest in passengers and food was same day after day there is very little lounge seating if you want to sit and read we were very disapointed


  • Just got back Sunday from a week on the Sunshine. I had read a lot of negative comments but we really had no complaints. Our ocean view cabin was larger than the balcony we had before and there were no maintenance problems. I. Was disappointed in the size of the ship and that outside seating areas for eating were very limited. Going from the larger Magic to the smaller Sunshine was hard to get used to along with the layout of the ship. I will stick with the larger ships from now on. For the people that have complained about all the kids on the Carnival cruise ships they have to expect that on a spring break cruise.

    Melanie Domerese,

  • Can't wait for our first cruise ,we are so excited . I'm a little nervous about letting my teens run around ( afraid they will fall off ) other then that, we are counting down the days till sept 13 !!!! 🚢🇬🇧🇮🇹🚢


  • Anyone cruising July26th? I can't wait!!! Sounds like sewage problem is on lower decks??? Hopefully that issue will be deal with before my cruise and if not... I still plan to enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rating: 1/5


  • We did the Sunshine this past week and it was enjoyable! It's not near as nice as the Magic but it wasn't horrible. There was sewage smell sometimes on the lower decks. The areas were smaller and there was less to do. Some of the staff was unfriendly and rude but for the most part everyone was very friendly. The renovations looked really nice and everything was clean. The layout of the ship was hard to understand at times as well. But if you are looking to book for your first cruise or you have younger kids this is the perfect ship! The entertainment and food was fantastic and the dining service couldn't have been any better. Overall it was a great trip in our book!

    Jama Domerese,

  • Cruising June 14th! This will be my 4th cruise with Carnival! Entire family back at it again :) A much needed vacation couldn't come any faster!!!!!!!


  • Was NOT impressed at all. I thought after $155 million remodel that everything would be prefect. We cruised on the Carnival Magic last year, and it was wonderful, but don't see any need to do the Sunshine again. The cabins seemed smaller, and had no night stands and less storage. The dinning room and cabin stewards were nothing like our past cruise's.

    Rating: 2/5


  • First time on the Sunshine leaving July 19th. Have always had awesome cruises with Carnival. The liberty is our favorite ship so far and can't wait to see the new Sunshine!

    Rating: 5/5


  • This was by far the worst cruise I have ever taken. The smell on this ship was horrible, the air conditioner wasn't working properly and there were bugs in one of our rooms. Too many problems to list. A huge disappointment!!


  • Awful. Downright awful. First cruise and last. Sewage smell on deck 1 and plumbing problems (toilet overflowed constantly). Management admitted there was a problem with the smell and plumbing. Food was awful except for the omelets in the morning. Not sure why everyone raved about the steakhouse. The food isn't worth $35 extra. And the food on the Lido Deck is a nightmare. I stuck with the prepackaged cereal and milk. AC in the room didn't work the whole time either. The excursion to Belize is chaos. I am well travelled and have been to my fair share of places. I'm not one to leave a negative review but this is awful. Unsanitary. Nasty. Small areas. Think twice about booking with this company and ship.


  • Just got off of this ship on my fiancé and I's cruise and we had an absolute amazing time! This is a pretty lengthy and in depth review, so if you don't like to read full reviews you might want to tl;dr this one. Carnival has packed all of the Fun Ship 2.0 enhancements on board and has really improved the ships decor from its old, glitzy Vegas themes to a more contemporary and cool feel. My fiancé and I had the junior suite cabin on the spa deck, deck 10, and we loved it! It had a walk in closet for two, a nice big screen television, a larger balcony, and a lovely whirlpool tub in a larger than average bathroom. The only thing that we didn't like about our cabin was that its large and gorgeous balcony was intruded upon by peering eyes from those staying on the newly added decks on 11 and 12. Since the newer rooms on deck 10 protrude outward from the ships infrastructure, they are partially exposed from above, thus resulting in the privacy problem. Those people gazing out to the sea from Deck 14 on Serenity were also able to see on to a portion of our balcony. It was a little disheartening when we wanted to spend romantic moments looking out to sea on our balcony. The ship's entire entertainment staff, Cloud 9 Spa staff, wait staff, steward staff, and guest services staff was absolutely fabulous. The cherry on top of it all was our Cruise Director, Butch Begovitch, who pretty much set the perfect fun atmosphere for the whole vacation. I highly recommend booking cruises while Butch is on board because he is the best cruise director that I've ever had the pleasure of sailing with on Carnival! These guys definitely know how to have fun and coordinate an amazing vacation! As far as the ships new places and spaces on board went, everything was pretty phenomenal, especially when compared with the other 4 Carnival Cruises that I've cruised on before this one (all of which were pre-2.0 upgraded ships). The food from Cucina del Capitano, JiJi's Asian Kitchen, Fahrenheit 555, Bonsai Sushi, Lido Marketplace, Guy's Burgers, The Blue Iguana Cantina, and the main dinning rooms were all absolutely delicious and flavorful! We only had one issue during a main dining time where a steak was undercooked and a little too fatty, but that was literally the only bump we had for food. The new Red Frog Rum Bar, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, Alchemy Bar, EA Sports Bar, and Serenity deck bar were all great as well. What was nice here was that while the Serenity Bar and EA Sports Bar offered the typical cocktails and alcohol available in all other main places on the ship, all of the other venues offered a great variety of specialized cocktails and concoctions that you could only obtain at those specific bars. It was a great way to enhance the flavor and atmosphere of each location. (Psst! Hey, they make some MEAN cocktails over at the Alchemy Bar. STRONGLY recommended!) Oh! And don't pass up Java City if you like to get your coffee and latte fix. Java City also offers quite a few spiked coffees and shakes for those of you that like a little extra fun in your drink! The new Ocean Plaza is a great location to catch karaoke performances, trivia games, and live music on the daily. Carnival really opened this area up on deck 5, past the gorgeous casino, so that it's more fun and inviting for guests. Also, the new Waterworks and Serenity Decks? They are probably the best in the fleet. They are huge and absolutely amazing. The slides are a blast! Here is where my only two negatives about the ship come in. The new Liquid Lounge is WAY too small for the increased amount of passengers that this ship carries. While the new 2 story lounge has totally revolutionized the ability for Carnival to actually have a functioning adult dance club (the Liquid Night Club that was opened every night was pretty boss and featured amazing mixes from Carnivals new DJ's) the ability for it to successfully serve as an appropriately sized show lounge fell short. The 2.0 Playlist Production shows were amazing and obviously, everyone wanted to get a seat to see them, but the size of the lounge coupled with the large families that would hoard seats all over the lounge lead to major seating issues. There was one instance where I had to sit behind a support pole structure (infamously found in Carnival's showrooms) and I literally missed half of the action on stage during Epic Rock (this is arguably the most amazing show that Carnival has produced to date on its 2.0 ships). Adding more cabins, eliminating a floor of seating in the lounge, and not being able to find a structural compromise for those support structures = a pretty miserable experience unless you get there 45 minutes before the shows start... Lastly, the newly restructured aft lounge, now called the Limelight Lounge, faced similar issues. While they've pulled out all of the new and modern stops to feature all of the hilarious comedians that come on board, there simply wasn't enough space in the lounge to accommodate everyone that would've liked to enjoy the shows. Even though there were 5 different show times for each comedian, there were always people standing on the outskirts of this downsized lounge. Again, the addition of even more cabins on deck 4 aft eliminated the public space that would've been required to make this an appropriate venue. All in all, this ship is pretty fantastic. Just make sure to plan accordingly for all of the major shows because you REALLY wouldn't want to miss any of the Playlist Productions. And the comedians are too hilarious to pass up, so make sure you get to the Limelight Lounge early too.


  • I just got off of the sunshine today! I had a great time!! The only problem I had with the sunshine is the show times for the shows they need more then two! I didn't get a chance to go to any of the shows!!


  • Sailed on Sunshine 2/9-2/16. Had an amazing time. I also sailed on Destiny back in 2010. The ship looks nothing like its old self and the refurb is amazing. This is by far my favorite Carnival ship. The Serenity area is awesome, crew was friendly and our MDR staff awesome. The entertainment was the best I have seen on a ship. Ben Gentry in the Piano bar was great as was Andy Fergueson in the Red Frog Pub. I would not hesitate to sail on Sunshine again and can't imagine anyone not enjoying a trip on this ship.


  • Sailed 02/23/14 the ship is beautiful, staff was very friendly and helpful and the entertainment was awesome. We did as much or as little as we wanted each day and had a very nice vacation.


  • Just returned today, March 2,2014 from a wonderful cruise with my husband. We were celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and had the best time, the best weather , the best shows, just GREAT!!! Cudos 5+++++++ to BUTCH the cruise director! Awesome and the BEST cruise director we have had in our 10 plus cruises!!! He is upbeat and gets and keeps the passengers pumped up!!! The dancers in the shows are equally fantastic!!!!!! Got to be a VIP in the disco show and had a ball. Then got invited to a special VIP meet and great with the dancers! Such great people and they could sing and dance like no body's business!!!! Ship clean, lots to do and we hated leaving!!! Would sail on the Sunshine again!!!!!! Ready to plan our next cruise!!! Charles & Vickie Osborne

    Vickie Osborne,

  • May 17 who's going


  • Can't wait to cruise on the Sunshine for my Birthday leaving April 19th just me and my Hubby!


  • Is anyone going on march2 I haven't even gone and I know it's good!!!!!😝


  • Going march 30th so excited.


  • By far the best Cruise we have been on. Had a blast. Great food, punchliner comedy club was Awesome!

    Rating: 5/5


  • I loved the sunshine, although it rained the entire time it was amazing with great intertainment and I made some amazing friends in O2

    Rating: 5/5

    Mary Kate,

  • Show areas are too small. Comedy show filled up very fast. Had to get there half hour before show to get a seat. Stateroom was great and room steward was good. Had different wait staff every night and some were personable and others hardly talked to us. Special effects in the main show lounge were spectacular. Food was good. Guys burger joint was fabulous. Kids were at sports square almost the entire cruise. They loved it. Sky course was their favorite.


  • I will be on the relocation cruise too going solo this time


  • Going on the relocation cruise with my mom. 11 day of nothing but fun and rest. Can't wait the 6 of April can't get here fast enough.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Going May 2!!


  • Going on feb 23 2014 so excited

    Rating: 5/5


  • The trip of a Lifetime last August 30 - September 8. Mediterranean Cruise!!,

  • Sailed in the Sunshine in January. mt mom and I had a great time! Shows were excellent and food was good. It rained almost everyday of the cruise but the crew made it well worth it. Jaime, the cruise director, was awesome. This was our first cruise and we loved it so much we are already booked for a June sailing!


  • We just returned from our cruise on the Sunshine (2/2-2/9). This was my first cruise and I am so hooked. We had a balcony room on the 7th floor. The ship was nice and everything was operational and functioned well. The staff was amazing! Our servers for dinner (Darlene & Serban) were so wonderful. Deanne in the Cloud 9 Spa was awesome! Our cabin steward (Putu) was also great! Butch was a fantastic CD...full of energy and enthusiasm. All of the food we tried was delicious - whether in the main dining area or on Lido. Our week went by far too quickly! We booked our next cruise for the Dream in 2/2015 while we were on this one. Only good times and great memories to report!!!


  • Hello cruisers! My family and I Will be cruising the Sunshine on April 27, 2014. We are a total of 16 people with kids ranging from 11-18 and adults from 22-70! I have no doubt that we are going to have a fabulous time! The new 2.0 renovations are so exciting. I have cruised on the sister ships the Magic, Dream, and just recently the Breeze. we have seasoned cruisers as well as first timers. The cruise is what you make it! If you look for negitivity I am sure you can find it. However, if you want great food, fun, and sun that is what you will get! Happy Cruising.


  • My wife and I sailed the Sunshine Jan 19th this year we had our 4 daughters and my mother in law all in all we had a great time ship was great plenty to do service in the 6:00 dining was in need of attention we have had better service before this being said we reslly loved the ship may sail her or the Breeze Jan 2015

    Rating: 4/5


  • got back in the 2nd the smell on the ship is so bad, all those reviews are true stay away from this ship!!!


  • Alchemy bar los mejores tragos del barco,todo muy tengo quejas! love it!

    sheryl ,

  • Great ship & crew, could not ask for better.


  • Just returned from 7 day on the Sunshine. We did a Captain's Suite on deck above the bridge and it was the best cruise ever out of 12 with Carnival in the past. I just don't understand where these negative reviews that you read around the net on different forums are coming from. After reading these we were very suspect upon boarding but virtually none of them are true that we could find. i believe Carnival did a great job on the refit from Destiny to Sunshine.


  • As a frequent Cruiser (48cruises) & a Platium member. I think I can say with some authority that my New Year Cruise on the Sunshine was one of the most unpleasent cruise I been on. The ship was said to have a $4 million conversion from the Destiny It seemsthe improvements were only superficial to the main rms. and some of the cabins. the plumbing on deck 1 needs work. ( I was there on deck 1 in the aft cabins the sewer lines over flowed and in some hallways there was a foul smell.) I meet a couple that did not have hot water for 4days. In my cabin and in my 2 daughters in other cabins on deck 1 experienced banging & strange noises all night. the noise was so bad that they gave us a discount on the rms. ( something Carnival rarely does) In the Alcomy bar lounge, I sat in the lounge for 40 min. to get a before dinner cocktail and was not approach by a bar waiter, while there were 2 bar tender and waiter behind the bar. My cabin stwarts and main dinning room waiters were excellent.


  • ironteam2206 - Wife and I just came back off Sunshine. If you are a new cruiser, enjoy the first time feel of a great new experience and know that other ships in the Carnival company are much better. If you are a Carnival veteran it is an ok ship. The public areas are smaller so get to shows earlier. The Limelight Lounge holds 150 versus 650 so get there early. The Liquid Lounge, is smaller as well but normally not a problem to get a seat. The best food is Guy Fieri's a Hamburger joint. The ship had 3000 guests and 1000 workers so you wait a lot. Get the Faster to the Fun pass. It is worth it since you don't wait to get on the ship or for tenders off the ship , getting help at the front desk, etcetera. The Serenity area is awesome. The cosmetic upgrades to the ship are cheap , the paint is already peeling and the toilets stopped working on day one. Three cabins had their toilets overflow at once and they had to move out. The fun area in the back was great. Not the best cruise weve had.


  • sailing in to new orleans now i was very impressed with carnival as a whole the upgrade on this ship amazing staff couldnt have been better with muy 2 or five yr old one thing that needs improvement is the hostess in the anytime dining and bar staff hostesses have no idea what is going on waitstaff just the opposite some nights my waiters had to get my drinks from the bar because they could not find the bar servers i said 6 urs ago i would never sail Carnival again now i have to say cant wait to get on land to book another what a great family vacation with lifelong memories


  • Sailed the Destiny in 2009 and loved it. Can't wait to sail aboard the Sunshine in June 2014 with all the family, celebrating a high school graduation, my husbands birthday and my dads 77th birthday. Gonna be a great trip!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Sailed 10/20-11/1 2013. 12 day Mediteranean cruise. diesnt really look like it was recently renovated. except fir upside down crown molding in corrudor. lots of leaks and bucjets in hallways. installed new floor in 9th and 3 rd floors- chemical/ paint smell was horrid. Food qualiyy was sub par with the exception of Farenheit 555 restaurant, pizza place and Guys joint. The Sunrise was hit or miss everynight! Not enough activities or they overlapped each other! ports of call were fantastic! Medical Center was awesome- Mom injured in Rome. they took very goid care of her! I was pleasantly surprised that they were so well equipped and staffed! Staff were all nice. New Serenity decks were awesome! late night snacks were sick looking! stick with pizza or room service. The Playlist Players shows wrre very good! got to be a VIP dancer in a show and a day later they had a nice ViP private party with champagne. Spa was okay.Only regret- didnt get to have a drink made for me at the Alchemy Bar!


  • i was on the sunshine in June 2013. this past June. and let me tell you. it is a beautiful ship. staff is amazing and accomodating. food was excellent. it felt like i was home. we sailed the mediterranean as the third trip after its transformation. if you are on deck7 in a suite and have Jelena as your room keeper than you have the best you can get. wait staff eromin flaviu are the best as well. enjoyable experience! i cant wait to go back

    Rating: 5/5


  • went on sunshine 11 oct 13, not a good trip, hygiene levels poor, buckets in corridors, food cold and bland, extortionate pricing with 15% service charge + 10% vat not clearly stated anywhere. cabin air con broken, apparently had been broken last 3 or 4 cruises. trips excellent have never been on carnival before, and necer again!


  • Sailed 28th August 2013 for 12 nights. Nothing stood out on ship, Service very poor. ports of call very good and found entertainment very good but did not flow through ship, everything overlapped. will think again about using Carnival again though 😕.

    Rating: 2/5


  • Booked for Feb. 2014 on the Carnival Sunshine. Cruised when it was called The Destiny in 2012. Can't wait to c the transformation.


  • Had a great time on the Destiny. Cant wait to see all the transformations when we board in August 2013.


  • Cruised on the Destiny in December. Loved it!!


  • Badass ship


  • Our 3rd European Inaugural - - Magic, Breeze and now Sunshine. Checkout CARNIVAL BREEZE WATERWORKS on YouTube . See G open up video!

    Rating: 5/5

    European Cruisers,

  • Best ever! Sailed the Destiny June 2011 and had the time of our lives!


  • If it hadn't been for the rough seas it would have been perfect. You can't control the weather. Staff was awesome and room steward was very pleasant. Cant wait til December to go again


  • Sailed October 20 - great ship, good food, great crew. Cruise highlights were a person falling overboard and being rescued followed by diversions due to hurricane sandy. Overall a great trip


  • Had a great time!! Enjoyed every cruise so far with carnival. Going again on carnival again next year. Thank you very much. Also to the gentleman that took care of our room very very nice. The only thing that I saw was how much food people waisted. If you are not going to eat it then don't get it!!


  • We just came back from a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas & Grand Turk. I must say I was very disappointed in the service on this ship. No one seemed to care about customer service, in fact there seemed to be no service especially at the bars. If this was my first cruise, I don't think I would cruise Carnival again. I must mention our server at dinner (Kate) was terrific. If everyone else had half her personality it would have made for a much better experience. Hopefully once it comes out of dry dock and becomes the Sunshine it will have a staff that shines!


  • Just came back from my cruise which was my 45th bday gift from hubbie. This is our 4th cruise together and not our best. Although Ocho Rios and Cayman rocked..the service onboard was not like my other cruises. No smiles ! They acted like they couldn't be bothered. I've already planned 2 cruises for next year because I won't let one bad experience ruin my Carnival experience. Happy Cruisin!!


  • Just returned from the grand caymen Ocho rios trip.... LOVED IT. The room stewards were so personable and the waiters at the main dinner were amazing, hated to leave them, I want to turn around and do it again right now,made it best and most enjoyable honeymoon/birthday/ vacation any one could ask for Thanks carnival D. Lamb


  • Cruised to Jamaica and grand cayman 6-11 oct 2012. Loved our room steward Abdi. Ollie and Albert at the Flagship Bar were awesome. Even enjoyed Kevin's jokes in between his songs at the Flagship bar too. Did not like the food as much as princess sapphire though. The sushi was gross and bland. Service in the Galaxy anytime dining room was inattentive and lackluster. It's sad that the room service sandwiches were better than most of the food offered in the dining room. Hope things are better after the refurbish when we sail in April 2013 on our Mediterranean cruise.


  • The destiny is the best ship ever Better than the dream I love it


  • Sailed in May 2012 to Jamaica/Cayman Islands. It was my first cruise so I did not go with many expectations. The weather was not in our favor for the majority of our trip, however the day we spent in Jamaica was beautiful. The ship was gorgeous, waiters were very attentive, and our cruise director Noonan made the rainy days at sea an experience I will never forget. Our room was very spacious and the food was great! If you are a first time cruiser, this is the ship for you. Thanks carnival! See you Jan 2013!!!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Destiny was a beautiful ship! I did not see why it gets such a bad rap. Did a 5 day to Jamaica and Grand Cayman and it was wonderful! Can't wait for our next cruise!

    Rating: 5/5


  • It's a amazing ship and staff!! :D Idk why other people say its bad. The Destiny is a very clean ship and more fun then I thought it would be for 16 year old ship :P


  • Best Cruise Ever! Loved the service!


  • We just returned from a 5 day to Turk and Bahamas. Great crew but ship needs to be cleaned and updated. Pools are too small for 2500 people. Food lines were always long...I have cruised before and will again, but not on this ship until its renovated.


  • Cruised 11-16 June 2012,fifteen in our group. Most everything was great. However, one of five rooms was very hot with no a/c. It did not get fixed even with one phone call and two face to face requests at the Guest Services desk. The unloading at Half Moon Cay was extremely slow and very poorly managed, it was 12:30pm before we were allowed to leave Destiny after arriving at 9:00am. Obviously need to improve tender service. No time compensation on the island for late unloading. Food servers on the island were removing food items from the line while passengers were trying to eat. Food on Destiny was great, our room steward Mario was absolutely wonderful. Our dining server Iktuk, in the Universal Dining, room took great care of us.

    Rating: 4/5


  • We got off cruise in June going to Turks and Nassau. Carnival could have cared less that the air conditioner wasn't working properly in cabin. Found out later, other cabins were either too hot or freezing. A myriad of problems existed, cabin phones not working, showers flooding bathroom, construction going on in lower decks so passengers couldn't sleep. I could go on and on but why? The only thing that made the cruise enjoyable was our family members and knowing we were disembarking soon. NEVER AGAIN CARNIVAL!!!!! Not that the four cabins we reserved will ever mean anything, we're just dollar signs, however, the only way we knew to get your attention was to have your crew members realize your non caring attitude. Maybe when they speak you'll listen, but I doubt it.


  • Loved the cruise we just got back from! Jamaica and grand cayman in June 2012 my kids had a blast and so did I! Thank you carnival!!!! We'll see you next year!


  • Just left Destiny this morning! We had a fantastic time. We didn't want to leave. Thank you for the wonderful memories!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just got off of the Carnival Destiny. Extremely disappointed. Not to the standard of service we have grown accustomed to from our previous cruises. For future reference, anyone about to stay in cabins 7197 or 7201, you will have no thermostat control. (The dial is there but it doesn't work.). After several complaints, they came up and measured the room air at 76 & said it's "within their standards." The humidity was so high my parents' and sister's clothes and sheets in these two rooms remained damp the whole trip. They offered several lies as to what was going on including "It will be fixed in 2 hours," but to no avail. They never apologized and refused any room movement or partial compensation. We found out the previous cruisers complained when the lady at the desk said, "You should be happy, the last cruise it was measuring 78 degrees." We figure they know the problem & have no intentions of fixing it because the ship is going to dry dock for a complete overhaul in January. We also heard similar complaints of heat on the 2nd floor (not sure which rooms) and more complaints regarding construction in the employees quarters from 8am-8pm. The guy said it was banging and circular saws all day-- he couldn't even go to his stateroom for a nap. We have taken several cruises with carnival, all great--sadly, this was the absolute worst customer service we have ever experienced anywhere. Simple rule-- Don't be greedy. If you shouldn't rent the cabin, then don't.


  • Dirty old ship. Needs serious updating. Too many area for smokers. Not family friendly. Very disappointed in carnival. Probubly will never travel with them again.,

  • Went on Destiny back last year in 8/8/11 it was OK, they didn't have a dual hot tub which I'm spoiled with now after enjoying them on both Freedom and Glory. The ship is beautiful but as long as you can be ok without hot tubs, then you'll have a good time.


  • This is our 2nd cruise with Carnival and loved the adventure. We went in March 2012. Food was great! The only issue I have is the shows on this ship were a little trashy and too revealing. Other wise we enjoyed the trip. To be an older ship, it was in nice shape. Going on the Legend in November and looking forward to it.


  • We are a family of three...Dad, Mom, teenage daughter. We just spent 5 marvelous days on the Destiny...debarked last Saturday. As first time cruisers we have no comparison, but all I know is that we loved the trip. From cabin steward Bismark to dining room waiter Pindele, the entire crew took great care of us. The food was marvelous...don't miss the chocolate melting cake! {The Lido late PM could have a little more variety.} Our cabin was bigger than I expected....if you splurge on a balcony room you won't regret it, but save some money for drinks as they are not cheap. We visited Nassau, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk. Don't bother with Carnival's shore excursions at Nassau; You can find the same excursions for half price when you exit the ship. Take a taxi to the beach for $4 a person but beware those trolling the beach for rentals and sales. Half Moon Cay Is beautiful and my favorite day of the cruise; catch the early tender to the island and expect a line to return but wait at the bar to make it bearable. There is not much to see at HMC if you snorkel so don't bother with the snorkel rental unless you do the shore excursion. Grand Turk is a newer port; a few decent shops but not on the scale of Nassau. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville has good burgers but very slower service...$65 for appetizer, two burgers and 2 margaritas. The beach at Grand Turk is pretty but made of very small rocks and pebbles rather than fine sand. Grab a deck chair early for the day at Sea or you might find yourself lying on the wooden deck. It was a great family experience. My teen chose to stick with Mom rather than hang with the teens. She loved the head to toe treatment in the spa. The comedians on the ship were hilarious and the cruise director Noonan was good. His assistant Sarah tried too hard and was just annoying. We did not think much of the two stage shows...they were very dated. Relax, indulge, laugh, and when you get home I guarantee you will start planning your next trip.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Incredible time and wonderful ship!


  • The Destiny needs a upgrade, I've cruised at least 6 other times and would recommend other carnival ships.No refrigerator in rooms. However the service on this ship was superb


  • We went on Feb 16th and the ship and workers where amazing!!!! Our room was very clean and was nicer then what I thought! Food was always good and very plentiful!! Just can't wait to go again!!!!

    Rating: 5/5


  • This ship was ok, but liked the others better.


  • Cruised 2/16-2/20/12 to key west & Cozumel. My 2nd cruise, kids 1st. Camp carnival too confusing. Kids different ages too far apart on different areas if the ship. My kids were 4,5 &7. Spent most of my time dropping off & picking up kids. Too much smoking on the lido deck. DJ at night sucked. Raffles were not fair. It was a confusing cruise would not sail on the destiny again.

    Rating: 4/5


  • Went on Destiny May 2011 on the NKOTB cruise. Staff was great, everything was clean, food was good, ship is dated but who cares! Lots to do. Cruising again this year!


  • Fun ship.had a great time. Staff was always helpful and friendly.


  • I completely had a ball in December!!! Noonan and Shorty were awesome! Take back your tips on the second day and give the cabin steward cash because he/she will know your name on day one and will clean the hell out of your room it seems like every time you leave! Also, GET INVOLVED!!! I think I did every activity they offered! People do win iPads and cash out of the machines in the casino so give it a try. Do assigned seating for dinner so you won't have to wait in line. Bring some picture money because you WILL buy some pics! Go to the helpful hint seminars that the cruise director offers. They will shake water bottles to check for booze (water doesn't bubble up) so check it don't carry booze. Turn your phone off because you will be internationally roaming and even receiving texts can be .50¢ per text. I used my iPhone as a PDA and music player only. Bring a power strip there are only 3-4 plugs in the room. Bring a shoe organizer for the bathroom for toiletries because there is no counter space. Read the cruise pamphlet daily because it will have info on events. Save money on excursions by getting off the boat and go directly to the vendor standing on shore. The spa has a drawing for a free couples treatment on the first day but you have to be present. Bring a sweater!!! The lido deck is your friend!!!! Have fun!!!


  • Just did a 5 night western Caribbean and had an AMAZING time. Sure the ship is older, but it has everything we needed and wanted. Staff was incredible, and that alone would make me book a trip on the Destiny again in the future!

    Rating: 5/5


  • If youve been on newer cruises you wont find this one as amusing in all aspects. Do not overpay for this one. Thats what happened to us only we expected it with what we paid for.


  • Loved this boat!!!!


  • Just got back from a 5 day to Jamaica and Grand Cayman! The ship is a bit dated but definately fun!!! The staff is amazing and there is lots to do!!


  • We sailed on the Destiny over Christmas. It was our first cruise and we loved it. The Destiny is a very comfortable ship. It is not huge and therefore very easy to get around. The staff are amazing. We ate dinner every night in the Galaxy dining room and enjoyed great meals with the best staff ever. If you are looking for a smaller ship, you won't go wrong with the Destiny

    Rating: 4/5




  • Went on the Destiny in july. Had a great time, very clean, loved the food and the staff was wonderful and always made sure we was happy.


  • Our cruise was sparkling clean! Staff amazing! Daughter hurt her leg running up the steps to the slide! Everyone was very helpful!! 4th cruise and one of the best!

    Rating: 5/5


  • 2010 went on Destiny nice ship but was the cruise to know where. Propulsion problems were not addressed didn't make one port. Cruised in circles no remedies offered for not making any ports...Crew was wonderful Management not so much...


  • Went on this ship 15 years ago, and again a couple of weeks ago...and nothing has changed! Boat needs a LOT of maintenance, but it's ok for a short trip.


  • Ship staff and service were excellent. Love you destiny! <3 Tiff


  • Had a brillent time. All the staff where excellent and hard working to keep everyone happy and the ship clean. This was my 2nd trip with carnavil now planing my 3rd


  • The cruise was awesome & the service was excellent :)


  • Cruised on Destiny in September. Had a great time on a great ship. Service was excellent.


  • Our waiters and room staff were awesome!! Food was not near as good as the Liberty. And they allowed smoking in the casino and a couple of the bars which we did not go to because of that

    Rating: 3/5


  • Goong on her for the second time tomorrow. For being 16 years old it is in great condition. Staff & service is excellent.


  • Dirty Service was regular not that nice and attentive to costumer Old need ti remodel


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