Carnival Sunshine Cruise Reviews

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  • What a wonderful trip! We sailed 10/17 from New York and the ship was everything we wanted and more. The staff was always courteous, our room steward was exceptional, and the food choices were plentiful. I have no complaints, and would happily sail on the Sunshine again!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just returned from 5 day Canada cruise. Crew was very helpful and nice! Our shower head broke one day but it was fixed very quickly, no problems. Food was good some th8ngs were better than others. we tried the Italian restaurant which we found amazing! The bigger shows were great, but found the later show to be less crowded. Would definitely sail on her again!

    Rating: 5/5


  • Just came off of the 5 day Canada cruise yesterday. Ship staff very pleasant & professional. We had interior room on deck 2. Plenty of space for us. Prefer balcony, but cannot beat the bang for the buck. Food good throughout, with exception of the marketplace buffet which we found disappointing, at best. Public venues felt small for the size of the ship. Entertainment options somewhat limited. Piano Bar 88 with Patrick was the BEST!! Loved Halifax. St. Johns was okay. Had an issue with bus breakdown on excursion, but ultimately received a fair adjustment. Would recommend both this cruise itinerary & ship.

    Rating: 4/5


  • After a 11-12 year hiatus of cruising we decided to come back after doing the "Disney Thing" with our son this January with Royal Caribbean.  We had such a fantastic Royal Caribbean cruise we decided to take another in October, the Carnival Sunshine out of New York.  Switching from Royal Caribbean to Carnival was a mistake. Carnival Sunshine, New York Sailing October 17, 2016 - October 22, 2016  ROOM 9111 THE NEGATIVES: ** Be prepared to be nickel and dimed. ** We purchased the "Faster To The Fun" (FTTF) which gets you on the ship faster, your room is ready when you get on and your luggage follows YOU to your room so you have immediate access.  The was a total joke.  We were allowed on board before noon, but our room was not ready and our luggage...after asking over 10 times where it was, arrived at 5pm.  After an argument with guest services, the $59.95 FTTF charge was refunded.  If they had not, I was going to do a credit card charge back anyway when I got home.  Royal Caribbean is BETTER. ** We ordered a small Canape Party Tray which was not ready when we arrived but were told to call room service when we arrived at our room and they would send it right up. We did and we were told it was a 5-6 hour wait!  Which would have made it closer to dinner.  It FINALLY arrived at 8:00 at night!!!  Seriously!  Royal Caribbean is BETTER.  ** A person in our party uses a medical device that requires DISTILLED water. (1 Gallon) You are NOT allowed to bring this on board (but you can bring a 12 pack of Coke) so we had to purchase on board for $3.75....I can buy the same gallon every day, any day for .75 CENTS.  This is a medical device and a necessity.  If you are not allowed to bring your own it should be free.  I find this particularly galling. Royal Caribbean gives you a gallon FREE. ** RUDE and UNKNOWLEDGEABLE staff.  I'm not sure if it's the port or the cruise line itself, but these employees were just plain rude, (not all but most).  I watched several employees texting while working and some were on their cell phones quite a bit.  I saw several posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  One extremely RUDE Guest Services guy was more concerned about his time than mine.....he kept looking at his watch like I was boring him. I saw an "Officer" guy in white dress cut in front of a little old lady in line in order to get his food faster from the Taco Bar.  She was upset and so was I.  We watched a person ask an employee where something was on the ship and the employee said "I'm not sure, I think its on deck 3 or 4, but you can get a map and find out".  Royal Caribbean treated us and it's passengers MUCH better. ** Our toilet clogged and so did our sink.  Maintenance was quickly sent up.  It took a bit to unclog the toilet.  He plugged the sink and up comes hairy, stinky, filthy, black and red/yellow chunks of goo that sat in our sink for OVER two hours where we couldn't use the sink.  We were unable to brush our teeth or shave for that time. ** Our neighbors Captains Suite 9115 toilet clogged.....TWICE.  The ONLY way to access their toilet plumbing is through our closet, so we had to let maintenance into our cabin, remove our clothes so they could remove the clothes racks in order to get to the panel to unclog their toilet....TWICE!  No compensation was offered also no apology.  ** Tips are automatically added to cocktail and drink orders, so there is NO incentive for bartenders or waiters to wait on you quickly or give you fast service.  Hey, why rush when you know you are going to get tipped for slow and bad service anyway?  What a good deal!  I want a job where I get paid even if I give you slow and terrible service. ** Be prepared for "carnival barkers" on the Promenade Deck (Shopping Area).  Strolling through the area the sales people will YELL at you to buy something, and they won't take NO for answer....they will follow you and insist that you buy their special of day, and if you say NO, they give you dirty looks and follow you.  We did NOT experience this on Royal Caribbean.  ** Although the ship was just upgraded a couple of years ago, the ship looks run down and sad.  To us it looked like they didn't spend up on the furnishings and lighting, so they are started to break and show their wear tear already. POSITIVES: ** The room itself was very large and quite nice, it can sleep 4 adults, even 4 adults and a small child.  Two twin beds and a sofa that pulls out into a bed.  We used the sofa bed but the sofa wasn't made up every day so we could use the sofa during the daytime.  On Royal Caribbean line, they made up the sofa every morning and then took it down at night so we could use the sofa during the day.  Carnival did not....kind of a negative. ** Food was great.  Guys Burger Joint had top notch burgers every day, which were fantastic.  They also had a Taco/Burrito bar right next to Guys Burgers but it was open long...Noon to 3pm, which was kind of a negative.  Why only 3 hours daily?  Casual dining was good, excellent choices and a great salad and fruit bars.  24 hour pizza was okay, but it lacked flavor.  My teenage son and his friend ate quite a bit of them, but they teenagers.  ** Entertainment was okay.  The waterslides were fun, along with the rope course.  Trivia was always fun and the comedians were funny.  We were never bored when it came to entertainment. ** The Alchemy Bar was fantastic along with the two great bartenders there.  We spent quite a few nights chatting with them and the guests and would recommend that anytime. SUMMARY: We started cruising in the late 1990's with our first being Carnival Sensation, then the Triumph and then the Legend.  After a 12 year absence we took a Royal Caribbean, Brilliance of the Seas and enjoyed that immensely, which got us back into cruising.  Now with this trip on the Carnival Sunshine we were disappointed. We feel Carnival is not the gem it used to be.  Between being nickel and dimed, rude staff and non compensation for the toilet/sink deal, this has soured us on Carnival and would have to recommend Royal Caribbean over them.   

    Rating: 2/5


  • Sitting in the lounge listening to Deja Vu. was the best relaxation we have had. This group is fantastic. Specialty restaurants were great. Only fault was dining room. they ruined roast chicken.

    Rating: 5/5


  • we had a great time I just wish had a few more different kinds of shows and activity than they had  I would recompend it couldn't have had better room service and the people in the dinnerroom were great. our main waitress Kenya) couldn't have been any better and her helpers were very helpful.

    Rating: 4/5


  • wonderful time. Nice room and friendly staffs. windy weather. burrito station staaf needs warmer cloth. Cruise director Emma was great. Veterans celebration section was good.

    Rating: 5/5


  • I had a great time with my friends celebrating our 50th birthdays (all 13 of us) and reuniting after so many years. The cruise itinerary and activities were good. Service in the dining area was excellent provided by Monika and I.Gusti. The food selection could have been better. Some were very small portion and cold/bland. The cabin size is very small and could not walk around with the luggage not stowed away. No toiletries provided.

    Rating: 4/5


  • I enjoyed the length of the cruise, it was like a long weekend.  The cruise director, Emma, was very approachable and friendly. Her and her staff made the cruise enjoyable.  I would recommend the cruise, I loved the town of New Brunswick, very quant. However, I would not book a balcony room again.  I paid extra for the room, but was not able to use the balcony.  So disappointed!!

    Rating: 3/5


  • The weather was very cold and windy, but the outside pool was as warm as a hot tub.  We spent all of our evening in the pool watching movies on the big screen.   The food was very delicious, but the lines were too long and everything was crowded.    The people Carnival hires are the friendliest and most helpful people!   We only had the issue with the sky rope line operators, where the woman decided to close the course (it is was time to close) while we were in line.   She said, come back in the afternoon, but the wind was too strong in the afternoon and the course never opened.    Most importantly, our room was just below the Japanese restaurant where the crew started preparing food at 5AM and still was cleaning up at 11:30.  It was impossible to sleep!  At one night we went upstairs to find them hammering some crab shells open that shook our whole cabin.    Talked to many guest who had the same experience.  

    Rating: 4/5


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