Carnival Breeze 6 Night Cruise Departing August 25th 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Breeze was built in 2012. Carnival Breeze has a top sailing speed of 23 kn. Carnival Breeze holds a total of 3690 passengers. is operated by a crew of 1386. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Breeze a 4.3 out of 5.

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Balcony was on Lido deck not far from the awesome food!!!! we always pick this deck. Do not get near the launderette as there is much activity towards the end of the cruise with passengers waiting and talking in the hall by the washer and dryers. Laundry is located by cabin 10264
The Breeze is a beautiful ship...I would definitely sail on this ship again"
For a place that is not as crazy as the pool area, try the 5th deck. Lots of room in either sun or shade. Hot tubs on this deck are rarely used.
Recommend trying a side balcony. Our rear balcony seemed to get numerous whiffs of the smoke from the ships stack even in (or maybe because of) high winds.
Try to sample all the different lunch options. You might find something new to love.
If you needed some quiet time, the Serenity deck was a great place to spend some alone time. Also, there are hot tubs in various place on the ship for those cruisers that wanted to spend some time soaking.
Be sure to check out Fat Jimmy's on sea days! Also El Capitano is free at lunch!
Guy's burgers was outstanding. The dining experience in the actual dining rooms is always great. Make sure you do a good walk around when you 1st get on the ship so that you are familiar with where everything is located.
It's best to order room service at night if you are feeling a little hungry. Lines for pizza are long and there are no other places to grab a quick bite.
Pray that Matt is your cruise director! He is top Notch!

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Almost any cruise is a good time because of the sun, fun, and travel.  This was our second time on the Breeze.  This time we brought our 5-year-old daughter.   The kids program was great and she had lots of fun, except that it wasn't open all day continuously.  The hours were a little confusing because they were different every day.  We spent lots of time watching the clock instead of relaxing.  And they were closed between like noon and 1pm on sea days, then again between 4pm and 700pm.  So you really couldn't get a good a whole evening in for adult relaxation time.  Now from 7pm to 3am they were open (not free after 10pm), but we had to get the munchkin in bed because of early excursion times, so we couldn't utililize the late-night program.  They were open all day during port days.  We had one day in Jamaica were we left her in the Camp Ocean while we went ashore and that worked out great.  They fed her lunch too.   Our room was not very clean.  We are not really ones to make a fuss, so we never complained to the room steward, but the room had not been vacuumed.  There was sticky stuff (maybe a spilled soda) all over the vanity area and the light switches.  And smudgy brown stuff in the sink (no idea).     The food.  Guy's Burgers are amazing.  Out by the back pool, the Indian buffet is also amazing, but it's only open from like noon to 2pm.  We never made it to the 555 steakhouse which I have heard is the best food on the boat.  But with Camp Ocean being closed during dinner and our picky child, we never bothered with the expensive steakhouse.  The food in the Blush dining room was better this year than last year, but dinner was served at a frantic pace.  Not really relaxing.  The Red Frog Pub is pretty good.  They have great wings and coconut shrimp.  I did not enjoy the conch fritters, barely any conch meat.  The ice cream machines in the buffet area are great for a treat!  And room service breakfast on port days is the way to go!   This is not really Carnival's fault, but the clientele we encountered this time was rambunctious, ill-mannered, and loud.  More so than our cruise on the same ship last year.  There were several loud fights during disembarkation (no Carnival staff was present to help direct traffic and many people were trying to cut in line).  I think Carnival could have done a better job with traffic flow and organization in general.  Long lines at the buffet and the pizza station.  Long lines for alcohol pickup.  That was another thing they changed between last year and this year.  If you buy alcohol in their store or in port, they keep it and now you have to go wait in line the last morning of the cruise to claim it.  They used to bring it to your room, but no longer.  So that was a pain.  We are ready to disembark and I'm waiting in line for 45 minutes for one bottle of alcohol.     The magicians on board were great!  That was the only show we made it to.  (Last year there was a hypnotist that was very entertaining too.)     If you can hit the pool when everybody is at port, that is the best time.  Otherwise it's pretty crowded.  One super awesome thing about the pool:  the life jackets for the kids to wear in the pool.  Good job Carnival.  Our kid is a bit nervous in the water and she really liked the life jacket.  We actually just bought her the same one from Amazon after we got home to use in our home pool.  They are slim-fitting low-profile life jackets and really helped her feel more confident in the water.  Oh, and the pool depth is 4 feet 4 inches so she couldn't reach the bottom.   The excursions really made the trip.  ATV adventure in Jamaica, Atlantis Submarine in Grand Cayman (super nice place, would have loved to do several activities in Grand Cayman), and Dophinaris in Cozumel.  Everything was fantastic and I highly recommend going through Carnival for your excursions.  Especially for ease of mind and convenience.   And if you can splurge for the balcony, do so.  It was cool to eat room service breakfast on the balcony while the ship was docking in the mornings to enjoy the view.   Thank you for reading my very long review.  Hope this helps you in your travels.

railroadgirl, last Friday at 11:40 PM

The ship is pretty great. I will say that. Our room was pretty great too. We had a balcony very near the main pool, which made it convenient. The food not too bad. Some was really great and some not so great unfortunately. For instance, the first formal night we opted for steak and lobster. The steak was really good, but the lobster was small and mushy. Not a great way to start our dinning room experience. They messed up our dessert order as well. Tried to hide the mistake, but we noticed and that caused us to have to wait much longer than we would have had to wait.    After excursions, we can back to the ship hungry and found that most all the places for food were closed. Except Guys Hamburgers, and how many times do you want to eat the same, same. They were great burgers, but not day after day. After breakfast the juice machines were closed and opened with tea and coffee . . I longed for the juice.   The atrium is definitely on the small side from what they used to be. On this ship after the evening shows they bring the party to the atrium which can be fun, but because the atrium is small the crowd overwhelms the space.   Exiting the ship for excursions is a NIGHTMARE! It was the worst I have ever seen and I have been on 20 some odd cruises. They had you lining up in the hallways in front of peoples cabins, no air circulating, loud talking from everyone and smashed together trying to get off.   Debarking was much better. They went by floor. It was the easiest I have ever experienced. Whichever floor your room was on called, thats the floor that exited. It went extremely quickly, no lines! Thats a much better plan than for excursions.   Very small main pool area. With the kids playing, jumping and being just kids, rowdy and all it didn't make for the best poolside time. Chairs were crammed next to each other so no space for your drink or bag you might have with you.    Room service menu has shrunk down to a bare minimum. I was very disappointed. There are many times I like the quite of my room and a meal on the balcony. Thats a no go anymore.   We never book excursions from the ship anymore. They are way too crowded and more expensive than if you make arrangements on your own. We book thru a travel agent when we book the cruise. That is far more exciting and well worth it. We did far more than booking from the ship for less money. No crowds, more private for sure. Guides are so willing to do what you want to do, for example you want to stop for a photo . . . you got it! No problem.   The time on the islands are so limited. I don't understand why you only get half a day basically. You are incredibly rushed. I see no reason for such a short time in these ports of call. You blink and you might miss that you had been there.   I love cruising, but its changing. Being a lifetime cruiser I see the changes and its not as wonderful as it used to be. Its big bucks for what you get.   Don't be enticed by the lower cruise rate. Because in the end the expenses add up, WAY up by the time you are done. It is almost a given that the additions are as much as the original low cost of the cruise ticket. From spending on gratuities, drinks including just a soda, different dinning choices, movies, coffee shops, trinkets, tips for drivers etc., excursions . . you get the picture.   I will go again I am sure, but I sure hope some changes for the better are put into place.

siren1760, last Friday at 12:38 PM

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