Carnival Breeze 6 Night Cruise Departing August 25th 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Breeze was built in 2012. Carnival Breeze has a top sailing speed of 23 kn. Carnival Breeze holds a total of 3690 passengers. Carnival Breeze is operated by a crew of 1386. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Breeze a 4.5 out of 5.

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The Marketplace on Lido deck is the place to be if you choose not to dress up and go to the dining room. I thoroughly enjoyed the Indian food station it was very good. I would say to use the steps to work off all that good food.
Large ship, lots of thing for children to do.
Recommend trying a side balcony. Our rear balcony seemed to get numerous whiffs of the smoke from the ships stack even in (or maybe because of) high winds.
Try to sample all the different lunch options. You might find something new to love.
If you needed some quiet time, the Serenity deck was a great place to spend some alone time. Also, there are hot tubs in various place on the ship for those cruisers that wanted to spend some time soaking.
Be sure to check out Fat Jimmy's on sea days! Also El Capitano is free at lunch!
Guy's burgers was outstanding. The dining experience in the actual dining rooms is always great. Make sure you do a good walk around when you 1st get on the ship so that you are familiar with where everything is located.
It's best to order room service at night if you are feeling a little hungry. Lines for pizza are long and there are no other places to grab a quick bite.
Check out the sea day barbeque. Located on Ocean Plaza.
Pray that Matt is your cruise director! He is top Notch!

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Big awesome ship. But comes with the price of 3800 people. We paid for an aft balcony and we got what we paid for. Wonderful view off the back of the ship. The room was large with a nice size balcony. The room stewards worked hard to take care of everything. I liked Guys burgers while the wife was 50/50 on them. Now the negative . For me there was WAY to many people. We couldn't find seats near the pool on sea days. Only once did we score a seat on the serenity. Lines for food all day and it seemed like when you wanted a certain food it was closed. Port days almost seemed like a first time on the ship? Complete Mass chaos! I am a mild tempered kind of guy unless you are rude. That said my temper spiked on a few people. Please, thank you and excuse me go along way! Overall we had a good time but I doubt we will go on the Breeze again.

cNsWXDmmiZF1UwGqML0JpWGw1, Yesterday at 4:56 PM

I just finished the 6 day Caribbean cruise. The staff works incredibly hard and are always friendly, A lot of my thanks and great time goes to them and they hard work. Everything runs very efficiently- from your entrees arriving to the quick cleaning up of dishes and staterooms.There are plenty of options for food and it is always cooked well. Matt the Cruise director is so funny and informative-he was the heart and soul of the ship. Every night I found something entertaining to do-shows, live music, and the dive in movies. I recommend not only sailing on the carnival cruise line but the Breeze because of the wide variety of activities and amazing cruise (my first) experience.

Oliviac, Yesterday at 1:04 AM

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Im up for that

2 years ago - Alex

Anyone up for flag football on the beach, let me know and I'll bring my gear.

2 years ago - Yellowjacket1799

Only 2 more days!!!

2 years ago - Alex

It is their own brew. I'm just wondering if it is any good. Scotch is good with diet coke :)

2 years ago - Becca

I'm assuming that's a beer they serve? I'm a scotch drinker :/

2 years ago - Yellowjacket1799

Any word on the red frog brew?

2 years ago - Becca

I'm dreaming of hot tubs, bottomless tall cold drinks and six nights of partying with 3000 of my new best friends!

2 years ago - Yellowjacket1799

I'm dreaming of palm trees and drinks with umbrellas!

2 years ago - Becca

So, do we just show up? And, I went on the pub crawl last time I was in the Keys...had a terrific time!!

2 years ago - Becca

Congrats!! It's going to be a great party!

2 years ago - Jennifer

Anybody doing the Key West Pub Crawl?

2 years ago - Yellowjacket1799

Me too, me too! This is My First cruise being over 21. Time to drink

2 years ago - alliemigs

Congrats! I'll drink to that!

2 years ago - Yellowjacket1799

Cannot wait, just upgraded to a balcony. Turrrrrnnnnnup!

2 years ago - alliemigs

8/25 Cruiser's: Anyone interested in the hour and a half open bar Meet & Greet, check out the 8/25 roll call on Cruise Critic. $16.67 per person and the count is over 60 people now. Ages range from teens, 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's and its a rowdy and diverse group. The roll call has all the details. Less than 2 weeks away!

2 years ago - Yellowjacket1799

Just 16 more days

2 years ago - Alex

Countdown clock just hit 0 months! 30 days to go! Can't wait!

2 years ago - Yellowjacket1799

My daughter and her two friends are going on this cruise for her 16th birthday, will there be a good amount of people their age?

2 years ago - Deb Megew

Yep yep can't wait

2 years ago - Ferny

2 years ago - mmperry2006

Hello hello where is everybody

2 years ago - mmperry2006

We are 30 pages into our cruise critic roll call!

2 years ago - mmperry2006

Can't wait.. Can't come fast enough

2 years ago - Alexander

Woohoo! These boards are so distracting when work is dragging by! :P under the 3 month mark now!

2 years ago - Kaci

Hello all!!! The next 3 months can't go fast enough! I notice a few names from cruise critic hello!

2 years ago - mmperry2006