Carnival Breeze 6 Night Cruise Departing August 25th 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Breeze was built in 2012. Carnival Breeze has a top sailing speed of 23 kn. Carnival Breeze holds a total of 3690 passengers. is operated by a crew of 1386. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Breeze a 4.5 out of 5.

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The Breeze is a beautiful ship...I would definitely sail on this ship again"
For a place that is not as crazy as the pool area, try the 5th deck. Lots of room in either sun or shade. Hot tubs on this deck are rarely used.
Recommend trying a side balcony. Our rear balcony seemed to get numerous whiffs of the smoke from the ships stack even in (or maybe because of) high winds.
If you needed some quiet time, the Serenity deck was a great place to spend some alone time. Also, there are hot tubs in various place on the ship for those cruisers that wanted to spend some time soaking.
Be sure to check out Fat Jimmy's on sea days! Also El Capitano is free at lunch!
It's best to order room service at night if you are feeling a little hungry. Lines for pizza are long and there are no other places to grab a quick bite.
Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely breakfast/brunch in the Blush Dining Room at the back of the ship. This is a seated/served meal in an elegant setting (at no additional cost).
I would definitely give those above ratings more than simply GOOD. Take the stairs as often as possible. Check the daily activity sheet and plan your much to see and'll fall in love with Carnival over and over and......
Go to the dining room for breakfast you can just sit an enjloy your mean without lines
Try the Guy Fieri Hamburger bar.

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Me and my husband are taking our very first cruise on the Breeze Nov. 13th. I've been reading through all the reviews, the good AND the bad and its very easy to see that most of the bad reviews are coming from the people who cruise A LOT!! Be it on on the Carnival cruise line or other cruise lines. You know, I try to wake up every morning and be thankful for what I have. I'm thankful that me and my husband are finally able to take a vacation after 15 years of marriage, I'm thankful that my mother in law is still in good health and able to watch our 2 youngest children while we take this amazing trip! Taking a vacation is blessing that none of us should ever just take for granted. There are so many people out there who are struggling to make ends meet everyday and can't afford the luxury of taking a vacation much less a cruise!! I'm giving the Breeze a 5 star review even though I haven't been on her yet. But just like other people have said on these forums, the cruise is what YOU make it! So I plan to make this trip and if we are blessed with more the best time ever!! So you people who are complaining about the food not being up to par like on your previous cruises or when you think you should get something for free because of your complaints then you might want to bring your ego into check and realize there are a lot of people who would trade places with you in an instant. Stay humble.

sdprater, Today at 9:56 AM

The cruise was excellent! It is the best value out there for vacation. Ive traveled out of country. Ive travelled in state. This is by far the best value out there. I spent very little time in my stateroom but every time I stepped in or out my steward Pavlo was there. He knew me by name by the 2nd day. He and everyone else acted as though they LOVE LOVE LOVE their job!!!!! no grumpiness there. Mikey (cruise director) was a mess...LOL ....Cant say enough good things about this amazing cruise  

mmastroud, Yesterday at 8:52 PM

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