Carnival Dream 7 Night Cruise Departing August 31st 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Dream was built in 2009. Carnival Dream has a top sailing speed of 23 kn. Carnival Dream holds a total of 3646 passengers. is operated by a crew of 1367. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Dream a 4.7 out of 5.

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Try visiting the barbecue section on the ship for lunch. The food is a welcomed change.
Eat dinner around 6pm so you can go to the show after and then go straight to the comedy club after the show. They really have the timing right on when shows start so you don't have to miss anything. Relax and let people do stuff for you.
Get out to the 10th deck early to get a seat by the pool at night to watch movies
Check out the adults-only Serenity Deck on board the Carnival Dream. It's near the top of the ship and is a quiet place to get away from much of the noise down below. They have a bar and lots of comfortable places to enjoy watching the ocean glide by. Try a Kiss on the Lips drink! Tasty!
Go with money to spent don't try to be cheap book your excursions ahead of time it's worth it bring soda and water with you if you don't want to spent on that.
Enjoy a sit down breakfast. Great way to meet wonderful people and get pointers from seasoned cruisers. Skip the Mongolian station - took an hour.
Make sure to book a Cove Balcony.
go do the brunch in the dining room awsome everything is fresh an made to order even the coffee is better u can sit down an relax an enjoy ur breakfast in comfront
Great service in dining room at breakfast. Fast service and no lines.Try the BBQ out on deck 5 outside. Floor 14 and 15 for adults is a must. The hammocks are to die for. They need more. The one slide was disappoining because you don't go all the way down. Have to walk down stairs the rest of the way. Otherwise the Dream was the best I have been on. Loved it!!!
Look at your map, ship is easy to navigate but there is so much to see and do, that you don't want to overlook anything. Be sure to try a brunch one morning in the dining room, fantastic menu!

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This was our 3rd Carnival cruise and 8th cruise overall.  Until this point we had been very please with Carnival and the level of service and food quality when compared to the other cruise lines we have sailed with.  This time, we were disappointed in what appears to be a decline in service, an overall reduction in the availability of food and the food quality.  With regards to the service, we've always had our room cleaned after we left the cabin regardless of the time of day we finally got up and going.  We always came back to our room each night to find our cabin had "Turn Down" service.  This time, on the first day, our steward let us know that we would need to call if we left our cabin after a certain time if we wanted the cabin cleaned, we also had to opt for nightly "turn down" service.  With the food, this was hit and miss.  The dining rooms appeared to still have the quality of food that we've always known and the steak house was just absolutely excellent.  But the buffet and food quality was definitely down as well as the "extra" offerings we've experienced in the past did not happen such as midnight buffets.  Just another thing I noticed was that certain food items on the buffet were no longer serve yourself as much as you want and you actually had to request the item, ie., Bacon.   

bayareasooner, Yesterday at 10:12 PM

It was a wonderful cruise! Our wait staff was the best I have ever had, and I have been on 9 cruises! Anthony, Albert and Bagus, (and Sean, the matri'D were so exceptional! My grandsons were on the cruise, and the wait staff, especially Anthony and Bagus, were so great to the kids, my 7 year old cried when he had to leave Anthony! He did card tricks, and all kinds of cool stuff to keep the kids busy while we ate. They brought their food right away, they were just fabulous! Our room steward Raabe, was excellent too, never had to ask for anything! Each evening I had a glass of Moscato, and they ran out, and didn't have any for the last two nights, which I found odd. The dancers were just amazing, the show they put on was the best ever! You can tell how much work went into this show! Talked to one of the dancers named Chris, from Pennsylvania, and he was so kind and patient talking to us, such a nice young man! My daughter had a problem with one of the Build a Bear associates. The leg on the leopard she bought ripped, and when she brought it back the girl that waited on her was incredibly rude to her. If Carnival wants this program to succeed, then the associates running it have to be nicer. She found out (from a nice young man that took care of her) that it had been overstuffed, and that is why it ripped. He didn't argue with her, he was very nice, and gave her a new one. Also, need to get the places where the kids are measured for the waterslides in sync...on one, my grandson was tall enough to go down the slides, on the other one he wasn't, and they sat and argued with my daughter about it, and then told her he couldn't go down ANY of the slides...I felt that was really wrong. This was a vacation of a lifetime, their FIRST cruise, and he was not allowed on any waterslides. He is only four, and he loves waterslides. We should have gone to guest services and complained, but I know it really upset my daughter and her husband.

ShelleyL5, Yesterday at 6:36 PM

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