Carnival Dream 7 Night Cruise Departing August 31st 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Dream was built in 2009. Carnival Dream has a top sailing speed of 23 kn. Carnival Dream holds a total of 3646 passengers. is operated by a crew of 1367. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Dream a 4.1 out of 5.

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Try visiting the barbecue section on the ship for lunch. The food is a welcomed change.
Eat dinner around 6pm so you can go to the show after and then go straight to the comedy club after the show. They really have the timing right on when shows start so you don't have to miss anything. Relax and let people do stuff for you.
Get out to the 10th deck early to get a seat by the pool at night to watch movies
Check out the adults-only Serenity Deck on board the Carnival Dream. It's near the top of the ship and is a quiet place to get away from much of the noise down below. They have a bar and lots of comfortable places to enjoy watching the ocean glide by. Try a Kiss on the Lips drink! Tasty!
Go with money to spent don't try to be cheap book your excursions ahead of time it's worth it bring soda and water with you if you don't want to spent on that.
Enjoy a sit down breakfast. Great way to meet wonderful people and get pointers from seasoned cruisers. Skip the Mongolian station - took an hour.
Make sure to book a Cove Balcony.
go do the brunch in the dining room awsome everything is fresh an made to order even the coffee is better u can sit down an relax an enjoy ur breakfast in comfront
Great service in dining room at breakfast. Fast service and no lines.Try the BBQ out on deck 5 outside. Floor 14 and 15 for adults is a must. The hammocks are to die for. They need more. The one slide was disappoining because you don't go all the way down. Have to walk down stairs the rest of the way. Otherwise the Dream was the best I have been on. Loved it!!!
Look at your map, ship is easy to navigate but there is so much to see and do, that you don't want to overlook anything. Be sure to try a brunch one morning in the dining room, fantastic menu!

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We absolutely LOVED the cruise! The Carnival Dream was perfect, and we really enjoyed the staff on board. We visited the comedy shows several times, and even sang a little in the Song room (Karaoke). Dinner time was delicious, and the wait staff made us feel right at home. All in all... the boat was amazing!   Roatan- Positives- the most beautiful views I think I have ever seen. We took a rental car with a tour guide, and got to see a few secret places off the beaten path. We learned a lot about the "real" Roatan, as opposed to the "tourist" Roatan most visitors get to see.  Negatives- When we finally made it to the beach, we were constantly harassed by locals wanting us to buy a massage, get our hair braided, buy some handmade trinkets, and even got asked if we wanted to buy cigars to smoke on the beach. At first I was really annoyed. I mean... being asked if you want a massage 35 times in an hour was a little excessive, but when my tour guide informed me the income the locals make off of these massages, and trinkets, was the only income they make, it helped me understand their persistence. Also, we noticed a lot of local military armed with rifles posted at convenience stores and other stores along our private tour. If you have small children, might want to stay close to the port, and maybe choose to visit the beach right off the main dock.    Belize- Positives- One of the best vacation spots I have ever been to! I absolutely loved the whole city! We chose to go cave tubing with a company called Ecotours. Our tour guide was named Raymond, and he was AMAZING! He was very friendly, and told us all about Belize City...right down to some of the medicinal benefits many of the local plants offer. There was a thirty minute hike in the jungle to reach our push off point for the cave tubing, but with our tour guide showing us the local plants and natural rock formations along the way, it felt more like ten minutes! The river we floated down was crystal clear, and the river bed was all smooth rocks. I would definitely do the cave tubing again! Negatives- We didn't have enough time to really see all of Belize City. There is so much to do, and so many wonderful things to see, we just couldn't do enough in the 8 hours we were in port.    Cozumel- Positives- What can I say other than it was AMAZING! The beaches in Cozumel are second to none! We had fresh margaritas and authentic fajitas on the jeep tour we took. Our tour guide took us to some of the smaller Mayan Ruins, and to visit the old Lighthouse. I highly recommend the jeep tour for 1st time visitors.  Negatives- Like Belize.. there just wasn't enough time. I could have stayed on the beach for another 6 hours!   This trip was amazing from start to finish. I highly recommend cruising with Carnival. We are already discussing our next trip! 

ktaylor8912, Today at 1:42 PM

I thought I accepted the room I was looking at deck 8 towards the back of the ship. Paid for the room. Waited few days to review order looking for my room when I called they told me was going to be a few days till they assign the room. Then when I got the room it was under the kitchen and banging and sliding items all night. To say dissatisfied with the room I paid for is an understatement. This is my 4 the cruise. I booked all others using a travel agent, and was very satisfied. Tried on my own this time and not satisfied at all. 

malloymotors, Today at 9:43 AM

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