Carnival Dream 6 Night Cruise Departing April 14th 2014

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Dream was built in 2009. Carnival Dream has a top sailing speed of 23 kn. Carnival Dream holds a total of 3646 passengers. Carnival Dream is operated by a crew of 1367. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Dream a 4.5 out of 5.

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We loved the ship, we got married on the ship in 2012 and the entire ship was great. It was my first time cruising and now I'm hooked. I go cruising at lease twice a year now. Loved the dream and too bad it moved from port Canaveral to New Orleans. Just cruised on the liberty in February for my birthday and two thumbs up for that one also. Great job everyone.

thrill83, last Wednesday at 11:44 PM

It was a great vacation. I didn't think it was overcrowded at all. Sure there were lines at peak times but the food was very very good. Service was great. Disembarkation was a nightmare at the port. Once you were through customs it was everyman for theirselves. No direction for ground transportation. No one was directing traffic or controlling taxi lines. It was chaos and a mess. But I really did like this cruise and line. Better then our Disney cruise. No seriously. Crew seemed happier then other lines.

iublondie25, last Tuesday at 1:15 AM

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Ready to go

6 days ago - Ricky

Right fun times

6 days ago - Ricky


6 days ago - Ricky

Well we are here and waiting to get on and we are zone 1 so it should be soon. Hell yea. Fun fun times

6 days ago - Ricky


6 days ago - Judy

I'm in the same boat [mwamaw], and I only have 4 hours til I gotta hit the road!

6 days ago - TGreerLVT

Me too! Lol

6 days ago - Laura

im too excited 2 sleep lol

6 days ago - earyca

22 hours to go see you a the casino bar

6 days ago - Atk

2 hours away from NOLA

6 days ago - earyca


7 days ago - Frederick

Driving to DFW now. Flying on tomorrow

7 days ago - Frederick

The weather is suppose to be nice in Nola tomorrow,thinking abt going to Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant when we get there.

7 days ago - stelerz36

On the way to New Orleans now

8 days ago - Manny

About to start packing.

8 days ago - Fixer5775

Is everybody packed and ready to roll??

9 days ago - stelerz36

Flying Saturday from Maine.

9 days ago - Melissa

Can't believe around this time Monday I will be on the Dream and starting my dream of always wanting to go on a cruise!

9 days ago - Laura

Lots to do in Roatan! Zip lining is a blast! Less adventurous people might like the Gumbalimba Park!

10 days ago - Katherine

Fayetteville Arkansas

10 days ago - Frederick

We've never eaten any meals on the train. I've heard the food is great. I'm sure we will see each other on the train. 4 days

10 days ago - Debby

Still trying to decide what to do in Costa Maya and Roatan... Any good ideas? I've never been to these ports

12 days ago - Judy

Did it last years but I hit a credit card this year I don't

12 days ago - Manny

We will be in the dining car during breakfast...hope to see u guys

12 days ago - stelerz36

My husband loves the Wobble. He's learning not a big dancer. Hope to meet you at the train station. Going to be a great vacation.

12 days ago - Debby

Manny you can call guest services or you can go on line to order a bottle for your room and it will he there when you arrive. We have several friends that do this. Hope this helps.

12 days ago - Debby

I'll always be in the casino

12 days ago - Manny

Does anyone know if you can order bottles to your room once your on the boat?

12 days ago - Manny

Driving all the way from Chicago Illinois...14 hr drive, YIKES!!!!

13 days ago - Jacquelyn

Ready for the Wobble!

13 days ago - stelerz36

YES almost here

13 days ago - Debby

Hope to be able and see you on the ship. Were are at the casino bar a lot and serenity deck

13 days ago - Debby

Sail away party, Here we come! 7 day count down. See all of you on the lido deck! Ready to shake my tail featheršŸ˜‰

13 days ago - essence

Thank you Debby see you guys next week!!!

14 days ago - Manny


14 days ago - Manny

Debby thank you!! See you guys next week

14 days ago - Manny

Leaving Saturday morning from Lake Wylie SC.

14 days ago - Stacey Sukkert

Driving from Fort Worth

14 days ago - Gordon

Manny y'all drive safe. You will have a long drive.

15 days ago - Debby

We are going on Bourbon Street once we get there. Stelerz36 we will see you on the train to NOLA. On the same one. Can't wait

15 days ago - Debby

Flying from Pittsburgh to New Orleans

15 days ago - Katherine

Mobile, AL about 2 hrs

16 days ago - Amy

We are leaving Saturday morning from New Jersey

16 days ago - Manny

We are from louisiana so don't have to drive far. About an hour and a half!!

16 days ago - Genesta

We will be leaving on Sunday morning also, anybody up for pre-cruise drinks on Bourbon?? Lol

16 days ago - stelerz36

We are actually leaving Sunday morning for NOLA

16 days ago - Debby

Amtrak from Memphis to NOLA.

16 days ago - Debby

Amtrak from Memphis to NOLA!!

16 days ago - stelerz36

Purvis, MS

16 days ago - Laura

Driving to NoLa from New Jersey

17 days ago - Manny

Curious to see how far everyone is traveling to go on this cruise. I live in northeastern Missouri.

18 days ago - hicks99

I feel your pain. I'm in the transportation and our year end has kicked my butt this month. Today was our last closing. Finally. Ready to relax as well. Got to start packing.

18 days ago - Debby

Yep. We and Ricky will start packing in a week .

20 days ago - Mike

14 days come on I am so ready to get away and just chill, try to enjoy life I work in the retail world on Panama City beach and spring break is a bout to kick my butt. Lol.

20 days ago - Ricky

No I haven't started yet , but will start this week for sure

20 days ago - Ricky

I didn't even start to pack yet!! Am I the only one who hasn't packed yet??

20 days ago - Manny

Not long now! 12 days til I'm back on the Dream in NOLA!

21 days ago - Rebecca

My wife and I have cruised several times before but this will be the first cruise we bring our kids. We have 2 daughters. One is 7 and the other is 14 months. I hope they have fun.

21 days ago - hicks99

Oops 17 days for the Dream.

23 days ago - Debby

27 days left. Ready to go

23 days ago - Debby

18 days! So ready!

24 days ago - Laura

Does anyone on here go to friends of Dorothy?

a month ago - Gordon

We be there. Lol

a month ago - CharlesEzell

20 days until the blue waters for all of us. Yea. Yea. Can't wait

a month ago - Ricky

Whooo Hoooo only 22 days left. Who's ready ?

a month ago - Debby

What did u go to in order to get the single rate? I'm going on this cruise but also want to go in June but needing a cheaper rate for June.

a month ago - Laura

Does the 20s court lol

a month ago - Manny

Any couple from Mobile want to car pool over to New Orleans & back?

a month ago - Fixer5775

I made a fb group for the teens if you guys wanna join... It's carnival dream April 14, 2014 teens!

a month ago - jazminee22

That's great. My brother in law is rooming with us. He's single. We all have a great time on vacation.

a month ago - Debby


a month ago - Amy

Sorry meant to reply to my previous post.

a month ago - hawkeyebrat81

For most cruises I have paid double occupancy, but this one coming up and my previous cruise in January I got a reduced or nonexistent single supplement. The lost two I looked online at vacation to go at their singles section. I am also an airline employee so that helps to.

a month ago - hawkeyebrat81

READY TO GO. APRIL 14TH..........

a month ago - Debby

Didn't know they had rooms for singles. My brother in law would have checked on on that. What decks are they on ?

a month ago - Debby

How do you get good rates for singles? (Been wondering about that!)

a month ago - Lizetta

Welcome to the group

a month ago - Debby

Cool so welcome to the cruise of April 14

a month ago - Ricky

I will be joining you guys from Birmingham. Just booked a great rate for a single in a guaranteed balcony today. I am very excited.

a month ago - hawkeyebrat81

Me and Ricky have always said we need to find friends cause it's always us 2 that cruise together. Yes Debby the serenity deck is awesome place. And from the YouTube and pics of the serenity deck on the Dream look awesome.

a month ago - Michael

Oh yes Debby. We are always wanting to meet new friends. That love to cruise as much as we do. We can come up with a place for us to all meet, like the lido Buffett or a bar or pool deck. Once we all get ONBOARD and checked in and have lunch or a drink. Lol. We can figure out where to meet once we get a little bit closer to are cruise.

a month ago - Michael

Can't wait

a month ago - Debby

April 14th is almost anybody ready to kick it??

a month ago - stelerz36

Less than a month!

a month ago - Fixer5775

Hey Michael I hope we run into to you and Ricky as well. The serenity deck is awesome

a month ago - Debby

Hey guys 30 days. Can't wait for the fun to begin.

a month ago - Debby

Yes we are michael221 and we are going to enjoy our trip

a month ago - Ricky

1 month 1 day and 7 hours. Come on April 14.

a month ago - Michael

Me and ricky8 are together . Just us 2

a month ago - Michael

Wow Manny you do have a big family. Hopefully we 'll all run into each other.

a month ago - Debby

Can't wait!! 34 more days!!

a month ago - ashley.lauren23

We have 50 of us big family

a month ago - Manny

We all are ready. Come on vacation. How many in your party Ricky? There's 9 of us.

a month ago - Debby

35 more days until we all are going to have so much fun

a month ago - Ricky

Can't wait to get going. Partying it up in New Orleans before we go

a month ago - kinsley01

18-21 ish yr olds?

a month ago - jazminee22

I am so ready for this cruise. Fun Fun Fun.

a month ago - Debby

Amy 331 an kelley32.. Me an my friend Tammy are on this cruise were from Mobile,Al...too...can't wait

a month ago - Phyllis

38 more days then on a dream on the dream. Hell yea. Fun fun

a month ago - Ricky

Thank you!!

2 months ago - Renee