Carnival Fantasy 5 Night Cruise Departing July 11th 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Fantasy was built in 1990. Carnival Fantasy has a top sailing speed of 21 kn. Carnival Fantasy holds a total of 2052 passengers. is operated by a crew of 920. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Fantasy a 3.5 out of 5.

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Go to the comedy shows early if you want a seat.
Ask for hair dyer and ice bucket
Don't miss brunch on the day at sea. The coffee is special. The shower was the biggest on that I've ever had in a cabin.
The food is so great, be careful because you WILL gain weight,,so take the stairs ! Get to know the ship,,find the places where you can have quiet time for yourself or with your friends or significant others. Take time to go to the open Bow & let the breeze blow through your hair,ha,it's great
Try the formal breakfast at least once on your trip!!
Go to the Serenity Deck if you want to escape the noise and activity on the Lido Deck. Get to know the staff... they can make or break your experience.... Go watch the stars on the Lido deck late at night... and awaken early to catch the sunrise!
The pizza in the pizza/deli area of the jubilee dining room was excellent. Except for the lounge chair incidents, the crew were A-1 professionals.
Bring power strip, only one outlet in room. Bottled water that is in room is not complimentary.
Definitely get the Faster to the Fun.
Go to the shows early because they fill up quickly. Take a stroll through the art gallery on the way to your cabin

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We just got off a 4 day cruise on the Fantasy. We docked in Key West and Cozumel. This was our first cruise, so we don't have anything to compare to. Almost everything was good. Our room was cleaned twice a day. Meals were good. Entertainment was good.The pool was way too small for so many people. It might be like this on all cruise ships though. Our only complaint was the elevators. There were 6 elevators. 4 were open and one of those broke down the day before we debarked. I heard that one of those was used for medical, which is understandable. I was just mentioning this, because we climbed a lot of flights of stairs all week. Once again it might be like this on all ships. All in all, it was a great, quick getaway for my husband and I. We would cruise the Fantasy again!

shellycole75, last Friday at 10:04 AM

This is our 4th cruise on Carnival in the last 12 months. I say that to qualify my thoughts about this cruise. The musical shows were the most amateur we have ever seen. All but two of the show personnel could not sing. The show personnel just seemed tired. The food was very good; however, on the last night of dinning, we were not served until after most had left. The crew was singing their goodbyes song and we were there waiting on our food. That was a first for us. The crew just felt like a Hodge podge of people. Some were super professional like our cruise director, and room crew, and others acted like it was their first day without training. The ship over all was in good shape for its age, but in some areas you can tell she is over 25 years old. Over all this was a very very unusual weird cruise.

rider7767, last Friday at 2:20 AM

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