Carnival Magic 7 Night Cruise Departing December 22nd 2013

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Sailing for Carnival, Carnival Magic was built in 2011. Carnival Magic has a top sailing speed of 22 kn. Carnival Magic holds a total of 3646 passengers. Carnival Magic is operated by a crew of 1367. Ship Mate users have rated Carnival Magic a 4.6 out of 5.

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My daughter and I took our 1st cruise on the Magic April 2013. It was awesome!!!!! Our waiter was Jaime and he was fantastic---very personable, funny, and entertaining!!!! When I get back on the Magic again, I want him as our waiter. We stayed in a balcony room---wont take any less than that. Beds were very comfortable. Loved our towel animals at night!!!

pamela.solkema, Yesterday at 4:14 AM

We leaving in 4 days this will be 9 cruse and my 2nd time on this one its fun i love the music and dancing im comeing back to the magic!The water slides were cool and fun i enjoyed the kids pool.

haylie.rudisill, last Wednesday at 3:21 AM

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So excited, but still haven't finished packing. Only work till noon today then packing my stuff!

4 months ago - Gina

We booked an excursion through resort for a day. We will have a shuttle meet us at the dock, take us to an all inclusive resort and then straight back to the dock. Hopefully this will eliminate any run ins with pushy locals.

4 months ago - Cynthia

Joshua? John? You out here?

4 months ago - Rich Allcorn

I'm in!

4 months ago - Jane Allcorn

This is mine and my wife and 2 kids first cruise. We have 24 people in our group. The others have been before. Hope we have a great time. Everyone says we will have a great time

4 months ago - goofe1234

This will be my first cruise! My wife and I, our two sons, and lots of the family are all going! This is going to be fantastic!

4 months ago - Rich Allcorn

5 days. So this is our 4th cruise but haven't been to Jamaica. Many ports we just get off and do our own thing but I hear shop owners can be aggressive. Any suggestions. Didn't see answers to above answers.

4 months ago - 2thdoc

Has anyone been to Jamaica yet? If so what is the port like, like shopping and food. Please let me know

4 months ago - tr9h7jyi8y7rwv4u6ijya98z6

Less then 7 days can't wait

4 months ago - tr9h7jyi8y7rwv4u6ijya98z6

Can't wait! Lots of kids on this boat! Bringing 15 yr old son

4 months ago - Vince and Denise

The magic only leaves one more time without us. Going to be me and my 16 yr old daughter taking a break from our hectic lives. Merry Christmas .

4 months ago - 2thdoc

The next time she leaves, we'll be on board! We've got kids: 6, 10, 12, 12,12, 14, 15, 15- in our group

4 months ago - Cynthia

Our group has about 6 kids 12 11 3 10 3 and 9 months

4 months ago - goofe1234

Traveling with two kids 8 and 5 years old. Is anybody in this forum with kids about this age?

4 months ago - sergiodiaz

Looking forward for next Sunday

4 months ago - sergiodiaz

Two weeks from today we will be in Jamaica and after a work day like today it really needs to get here.

4 months ago - 2thdoc

12 days.

4 months ago - goofe1234

There are about 20 friends and family going so we hope we have a great time. The others have been before just a 1 st for us.

4 months ago - goofe1234

This will be our second. But from what I hear, the crew of the Magic will go out of their way to make our Christmas Magical. Christmas trees, Christmas dinner, Christmas carols, and SNOW in the atrium! So excited. Can't wait!

4 months ago - Cynthia

This will be our first cruise

4 months ago - goofe1234

I started a group if you want to chat!

4 months ago - Vince and Denise

4 months ago - Vince and Denise

17 more days!! I can not wait

4 months ago - msnicole313

Wow, we can't wait! It's been 22 yrs since our last cruise!

5 months ago - Vince and Denise

Dec 22 coming quickly!

5 months ago - Steve

Under 800 hours!

5 months ago - Steve

Nice pic!!

5 months ago - Twf6231

40 days to go!

5 months ago - Cynthia

Sent a request a long time ago, but never approved

6 months ago - Steve

My first time on Magic and my fiancé's first time to cruise ever. We are so excited. I want him to have a great time so we will be cruisers again. Any suggestions to make it a great trip?

7 months ago - losborne44

Double Digits Baby!!!

7 months ago - Cristina

102 days left. By Saturday, we will finally be in just double digits

7 months ago - Steve

U catch my drift...

7 months ago - Sherry

Forgot hours....

7 months ago - Sherry

Counting down the months, weeks, days, seconds....magical!

7 months ago - Sherry

Ready for Christmas !!! Ready to cruise on the Magic again

8 months ago - loriwenger1977

I can't find it either

9 months ago - Steve

Getting closer!!!!!

9 months ago - Steve

@Gina - cant seem to find the fb page? Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!

11 months ago - Mike

Awesome you should join our cruise group on FB Christmas on the Magic Reloaded :)

11 months ago - Gina

Sorry Gina hit the wrong button, but we are cruising Christmas also, and July 21

11 months ago - Twf6231

So excited! Just got off the Magic and booked the Christmas Cruise while on board! Woo hoo!!!

11 months ago - Gina


a year ago - Steve

Anyone here?

a year ago - Steve