Celebrity Constellation 5 Night Cruise Departing April 19th 2014

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Sailing for Celebrity, Celebrity Constellation was built in 2002. Celebrity Constellation has a top sailing speed of 24 kn. Celebrity Constellation holds a total of 2034 passengers. Celebrity Constellation is operated by a crew of 999. Ship Mate users have rated Celebrity Constellation a 3.8 out of 5.

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Carry on bags for less waiting on and off. Book excursions through the cruise line. Make sure to get a room with a balcony. Try to get Andrew as your steward, he's fantastic!
always fun to request coffee room service in am as you wake up sitting on your balcony. don't forget to tip.
Carry on and off luggage we will do on our next cruise. It certainly is less waiting.
The meals were terrific in the dining room, but we, also, enjoyed the Bistro on Five.
Be sure to get a room with a balcony.
I would suggest paying your gratuities up front to get the 'select dining'. Otherwise you will be seated at 6p or 8p and have to share a table. If you do get the select dining, there will be a short wait for a table between 7-8p. Be sure to make reservations for all formal nights.
Indulge yourself and have breakfast and lunch as well as dinner in the dining room
Overall.......OK, boarding and disembarking went well........ship was beautiful, never felt crowded even though it was sold out......except for sea day........crowded pools, as expected. Crew rarely monitored seating........people left towels for hours limiting available seats.....
Go in the solarium pool each night before bed, it will really relax you.
I like the size of the Constellation---easy to get around on.

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We had a great time on our Transatlantic! It was my sons' first cruise and they really enjoyed themselves. I have been home for a few days and I am really missing the seas. The service was first class! Elvis and Reynaldo kept our room in impeccable order .. not a small feat with my 18 & 20 year old sons. I did not realize that the average age on this cruise would be as high as it was. Several crew members recognized that my sons while adults, were much younger than most other guests and made concerted efforts to make sure they were enjoying the trip. Rudy and Ozan made every dinner special - from menu recommendations to the smallest details like french fries for my younger son and the intuitive ability to anticipate our requests a moment before we even knew what we needed, they never missed a step. Even crew members who were not specifically assigned to our service made every effort to learn our names, greet us warmly and make sure that everything was to our satisfaction. Among many others, Milan stopped and spoke with us many times and shared conversations about our daily adventures, plans for future cruises, suggestions about our port stops and generally made sure we were enjoying our trip. Alejandro the Cruise Director was engaging and entertaining. Our Celebrity Life trivia host and so much more, Sarah was fantastic! There was an incident when a passenger disagreed with an answer and was incredibly rude and disrespectful to Sarah. She remained calm and professional. That passenger was scolded by many fellow passengers for his behavior. The following day, Andres (who was also a wonderful credit to the Celebrity crew), handled the daily trivia game in a fun and appropriate way - and it was clear to everyone that he was there in support of his co-worker. It was a pleasure to watch the staff working together to tend to the passengers every wish and want - but I took even more joy in watching the crew interact with each other as an extended family. Finally, a special thank you to our Captain Nikolas Christodoulakis for navigating us toward calm seas and beautiful weather. I can't say enough good things about the Celebrity crew and Officers. Thank you, thank thank you! We are Celebrity sailors for life!

ChristineBB, last Saturday at 9:26 PM

This is now our favorite ship and we had a grand time. The ship's officers were always visible and the service was outstanding. We have been on more than 30 cruises and the entertainment was the best we have seen on any ship. Alejandro, the cruise director is wonderful and such fun. We met so many people who keep going back to the Constellation. We look forward to doing the same. Linda Knecht

Lindy4508, last Friday at 7:43 PM

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Less than 7 days to go!

a year ago - Jonathan

Only 7 now, can't wait.

a year ago - fun2cruz

only 8 more days!

a year ago - sree