Celebrity Constellation 5 Night Cruise Departing April 19th 2014

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Sailing for Celebrity, Celebrity Constellation was built in 2002. Celebrity Constellation has a top sailing speed of 24 kn. Celebrity Constellation holds a total of 2034 passengers. is operated by a crew of 999. Ship Mate users have rated Celebrity Constellation a 4.2 out of 5.

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Very cheap (4eu) public transport available from inside the dock to the Parthenon and ticket allows for unlimited travel within the city. New shuttle service form port to Rome. Almost as cheap (15eu) as the train and so much more convenient. Leaves at 9:30 and takes about 1 hour.
I would suggest paying your gratuities up front to get the 'select dining'. Otherwise you will be seated at 6p or 8p and have to share a table. If you do get the select dining, there will be a short wait for a table between 7-8p. Be sure to make reservations for all formal nights.
Carry on bags for less waiting on and off. Book excursions through the cruise line. Make sure to get a room with a balcony. Try to get Andrew as your steward, he's fantastic!
If boarding the ship in Rome, pre-book a car to and from the port. Taxis will rip you off. Avoid the elevators the morning of de-embarkation. They are pretty much impossible to catch and you might have to go up just so that you can be on the elevator when it goes down.
always fun to request coffee room service in am as you wake up sitting on your balcony. don't forget to tip.
Carry on and off luggage we will do on our next cruise. It certainly is less waiting.
The meals were terrific in the dining room, but we, also, enjoyed the Bistro on Five.
Be sure to get a room with a balcony.
Indulge yourself and have breakfast and lunch as well as dinner in the dining room
Be prepared for sales pitches for anything from watches to jewelry to alcohol and everything in between. My wife likes to shop but I do not. If you need access to internet that is not cheap nor is it a fast connection. I paid about $13 to update my fantasy football lineup.

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Fue nuestra primera experiencia en un crucero y la consideramos muy buena. Ya hemos recomendado este crucero a nuestros amigos y estamos seguros que volveremos. Nos gustó mucho Key West y Cozumel. La atención en el barco fue excelente, gracias por su colaboración para que nuestro paseo haya sido maravilloso. Mis disculpas por no haber escrito antes.  Jorge y Patricia Mujica  

jorgemujicasala, last Thursday at 9:23 PM

Celebrity's website is quite bad and it's difficult to get sufficient information, especially about shore excursions.  Was constantly being advised to check back later.  An email I sent through their site was sent back undeliverable.  Reviews are often not even of the cruise/excursion in question.  They really need to overhaul their entire IT department.  Apparently they no longer bother to send out luggage tags and you have to print your own.    Our room was uncomfortably warm despite having it looked at twice.  My alarm clock also displays temperature so these numbers are not just guesses.  Despite keeping it to the coolest setting possible are room was an average of 75 degrees.  The lowest it ever went was 72 degrees, and at one point it actually reached an extremely miserable 82 degrees.  I'm wondering if this is a Celebrity problem as the same thing happened on a cruise last year but at least we were given a fan to use (and a partial credit toward a future cruise, which is why we gave them a second chance).  This time we were told no fan was available and it was uncomfortable a large portion of the time.  75 degrees is not air conditioning!    Smaller things, like small cheap bath towels, absolutely no food of any kind available after 1 am, etc...   Positive things too though, like tasty food, friendly staff (sommelier Richard is quite nice), was able to request a body pillow.  Our itinerary was changed mid cruise due to the labor strikes in Greece and the staff at guest relations were helpful in placing ship to shore calls for us so we could adjust out plans accordingly.  Unfortunately, a few nights later when we inquired about rumored metro strikes in Athens we were given misinformation which pretty much ruined that day for us. 

golightly99, 06/17/2016

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