Celebrity Constellation 5 Night Cruise Departing April 19th 2014

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Sailing for Celebrity, Celebrity Constellation was built in 2002. Celebrity Constellation has a top sailing speed of 24 kn. Celebrity Constellation holds a total of 2034 passengers. is operated by a crew of 999. Ship Mate users have rated Celebrity Constellation a 4.2 out of 5.

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I would suggest paying your gratuities up front to get the 'select dining'. Otherwise you will be seated at 6p or 8p and have to share a table. If you do get the select dining, there will be a short wait for a table between 7-8p. Be sure to make reservations for all formal nights.
Carry on bags for less waiting on and off. Book excursions through the cruise line. Make sure to get a room with a balcony. Try to get Andrew as your steward, he's fantastic!
Very cheap (4eu) public transport available from inside the dock to the Parthenon and ticket allows for unlimited travel within the city. New shuttle service form port to Rome. Almost as cheap (15eu) as the train and so much more convenient. Leaves at 9:30 and takes about 1 hour.
If boarding the ship in Rome, pre-book a car to and from the port. Taxis will rip you off. Avoid the elevators the morning of de-embarkation. They are pretty much impossible to catch and you might have to go up just so that you can be on the elevator when it goes down.
always fun to request coffee room service in am as you wake up sitting on your balcony. don't forget to tip.
Carry on and off luggage we will do on our next cruise. It certainly is less waiting.
The meals were terrific in the dining room, but we, also, enjoyed the Bistro on Five.
Be sure to get a room with a balcony.
Indulge yourself and have breakfast and lunch as well as dinner in the dining room
Best to make prior dinner time for each night if choosing select dining.

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First - casino is non-smoking as is most of the ship! This was our second Celebrity cruise. We would have never booked with them again had we not had an excellent experience the first time. Due to the check-in debacle caused by port staff, many guests were unhappy before they even boarded the ship. That may have set the tone for many guests. Once we were onboard, we proceeded to have a GOOD TIME, as you always should. You're on vacation! One thing that was most disappointing was to hear was the number of guests complaining about things, that the onions for their omelet weren't cooked enough or they didn't have the particular type of wine they wanted, etc. Get over it! They don't have the beer I prefer either, but there were plenty of other options. My biggest complaint would be that there is no dedicated line for food, meaning you can be waiting patiently and people just cut in from all over where the food is actually located. I found this to be the case no matter what area of the buffet I was at. People, be respectful of others. You see the line, go to the end of it. Second complaint is a cruise ship regular one. Saving pool chairs and never showing up to sit in them. That will never go away. All of the staff on the ship were very friendly and accommodating. The food at the buffet wasn't always at the correct temperature and they easily ran out of items at the carving station. The salad bar area had many excellent options for toppings. One evening in the dining room, my husband's prime rib arrived cold but that was an isolated incident. Dining room food was very good. Try the beef cheeks! During the muster drill, there was no control over the guests, everyone was talking loudly and you were unable to hear the instructions. Overall, we had a very good time. How can you not when you're out on the beautiful ocean!

ladysummer59, Today at 7:37 PM

This was an excellent itinerary. Don't miss the port of Cartagena, Spain, a beautiful town with lots of history. The staff made the crossing fun, with plenty of activities to engage in.

lailoken9, last Tuesday at 12:39 PM

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