Celebrity Constellation 5 Night Cruise Departing April 19th 2014

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Sailing for Celebrity, Celebrity Constellation was built in 2002. Celebrity Constellation has a top sailing speed of 24 kn. Celebrity Constellation holds a total of 2034 passengers. Celebrity Constellation is operated by a crew of 999. Ship Mate users have rated Celebrity Constellation a 3.8 out of 5.

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Carry on bags for less waiting on and off. Book excursions through the cruise line. Make sure to get a room with a balcony. Try to get Andrew as your steward, he's fantastic!
The meals were terrific in the dining room, but we, also, enjoyed the Bistro on Five.
Be sure to get a room with a balcony.
I would suggest paying your gratuities up front to get the 'select dining'. Otherwise you will be seated at 6p or 8p and have to share a table. If you do get the select dining, there will be a short wait for a table between 7-8p. Be sure to make reservations for all formal nights.
Indulge yourself and have breakfast and lunch as well as dinner in the dining room
Was glad to have the choice of being a walk-off the morning of departure.
You can carry your luggage on/off. You can book your next cruise at guest services
I will bring a suit jacket & dress shoes on my next trip
Explore the ship and attend any meetings about the ship so you enjoy all possible amenities
Do indulge yourself having meals in the dining room. Service is good and there are many great choices.

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<p>We had a fun time and met some wonderful people on this excellent cruise. &nbsp;We had never been to Key West and was very impressed. &nbsp; This was our second time in Cozumel and enjoyed it again. &nbsp; For anyone wanting a short fun vacation this fits the bill. &nbsp; We were a little disappointed by the food in the dining room as we didn&#39;t find it up to the standards we have had on previous Celebrity cruises.</p>

edmar1234, Yesterday at 9:11 PM

<p>If you are an experienced Cruiser - Don&#39;t bother with this OLD ship!&nbsp; I have cruised with RCL, NCL, Carnival and Celebrity Solstice and will NOT do the Constellation ever and would NOT recommend it.&nbsp; Our Waiters, OLMAN and CARLINGTON WERE FANTASTIC!!!&nbsp; Our Room Stewards, CRUZ and DANILO were Very Good!!&nbsp; The Days at sea on OTHER PREVIOUS cruises there were many activities to do besides Swim, Gamble or Play Bingo - For example, things that didn&#39;t cost extra but were very interesting were &quot;Back Stage tour with display of costumes and meeting one or two of the performers&quot;, Back stage special areas Ship Tour - Very interesting, Towel folding demonstration - fun to see how they make them then they would help guests make an animal (When asking the activities Director he said that ALL ships - due to costs - have eliminated these; I will take another cruise in the future with Carnival or NCL and check this out as these things are not a BIG cost to YOU, but are enjoyable to guests!).&nbsp; I was very disappointed that we only got one night (per our room steward) which was dress up or Captain&#39;s night that we got a TOWEL ANIMAL in our room.&nbsp; On Carnival, RCL, NCL and Solstice we had animals every night and I had told my room mate what a JOY it was to come back to the room and see what animal they made that night!&nbsp; I asked our Room Steward to please make us another one so my room mate could at least see two animals.&nbsp; It was a very big disappointment! &nbsp;There have also been Ice Carving Demonstrations, Fruit (Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe) carving demonstrations, Midnight Chocolate Buffet - YUM, Chef unique hors d&#39;oeuvre making/tasting and other fun events during the day - YOUR days at sea were not slated with much.&nbsp;&nbsp; Being an older ship and only one double-open automatic door on the Oceanview Cafe it was very difficult getting out on deck 4 without assistance - wind pushing against the door was VERY hard to push and pull as they do not have automatic doors.&nbsp; The days at sea I was glad I brought a book and some games, I was VERY disappointed with the lack of activities.&nbsp; I did find out that they had crepe making from another guest and I would have attended that but was so disappointed that they didn&#39;t have ANY of the other activities I had told my room mate about we had done on 6 previous cruises that it really didn&#39;t matter.&nbsp; When we talked to the Guest Relations Desk and Activities Director about these they said it was to CUT expenses of hiring additional people, it doesn&#39;t cost that much more for people who are already employed by the cruise lines like Room Stewards - to take 1 hour for 2 people to do a demonstration on towel animal making or one of the performers to take an hour to give a small tour of the dressing rooms, behind stage costumes and answer a few questions from guests in groups of 18-20.&nbsp; These people are already on board and I am sure if asked to work a 1 hr shift for one day at sea, someone would do it.&nbsp; It was always on a first come first served basis and that is why I asked the first day we boarded.&nbsp; Offering these activities DOES NOT require hiring MORE personnel but may require adding an additional paragraph to their contract to ask if they would work one or the other day at sea on these informative tours / demonstrations. I can also say that many questions that were asked, like &quot;Where do I go to pick up my Diamonds International merchandise?&quot; that Guest Relations didn&#39;t know.&nbsp; They called down to deck 1 to ask and they did call my room 1/2 hour later, but this is a BASIC question that they should know the answer to - ANSWER &quot;It will be delivered to your room when you call...&quot;&nbsp; You should have a &quot;List of FREQUENTLY asked questions&quot; that they can access on their computer. </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The first day we had spoiled milk in our coffee - curdled.&nbsp; The sliced beef on the buffet for lunch could not be cut easily, so asked for a sharper knife and no steak knives were available on Deck 10 - Oceanview Cafe - so one of the waiters tried to cut my beef, but could only manage to &quot;pull&quot; pieces apart.&nbsp; He agreed it was a bit tough.&nbsp; My roommate got a Beef Kabob and it was so over cooked she could not pull it off the skewer, cut it off, bite it off - even with a napkin - it was not FIT for a DOG! &nbsp;The main Dining Room food on 4 and 5 &quot;San Marco&quot; was good,</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In Closing I would like to recommend OLMAN and CARLINGTON our Dining Room Waiters for Employee of the Month for March for their SUPERB service, attention to detail, friendliness and efficiency.&nbsp; Also our Room Stewards - CRUZ and DANILO would always open our door if they were around when we returned and kept our room in excellent condition, got us ice quickly when requested, another newsletter, etc. and helped me plug my scooter in when I needed to recharge it.&nbsp; They too deserve employee of the Month award!!</p>

djbranda, Yesterday at 5:13 PM

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Less than 7 days to go!

11 months ago - Jonathan

Only 7 now, can't wait.

11 months ago - fun2cruz

only 8 more days!

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