Norwegian Epic 7 Night Cruise Departing March 16th 2014

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Sailing for Norwegian, Norwegian Epic was built in 2010. Norwegian Epic has a top sailing speed of 22 kn. Norwegian Epic holds a total of 4100 passengers. Norwegian Epic is operated by a crew of 1708. Ship Mate users have rated Norwegian Epic a 4.5 out of 5.

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the ship itinery was excellent . it would show who and what going on. my suggestion for first timers is to bring your luggage aboard with them so they can change and be comfortable and not wait till 6pm for the luggage to arrive by staff, theyre to many passenger to expect luggage to be in room.
We wish the ship would have allowed us to buy pictures at a later date online. They are very expensive and most of the time at the end of the ship you have spent all your money. We know we would have bought online at a later time if we had the opportunity to do so.
Get a room near the front, the forward elevator goes right into the buffet, and don't miss the free liquor tasting each night at 8, they give out increasingly better scotch in the liquor shop each night.
Go to dinner early to avoid a wait at taste and manhattan
If you're looking to have some alcohol during the cruise, definitely look into one of the beverage packages.
Deck 18 has a really cool private sun area with couches and sunbeds.
Do see the Blue Mans Show, Plan on going to activities around 7-8pm or you will miss out as most activities happen then.
Elevators are slow! Something for everyone to do at all times. Rooms are small. Easy to get around.
Do the specialty restaurant package.
Never had a problem at any of the dinner restaurants. Be sure to come early, as after 8pm it starts to become a long wait to get seated.

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<p>Mixed review and previous NCL cruiser.&nbsp; Service in Manhattan Room very poor starting first night.&nbsp; Never went back to room.&nbsp; Lunch service in Taste was spotty in the evenings had great service.&nbsp; Room staff adequate but lacking.&nbsp; Shakers and Maltings have great staff.&nbsp; Food quality was very good. Moderno excellent food.&nbsp; All major entertainment now has fee.&nbsp; Anything ordered on the ship has automatic 15% fee added.&nbsp; Ship finish was less than the Carnival and the lowest quality finish of the 4 cruises I&nbsp; have taken.&nbsp; Comedy Cafe and Fat Cats lounges only have basic wooden chairs to pack in more people.&nbsp; Singles cabin was the best thing on the ship.&nbsp; Ship is big was on deck 13 near bridge.&nbsp; Great for Garden Cafe on deck 15, but the 24 hr food service was on deck 6 near casino.&nbsp; Starboard elevators forward had half reserved for the Haven when in port so hard getting down to decks 5, 6, &amp; 7..&nbsp; If I take the ship again will go aft on deck 8 or 9 plan to look to smaller ships.&nbsp;</p>

onejqpub, Today at 5:51 PM

Epic epic epic EPIC!!!! We had the best time on this ship everything was amazing on the epic this was our first cruise on NCL and it won't be our last!! We booked a cruise for the Mediterranean and I can't wait! The food,rooms,entertainment,and the interior now I know why they call it the epic!! I really recommend this ship too!🚢🚢😃

avberger, Today at 2:55 PM

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