Norwegian Epic 7 Night Cruise Departing March 16th 2014

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Sailing for Norwegian, Norwegian Epic was built in 2010. Norwegian Epic has a top sailing speed of 22 kn. Norwegian Epic holds a total of 4100 passengers. is operated by a crew of 1708. Ship Mate users have rated Norwegian Epic a 3.9 out of 5.

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the ship itinery was excellent . it would show who and what going on. my suggestion for first timers is to bring your luggage aboard with them so they can change and be comfortable and not wait till 6pm for the luggage to arrive by staff, theyre to many passenger to expect luggage to be in room.
We wish the ship would have allowed us to buy pictures at a later date online. They are very expensive and most of the time at the end of the ship you have spent all your money. We know we would have bought online at a later time if we had the opportunity to do so.
Get a room near the front, the forward elevator goes right into the buffet, and don't miss the free liquor tasting each night at 8, they give out increasingly better scotch in the liquor shop each night.
Go to dinner early to avoid a wait at taste and manhattan
The customer service managers and the staff need more training. The morale is low. We only met one staff at the Manhattan restaurant who was cheerful. He was from Philippine on a master program for internship . Most of the staff was not well trained and was not happy.
Bring extra hangers. They have quite a few in each room but a few extra is always needed. As well, bring a closet freshener. You will know what I mean when you open the doors. Packing your bathing suit in your carry-on is a must as your suitcase will most likely not be there before supper.
The buffet on the ship had incredible variety, although we never ate dinner there. Also, don't miss the Cirque dinner show and get the premium seats. Sit in balcony if you can. Amazing!!
If you're looking to have some alcohol during the cruise, definitely look into one of the beverage packages.
Deck 18 has a really cool private sun area with couches and sunbeds.
Do see the Blue Mans Show, Plan on going to activities around 7-8pm or you will miss out as most activities happen then.

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great ports and enjoyed each city. The cruise was full of Spanish people which made it very loud and chaotic at the open buffet. We thought NCL catered to North America, but these were in the minority which made the cruise somehow noisy and unorganized. People would cut in front of you with no respect to others. People were going in the hot tubs with babies and in their under wears, some others were in their clothes. The swimming pools weren't enough for the sheer number of kids, and the water color changed, not sure if it's something to do with the chlorine or the people swimming. Overall, I wouldn't except that experience on Norwegian, but rather on carnival cruises.

tbos111, last Sunday at 11:27 AM

This is a big ship that takes on and lets off passengers in three different cities in three different countries over the course of the 7 day cruise.  As a result, it feels more like a floating hotel than a cruise experience.  It is a nice hotel to be sure, but it just doesn't have the feel of a cruise.  The food is good, nothing really spectacular, and we always enjoyed it.  The real bright spot on this trip was the entertainment.  It was absolutely first class.  It would not have been any better in NYC or Vegas.  Very impressive.  The shore excursions were terribly overpriced.  While Naples was readily accessible from the port, Rome and Florence were 1.5 to hours away.  Subtracting the going and coming time left very little time to see everything even with a 10 hour day.  If you really want to visit these Beautiful cities, I recommend a land based tour. 

drbilljones, last Saturday at 11:06 PM

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