Crown Princess 14 Night Cruise Departing October 26th 2013

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Sailing for Princess, Crown Princess was built in 2006. Crown Princess has a top sailing speed of 22 kn. Crown Princess holds a total of 3080 passengers. Crown Princess is operated by a crew of 1201. Ship Mate users have rated Crown Princess a 4.4 out of 5.

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Great ship, great crew, dynamite Captain and staff! Just spent 49 days aboard around South America and it was great! Had an outbreak of novo virus and with all the crew and passengers working together, we beat it! Washy washy and then wash your hands again, that's what beats it! Food was great, entertainment was great but the staff was top notch and way above the par!

Mark n Marcia, 04/13/2014

Done five cruises with Princess and doing six one in September 2014 . Had a great time on this ship and fun time with the staff.

Clinton, 02/27/2014

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